Falling for styles❤️❤️

Zoe was just a girl hating her life and protecting her and her sister from their crazy step father... But that all changes when they finally run away. Who will they meet?


7. Zoe's POV

Zoe's POV.

"Ok jazz now that you've had your fun:)... Lemme introduce you."

"How lol I know them all" she said smiling.

"Well they don't know you."I said


"Ok soo Jazmin you obviously know Louis ahahaha"

"Yes of course"

"Errmm come here NIALLER :)"


"Ok Jazmin this is Niall Niall Jazmin"

Jazmin put her hand out to shake nialls hand niall grabbed it and pulled her into a hug one hand around her shoulders and the other on her lower back.

"Aeeyyye watch where you put your hands I think she's my property" Louis said winking at Jazmin.

Jazmin blushed and looked at the floor.

"Oh hush Louis you guys just met!!" I said giving him a look. He just smile and laughed

"Ok Jazmin this is Harry Harry Jazmin" Harry smiled revealing his amazing dimples he grabbed her hand a kissed it. Jazmin blushed and smiled

"Ok Liam... This is Jazmin and of course Jazmin this is Liam."

"Ello love" Liam said pulling her in for a hug.

"Eeek" I heard Jazmin scream.

"Sorry love when I see a beautiful girl I can't help but hug them right."

"Don't worry about it"Jazmin said he cheeks were so red

"Ok and last but not least is zayn. Zayn this is Jazmin Jazmin zayn."

"Hey babe" zayn said looking into her eyes she smiled as said "hey"

"Well I'm hungry..."Niall said

"What's new?!? Your always hungry!! Louis said

"Well I know we all just met but how Bout we go get some Nandos?" Niall suggested.

"Sure!!" Me and Jazmins both yelled at the same time. We always did that.

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