Falling for styles❤️❤️

Zoe was just a girl hating her life and protecting her and her sister from their crazy step father... But that all changes when they finally run away. Who will they meet?


6. Louis's POV

Louis's POV

When we opened the door I saw a beautiful girl. She stuttered with her words then fainted.

"Oh my god" I said as I rushed to her side to help her

"Mmmer" I heard her say as I picked her up bridal style and carried her in.

As soon as I put her on the couch Zoe ran to her side.

"Jazz??" She said touching her arm.

"My head hurts" she mumbled

"I'll get you some medicine then"Niall said

"Ok I must seriously be dreaming cause I could have sworn I just heard Niall Horans voice" she said still out of it she layed😍 there with her eyes closed she looked beautiful.

"Open your eyes silly" Zoe said

She opened one eye slowly then sat up

"WOAHHHH"she said

"You'd better stay laying down" I said smiling

"Zoe stop playing tricks on me" she said she was still kinda mumbly with her words

"Will this make you believe??" I leaned in and placed a soft kiss on her lips.

She opened her eyes her my lips still on hers.

She smiled in the middle of the kiss then closed her eyes and grabbed my head pulling me closer and making the kiss more passionate.

"Ok Jazmin I got your... WOAHHHH"niall said returning

"Ok jazz now that your feeling better... GET A ROOM!" Zoe said hitting us with a pillow and laughing

Jazmin pulled away and started laughing. She grabbed The pill from Niall and asked from some water. Niall went into the kitchen and got her some and returned quickly. Jazmin drank some and took the pill.

I liked this girl a lot when I kissed her I felt a spark that I never felt with any other girl. I think i may love her.

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