Falling for styles❤️❤️

Zoe was just a girl hating her life and protecting her and her sister from their crazy step father... But that all changes when they finally run away. Who will they meet?


5. Jazmins POV

I was worried about Zoe she always told me about how mean Paul was to her. I could only imagine about what he did to her to make her run away. I decided I would call her.

Ugh she didn't answer ok one more time.


Yes she answered!!

"Hi Zoe where are you??"

"Ohh don't worry I'm fine but why don't you come over??"

"Where are you??"

"I'll just give you the address"


"1766 w. Heiner street"

As she gave me the address it sounded familiar but I don't think of it much.

"Ok I'll be over soon"

*15 minutes later*

This place wasn't far I got there pretty quick in about 15 minutes

I walked up to the door and knocked on it

"ok guys ready 1 2 3!" I heard Zoe yell whisper

Then I saw them 5 of the sexiest guys on the planet. ONE DIRECTION.


I tried saying then it went black

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