Bullies, Bullies, Everywhere

18 year old Sophie Skye was never popular in school. She wouldn't get bullied, but really, no one would talk to her unless they had no choice. Accept for Viola Bird. They have been best friends since 5th grade. Viola and Sophie took up an offer to be exchange students in Holmes Chapel just before they were to start high school. When they got there, they were treated differently. Viola wasn't popular but she was liked by some girls in school. Sophie was bullied by none other than One Direction themselves. Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, and worst of all Liam Payne. She has a special way of relieving the pain, but what will happen when one of the lads fall for her? (Inappropriate language 13+)


5. Gel

"Sophie, we need to get you to the nurse." I obey, not needing an argument right now. He pulls me out of the bathroom and down the hall by my wrist. We walk in to the nurses room. "What seems to be the problem here?" She asked. "I spilled coffee on her stomach." Liam replies. "Let me see" she says directed towards me. I lift my shirt. She stares at me with bug eyes. This can't be good. "Well you have a second degree burn." Great. Just great. "Ok. Lay down on the table and I will put this on your stomach. Could you hold her hand?" She said to Liam. He holds out his hand but I don't take it. I'm not a little kid anymore. She puts the gel on and it burns so bad! I scream and grasp the end of the table. I'm sure my knuckles are turning white by now.

Hey guys! Like I said I'm going to update everyday this week. I will be updating later but my mom is getting home from Barcelona in a little bit and I really miss her. Ya guys! Bye!


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