Falling for styles❤️❤️

Zoe was just a girl hating her life and protecting her and her sister from their crazy step father... But that all changes when they finally run away. Who will they meet?


4. Paul's POV

I can't believe I let that little bitch get away! But she's gonna regret it! I sat on the couch and thought of where she might have gone.... There were a couple of possibilities it was either Jazmin's Johanna's Naydeline's or Alison's house. I called Jazmin first.

"Hello?"she said when she picked up the phone

"Hey Jazmin is uhh is Zoe there?" I asked

"No... Why would she be??" Jazmin asked nervously

"Well her and Sophie ran away..." I said but before I could finish my sentence the cops came busting through the door. SHIT.

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