Thicker Than Water

Life wasn't normal. Everything was changed. And it would never be the same.


2. Jackets


“So are you going to Roxie tonight, Rachel?” Came from Cyrene, my best girlfriend sense I moved to California.

“Cyrene, I’m not sure. You know, with last night slash this morning. It kind of wore me out.”

“Are you sure? We will miss you there. It could take your mind off things, say…..David?” Chimed in my best guy friend Tyler. That was it, Cyrene, Tyler, and me.

We were sitting around in my room. Tyler on the ground, while Cyrene and I were lying on top of my bed. My hands were fumbling around with a cross around my neck, which, David gave to me, about two months ago.

“I’m still not sure.” My eyes’ avoiding Tyler’s pleading ones.

“Please?” Cyrene’s light brown hair falling down, framing her circle face.

“Fine, I’ll go.” I paused and thought about what might happen if I did end up going with them.

“But if David suddenly appears, I’m not up for sticking around, okay?”

“Yeah! Of course! We are just glad you will be coming and hanging out with us. Ever sense Gregor came into the picture, you have been so distant from us.” Cyrene’s voice filled with happiness and excitement.

I perked up, just for them. They cared so much, and were trying to make feel better. Sense they were going through all that just for me; shouldn’t I have a better attitude? Not be bitter around them.

“Alright then! What should we wear?” I jumped up from the bed, and walked over to the closet. Opening the door, and revealing all the different lengths, colors, and sizes of the clothing.

Cyrene’s eyes instantly brightened, and perked up with me. She hopped down from the bed and followed the path towards me. We pushed through the hangers, and pulling out a few things here and there, glancing at them. Both tugging out one dress, looking at each other, smiling. They disappeared when turning and looking over at Tyler.

“What? You guys know that I don’t mind you changing and trying on clothes.”

I let go of the dress and pointed towards the door.


“Fine, fine. Whatever.” He got up, and opened the door, closing it behind him.

“So what’s the deal with David? Why don’t you want to see him?”

I was silent, changing into the dress, and looking at myself in the full body mirror. It wasn’t until I was done completely looking through the mirror at every angle. \

“The truth? I don’t know. I think I will just feel uncomfortable with him right now.”

“What happened to that huge crush you had on him? When it was all about David? Where did those days go?”

“I think I still really like him, but when he kissed me, it got me thinking. How I never see him, or how mysterious and that I don’t even ever see him. When its supernatural time, that’s when you see David.”

“Wait, he kissed you? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“It wasn’t a big deal. I was covered with blood, and it wasn’t that big.”

“So anyways, you really are going to leave if David is there?”

It actually ran through my mind. Did I want to leave? What I would probably do is see what he has to say.

I smiled.

“Probably not. See what he has to say. And I will let you know what.” I added on, feeling like a jerk for not telling her anything about what had happened, or about David.

“You look really good in that dress.” And she gave me a wry smile.

“Ha. Thank you. Wanna try something on?”

She glanced over at the closet, flipped through a few things, stopping at a brown, lacey dress. It probably would come down to mid-thigh, and had short sleeves. When I nodded, she tried it on, and it looked great on her. I smiled as she stared at herself in the mirror.

“You can have it.”


“Look how awesome you look. I mean, don’t you just love it?”

Right when she began to speak, there was a knock on the door, and Tyler came walking in. He took about two steps, but stopped in his tracks. He made a low whistle and looked us up and down. He shook his head, as if clearing his mind. Tyler clapped his hands together saying,

“Alright, let’s get this show on the road, shall we?”

We followed him outside, and down the two blocks to Roxie, a local club type place where under aged kids could hang out. Where mostly was filled with high school kids. Maybe a few college, but no younger.

“Looks like you are already caught.” Cyrene whispered to me, slightly pointing to the shadows behind Roxie.

I saw a figure, and figured it would be David. That was him, hiding in the dark, and waiting. Waiting for me, anyways. I would always hope.

Cyrene smiled and unhooked our arms, as she and Tyler went inside. Instead of instantly going to the shadows, I watched my friends go inside. My eyes didn’t leave the door, until five seconds after the door slammed shut. Hands folded together in front of me, I stepped forward. Enclosed by the darkness surrounding me.

“Hello David.” I quietly said, my eyes staring into nothingness, and space. A light smile on my face.

“Rachel.” He fully stepped out, his body right in front of me. His hands entwined in front of him. He stepped forward, his arms brushing against mine.

“How are you?”

“Better.” I said, nodding.

“Does it make it better that I’m here?” Instead of kissing me or something like that, he moved closer, his hands slid down my arms. Stopping at my hands, breaking them apart, and then entwining our hands together.

“Yes.” I whispered, leaning forward. My head against his chest, arms around him. His arms circled around my waist, interlocking at my back.

“Good, do you want to go inside? You’re shivering.” He pulled back and stared down at me. In one motion, the leather jacket he had on, slipped from his shoulders to his hands. As he flew it around me, it flapped in the slight wind, landed on top of my shoulders. It hung down right above my knees, being so big. I slid my arms through, the sleeves hanging off about half a foot. David slid the sleeve up, entwining his fingers with mine.

As we walked in, the place was crowded and was filled with the scent of coffee. Music was blasting from a stereo hidden on the stage. People pushed through to either the door, or the dance floor. The place was warm with the people, making my skin heated with the jacket covering it. There was something that made me not want to take it off. All that ran through my mind was the fact that it was David’s.

Cyrene and Tyler were in the center of the building, sitting at a high table. Cyrene saw us, smiling, and waved enthusiastically. There was only one chair left, David gesturing at it for me to sit.

“I’m going to go get something to drink.” David whispered in my ear.

I nodded, watching him leave and get hired by all the crowding people. Turning to Cyrene, her face looked like it was about to break with such a huge smile, showing teeth, and everything.

“Stop it. You are going to freak people out, Cyrene.” I mumbled.

“I just can’t help it! You guys look so cute together.”

“Gag me with a spoon, what are you freaks doing here?” The wretched voice was slightly behind me, making me unable to see the disaster who spoke.

“Tara, how nice of you to join us. Don’t you have some heads to bite off?”

“Oh Tyler, poor useless Tyler. When do you ever stop talking with that horrid mouth of yours?”

“At least I don’t let guys stick their tongues down my throat.” He grimaced at what he realized what he just said.

“I wondered. So that’s why you can’t get a girl? Because you simply don’t want one. You want a guy.”

“Okay, Tara. Why don’t you just run along with your friends, now?

“Oh, excuse me. I thought this conversation was reserved for sane people with an actual dad.”

“Tara, that was too far. Even for you.” Cyrene added.

I barely even heard her. My mind was pulsing, blood pumping. That one sentence made everything silent, the last word making a large crash. How dare she say such a thing to me? The emotions running through my body told me that I would freak out and end up doing something I’d later regret.

“You’ve made a bad mistake.”

“Oh, and what are you going to do to me, mental?” She paused, slowly saying the word mental.

“I think you should shut up now.” Before I did anything, I paused and waited to see if she would say anything. I shouldn’t have.

“Oh, my shut up? Why don’t you shut up and stop it with your freak show. Your depressing, angry eyes off of me. God, I should be paid to be around you losers.” She was halfway through a hair flip, when my fist made great contact with her nonstop talking mouth. Lipstick smeared onto my knuckles, along with some blood.

“I didn’t know that you would be so stupid. Oh, wait, I kinda did already. I think you should be careful who you mess with, Tara.”

“You messed up my lipstick! What is the matter with you?” She started to claw to my hair. I seriously wasn’t going to put up with this.

Her hand was locked into my hair, and wouldn’t let go. So I did what any non-fighter girl would do, I grabbed her hair too. I tugged harder, with my other hand smacking against her face once again. It seemed like everyone was watching us, and not stopping it. Until someone who actually had a brain did.

I felt familiar hands on my waist, pulling me away. He held me back, arms wrapped around my stomach. I struggled to get out of his hold, but he was surprisingly really strong, maybe as strong as me. No, that’s crazy.

Tara was finally held back by someone, her struggling too, but just to fix her makeup and hair. I was struggling because I wanted her face to be even uglier than it already is.

“Come on, let’s go. You know she isn’t worth it.” He whispered into my ear.

I stopped kicking and twisting. His arm went around my shoulders, pulling me through the people to the back exit. Kids back up, letting us through. Probably scared of what I might do next. David practically bust the door to get out of the place.

I knew what I did, but I was just realizing what exactly what happened. It went through my mind in fast motion, though that was pace the whole thing happened. The scene played in my head. It made me stop in my tracks, crouching down to my knees. My hands covering my face, though no tears falling.

“What’s wrong?” David bent next to me, hands on my shoulders.

“That wasn’t me. I don’t use my strength to hurt humans. I had no right to hit her like that. But when I think about why I did it in the first place, I could’ve done more. I would want to do worse.”

“It’s okay. Everybody gets crazy, or goes over the top when something serious offends them.”

“Isn’t it different for me? I could hurt someone real bad. Or what if something like what I did to Gregor happened. My strength is too incredible too handle for someone that is so weak.”

“Everyone gets a little out of control. Please, let’s go. Let me walk you home.”

“Okay.” I whispered, and took the hand David was offering. He lifted me up, and walked down the alley with his arm protectively hugging my waist.

It didn’t take long to walk to my house. It seemed quicker this time compared to when we first went. David was silent until we reached me porch, when he let go of me. He lifted my hand, and took out a small, dark piece of clothing. Gently, he wiped the blood and pink lipstick from my hand. What didn’t go away was the fresh scars from punching the wall the other night.

“Goodnight.” He gingerly kissed my hand, and walked away into the night. The only difference was that his coat didn’t flap behind as he walked because I was wearing it.

When he faded into the gray and black part of the world, I grabbed my keys, and let myself in. I headed straight to my room. Ignoring that I saw my mom’s car outside. I instantly started taking off my clothes, and putting on a tee shirt and boxers.

On the edge of my bed laid the leather jacket that reminded me so much like David. The light was turned off; the window opened a crack, letting in some streetlight. Crawling into my bed, I snatched the jacket, and held it close to me. It made flashbacks run through my head of how he stop me from doing something stupid, he helped me seal the wound of my father, he might even save my life from making me go crazy. Or crazier than I already am.

The front of the collar was balled in my fist, laying against my cheek. The jacket warmed the slight breeze that was coming in from the window. I decided to just slip it on. It was so oversized; it hit me from anything, with its long sleeves, and over lapping midsection.

“Goodnight, sweetheart.” The door was opened, letting light come in, and brighten my room a little.

“Goodnight, mom.” I smiled, turning my body so she could see me.

“You can rest, but do you mind telling me whose jacket that is?”

“It’s just a friend’s. I will give it back to him tomorrow. I was just cold at Roxie.”

“Tell me tomorrow after work.” There was a smile in her voice as she talked. My body back to facing the window, staring into nothing in particular.  My eyes slowly fluttering closed, drifting asleep.                                                                                                                                           

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