Falling for styles❤️❤️

Zoe was just a girl hating her life and protecting her and her sister from their crazy step father... But that all changes when they finally run away. Who will they meet?


2. Harry's POV

Harry POV

I saw her...Id been following her ever since I saw her jump out of that bush and start walking to the hospital she was so beautiful and you could tell she was in much pain. She ran into the hospitals with a little girl her sister maybe. I forgot about the young one because the older one was gorgeous and she looked hurt an scared. I was gonna help her .

*45 mins later*

As she walked out of the hospital I walked up to her. " Hey love... are you ok?" I asked not trying sound perverted or anything. She looked scared or nervous or something "Y-yy-yo-your Ha-aar-rryy Hha-rr-rry ummm St-sty -sty-les!" She stuttered. Ahh she was a fan. "I see your a fan ;)" I said winking.

She nodded. "A big one?" Another nod."Umm what's your name?" I asked with a smile. "Woah woah I must be going crazy! I'm talking to Harry Styles. Harry Styles just called me beautiful. No no no no no I must be dreaming!" She said. "No love your not dreaming it's me watch. " I walked over to give her a hug... But she backed away. I stopped... Why was she backing away...? "Why you backing away love?" I asked as she whispered something to the young gurl that was with her. "Because if I do hug you... I'll snap back into reality and see that I never talked to Harry Styles and I'll be sad. " she said sadly.

"No love I promise c'mon you have to trust me you said it yourself I am Harry Styles"I said sadly

"C'mon love" I grabbed her hand and she tried to pull away but I wasn't gonna let that happen.

"OMG your touching me! That means your real omg I-I-iim touching you" she says excitedly

"Now do you believe me?"I asked leading her to my car.

She nodded.

Weyhey guys I just wanted to let you know I editied the beginning of this short chap. It makes more sense now :) sorry for the short chap and for not updating very much I have school and cheer practice sorry sorry I'll get ontop of it more promise :)

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