The love stories never said that the coffee-spill-love-at-first-sight situation was as awkward as that.


1. The Problem With Airports

Here's the thing about airports: they're too crowded, too loud, and quite annoying. You run into all sorts of people at the airport: The slow walkers (god forbid), the lost, The tired- take up two waiting seats as a bed people, and there are those who spill hot coffee on you. (And that's just the beginning)

I was waiting in line for Seattle's best coffee on that brisk Sunday morning in the airport. I would've opted for Starbucks but there was none to be seen. There was 20 minutes left until my flight from San Francisco, California would board to fly to Chicago and I would start my lovely life of freedom away from my parents. I ordered a chai latte and sat down at one of the provide seating areas. A few strands brown hair fell into my eyes and I pushed him away with out hesitation. I clicked the top button of my phone to look at the time, and my lock screen of Evan Peters (for obvious reasons).

"Camryn- chai latte"

I stood up to the sound of my name and retrieved my drink, and although the barista spelled my name wrong, I mentally forgave him and walked back to my seat.

"10 minutes until boarding."

I could feel my leg start to bounce as I got a sudden pang of nervousness.

Ok ok, new life! This is big but I'll be fine!

No I won't

Chill, it'll be fine!

I scrolled through my texts from my best friend Madi back home in San Francisco. She had quite a way with words, like:

"Holy fucking shit Cam you're on the plane aren't you"

"Why didn't you take me"

"God I hate you!"

"Jk darling I love you but fuck you for not taking me along"

The love between us.

" 5 minutes until boarding" echoed over the north east side of the airport. I stood and pulled up my leggings with a subtle shimmy, grabbed my bag and drink then headed off toward my gate.

I was only a few steps into my journey to a new life when I slammed right into some thing and felt something hot all over the front of my nirvana t-shirt. Poor Kurt Cobain, drowning in bitter liquid.

" Shit, I'm so sorry" I say as I drop everything in hand (not my drink however, which was spilled al over the airport linoleum). The drink is all over the figure I ran into, as well as me. I look up into the face of someone who's at least a head taller than me. I could be considered tall on some days I suppose, but he still towered over me. He was wearing a now coffee stained white t-shirt, and and black jeans and I could see some of his tattoos through the thin fabric of his shirt (!!!!!)

"No, no it's my fault! I'm so sorry..."

He had an English accent, which was quite possibly the cutest thing I'd ever heard. We both ran over to the small stand with labled napkins, and we began to mop up our mess with Seattle's best napkins. After cleaning up some, we walked back to the scene of the accident. He bent down and picked up our fallen cups, his mop of brown curls falling into his eyes.

"Cameron, that's a beautiful name." He smirked at me.

"It'd probably be prettier if people could spell it right. C-A-M-R-Y-N." I smiled back at him, clenching a napkin over Kurt.

"I'm Harry" he said handing me another napkin and flashing a smile. I chuckled and shoved both the napkins into my carry on bag.

"Still sorry about the coffee by the way."I say as he looks up at the clocks above the coffee shop.

"No worries, maybe if we meet again I can buy us some more." He laughs, and we share an awkward stare.

"Now boarding"

"Well, I- uh.. Bye" I give a smile and head toward my gate.

The love stories never said that the Coffee-spill-love-at-first-sight situation would be as awkward as that- or ineffective. As it seems I did not get a boy to fall in love with me. But, I had to catch a plane, no time for coffee boy to grab my waist and pull me into a kiss ( although that would have been just fine.)

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