Falling for styles❤️❤️

Zoe was just a girl hating her life and protecting her and her sister from their crazy step father... But that all changes when they finally run away. Who will they meet?


9. Unexpected Twist

Jazmins POV

"I have to use the restroom" I said as I eyed zoe giving her a look that's telling her to come with me

"Uhh me to, excuse us" Zoe said catching on

"Take you time love" Louis said with that amazing smile

*in the bathroom*

"He's here!!" I almost yelled not caring if anyone else was in there

"Whoo" Zoe asked she looked concerned

"Angel.... Evil angel" Zoe's eyes widened

"Crazy ex boyfriend angel?"

"Yes!! What other angel??!"

"Ohmigod what are you gonna do what if he tries to hurt you???" Zoe asked concern all over her face and in her voice

I thought back to that day


"Angel stop!!" I yelled trying to dodge his punches

"Shut the fuck up you hoe!"

"Angel stop your drunk!!"

"No shut up you little hoe"... He grabbed my cheeks in his hand "why the fuck were you dancing with that guy??"

"He came up to me I swear we were just talking and he asked me to dance nothing else happened I swear I love you and I wouldn't cheat on you"

"How am I supposed to believe you??"

"If you loved me you would!!"

"I love you a lot baby"

Angel layed on top of me he started grinding against me

"Angel stop"

"C'mon baby I love you I'm ready aren't you?"

"No your drunk I want the day I lose my virginity to be romantic"

"Are you saying I'm not romantic??!" Angel asked as he slapped me across my face

"Staah-" I started to say

"Shut up"

He started unbuttoning my shirt and there was no way I could stop it cause he was on top of me

And that was when it happened I lost my virginity

*end of flashback*

"Jazmin yoooohoooo" Zoe was waving her hand in front of my face.

"Huh what?"

"Your crying that's what"

I hadn't even realized I was I looked in the mirror to see my mascara running.

"I-I'm fine" I didn't mean it but I said it anyway

I grabbed some tissue and wiped my eyes

We walked out of the restroom and back to the table to see our food had been brought to the table.

I started to eat as angel walked over to our table

"Hey babe" he smiled

"Go away angel!" Zoe yelled before I could speak

"Shut up hoe!!" He slapped Zoe

What the fuck bro???" Harry yelled as he stood up he was about 2 or 3 inches taller than angel. Angel threw a punch but Harry caught his fist.

"You shouldn't have done that" Harry said a smirk on his face.

With angels fist in hand he turned angel around and put him to floor. Harry was kneeling behind angel

"I suggest you lay down"Harry said but angel resisted

"NOW"Harry yelled

Just then the cops bursted through the door


Harry and angel got up and they put them both in hand cuff sand took then out side Zoe the boys and I followed.

Harry's POV

They put me and that angel guy in cuffs. That guys was such an arse. We walked out with the cops and in hand cuffs.

"Explain to me what happened sir"

As I was explaining what happened I saw Zoe Jazmin and the boys walk out Zoe was holding her cheek and crying while Jazmin was hugging her. I can't believe he slapped her. I couldn't imagine ever hurting anything not even a fly.

After we both told our sides of the story they decided angel was guilty and Zoe decided she wanted to press charges just cause she didn't like him.

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