Falling for styles❤️❤️

Zoe was just a girl hating her life and protecting her and her sister from their crazy step father... But that all changes when they finally run away. Who will they meet?


3. Zoe's POV

Zoe's POV

I got into Harry Styles' car!!! OMG!!!!!! well actually he helped me in it cause his car was high from the floor and it was hard for me to get in with only one hand. Sophie got in the back quickly. There was an awkward silence for a little bit until Harry finally broke it...

"So umm... I never really got an answer, what's your name?"

" omg I totally forgot about names ahah ok I'm Zoe and that's Sophie my little sister".

"Well nice to meet you two" Harry said winking at me ;)

" are we gonna meet the other boys too???" Sophie asked she was totally going crazy inside.

"Well that depends do you want to??" Harry asked smiling showing his adorable dimples. God he was so adorable too bad he probably didn't like me. He could have any gurl in the world why would he want me.

I zoned out for a second but cause my self when I heard Harry

"Zooooeee? Zoeee?" He said laughing

"Huh?" I asked cause I had no clue what he said. He laughed. I joined but then got serious. "No seriously what did you say hah??"

"Do you wanna meet the rest of the boys??" He asked

"OMG YES TOTALLY!!!!" I yelled losing control "I mean I'm yes yah sure that would be cool." He laughed causing me and Sophie to laugh too.

When Harry said we were almost there, Harry called all the boys and told them to meet at his house.

30 minutes later**

We finally arrived at Harry's house and he helped me out of the car. We walked up to his door and he opened it. I saw 3 boys sitting on the couch watching tv Louis Zayn and Liam but there should be at least 4. I looked around when I saw the kitchen there was Niall looking through the cupboards.

"Niall save some food for me and get in here!!" Harry yelled which made us all laugh.

"Yeah yeah I'm coming!!" Niall said as he walked in with a bag of sun chips.

"Who's this?" Louis asked

"This is Zoe and her little sister Sophie... I kinda met them at a hospital..."

" why were you in the Hospital mate??" Zayn asked he looked concerned

"No no no I saw them they were hiding In the bush at the park then got out and ran but they looked scared so I followed them and waited until they cAme out of the hospital." Harry said

"Ohh... Well nice to meet you!! Group hug!" Louis yelled which made me laugh.

"Owe!! Careful guys my arm." I said when I realized none Of Them knew what happened to me

"OMG OMG OMG" Sophie said she ran and hugged Niall

"Sophie!!! Stop! I'm sorry niall" I said imbearassed

"No don't worry about it!! Hey love how's it going?!" Niall said hugging Sophie back.

"A-a-a-a-a-mmm-mmmaz- az-ziii-ziiinn-AMAZING!"she finally spat it out geez!

"So umm Zoe what happened anyway??" Liam asked running the back of his neck causing his arms to flex and revealing his incredibly toned arms. He was so hot they all were but Liam was well Liam left me speachless😶

I told them the story (you guys already know it ;)) they all looked at me with disbelief until Harry broke the silence.

"What the hell did you call the cops??" Harry asked

"No it's fine there's no need" I said calmly even tho I was terrified it gave me goosebumps just thinking about Paul.

"ZOE HE SHOT YOU OF COURSE THERES A REASON!! Louis call the cops please" Harry said raising his voice

"No Harry it's fine look I'm ok" I said pointing to my injured arm.

"No your not!!" Harry said

Before I knew it Louis was on the phone with the caps asking me where Paul lived and exactly what he did and said.

Hi guys sorry for the short random cliff hanger chap. I am jut so busy I promise I'm trying 😍love ya guys tons 😘😘😘😘

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