Falling for styles❤️❤️

Zoe was just a girl hating her life and protecting her and her sister from their crazy step father... But that all changes when they finally run away. Who will they meet?


1. Zoe's POV

Zoe's POV

"NO SHUT THE FUCK UP AND LEAVE JUST LEAVE I DONT GIVE A SHIT ABOUT WHERE YOU GO ANYMORE JUST LEAVE YOU LITTLE WHORE!" My step dad screamed in my face. I hated him he treated me like shit ever since my mom died. I really didn't even care anymore though I'm used it I've always had a really messed up family... My mom died by falling down the stairs she broke her back and cracked her head open...my little sister was at school and my step dad was at work... I stayed home sick that day but I was asleep when it happened I'm a pretty heavy sleeper so I didn't hear it...later that day I went down to get some water and I saw her but it was too late. I called 911 and my step dad. But till this day my step dad still blames me and hates me for it. And besides that my grandma is in the hospital with cancer and my little sister Sophie gets bullied at school. I almost killed a girl one day for slapping my sister. I hurt her so bad that I went to juvenile hall for a week. I felt so bad after but I was just defending my little sister I couldn't imagine losing her too.

"FINE ILL LEAVE BUT IM TAKING SOPHIE WITH ME I DONT GIVE A CRAP WHAT YOU SAY!!" I yelled back at him. "Don't you fucking yell at me like that EVER AGAIN you little WHORE!" He snapped back as he slapped me. He's just mad because he told me to back by 11:00 last night and I came home at 3:00. At first I wasn't planning on coming back I hate it here but I decided I had to save Sophie. I walked away from him."I'm not done with your little whore ass get back over here!!" I kept walking which made him mad. I heard him walking towards me so I started running I ran into my room and slammed the door shut but Paul slammed into it before it closed causing me too fall an the door to break. "LISTEN YOU LITTLE SLUT! WHEN IM TALKING TO YOU, YOU LISTEN!! DO YOU HEAR ME???!?" I nodded because I was scared he would hit me if I disagreed or said something back. Paul came over and slapped me across the face with his Sandle leaving a red mark on my face. But I wasn't just gonna let him do that so as he turned around to walk out of my room I tripped him and sat on his back but he was strong so he just got up causing me to fall off of him and onto the floor hurting my back on the wood floor. Oh so you wanna fight back huh? He reached over and grabbed a belt and started Hitting me with it but one time i grabbed it and caught him off guard so I pulled it down and he fell on top of me. I grabbed his head in a head lock and stood up with his head still there but he grabbed me by the knee causing to fall and break my grab on him. He got up and started kicking me he kicked me in the bum and stomach hard a couple time and a few times to my face as well. I could feel my check start to swell. But I grabbed his ankle and pulled him down this time he hit his head on the way down you could tell he was out of it so I grabbed my dresser drawer and hit him in the head with it it still had clothes in it which made it heavier. I thought that would knock him out for a bit. I quickly went into Sophie's room and told her to pack a bag with multiple out fits and pajamas she nodded as she was crying. As I walked out of the room I heard her say something "Sissy? Are we running away??" I heard the fear in her voice. "Yes hun but it's gonna be ok I promise I won't let anything happen to you." I said back with tears in my eyes. I walked back into my room to pack my own bag I also found all my savings which was about $500.00 I also found Paul's debit card in his wallet. I knew the pin from times when my mom has used it and told me. I was finished packing my bag and I went into Sophie's room she was sitting there with her shoes on a back pack on her back with tears in her eyes. "You ready love?" I asked. She nodded & with that I grabbed her hand and we walked towards the door. As we reached the door I heard something in the hall. 'Shit Pauls getting up' I thought in my head I opened the door quickly but quietly and ran still holding Sophie's hand but she had asthma and couldn't run too fast so I picked her up and ran. I heard Paul's voice yell after us "I'll find you little whore!" And with I sped up but I heard gun shots and he hit me in my arm"OWEE" I scream and Sophie started crying. It hurt holding her now but I continued running because I couldn't risk us getting hurt again. I sped up no matter how bad it hurt and I finally turned a corner and found some bushes to hide in I didn't know if Paul was chasing me or not so I hid there for about an hour just to make sure Sophie kept trying to talk to me but I always told her to hush so no one would find us she was crying this whole twine which was kinda loud but I wasnt gonna tell her to stop cause then she would just cry more. When I finally decided it was safe we got out from behind the bushes and walked to the hospital because of my arm. I got there and was treated quickly.

"How did this happen miss?" The doctor asked. I wasn't gonna tell him the truth. So I came up with a lie. " I, uh went into the wrong neighbor hood and there was a gun fight and they accidentally got me but I ran right away and I couldn't tell where I was." God that was such a horrible lie how would I have randomly shown up in the 'wrong' neighbor hood ugh but what ever the doctor went along with it not asking any more questions.

Let me know what you guys think!!:) ~Zoe💞🌺

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