Thicker Than Water

Life wasn't normal. Everything was changed. And it would never be the same.


4. Insanity

“Good morning!” Came from the wide open door.

Cyrene pulled the pillow from under her head and threw it where her mom stood. The door quickly slammed shut, then reopened.

“I made breakfast. That’s including bacon. Besides, it already a few after eleven thirty.”

“Alright, I’m up.” Cyrene instantly responded.

I got up, and opened the French doors. I stepped outside, and wrapped my arms around me. The sun was bright, and shinning into my eyes. It only reminded me of David. He probably hasn’t seen the direct sun in centuries. I knew that lots of thing would remind me of him.

“Are you coming?”

“Yeah, be down in a sec.”


I heard her door shut, and footsteps down the stairs. My body was tempted to jump from the balcony and look for David. That was to crazy to do, so early. I just tried to ignore him, but how could I? He was just so extraordinarily sweet, and kind. Helpful. He saved my life, even when he was hurt. He cared.

Snapping out of it, I realized that I never went to Jaxk’s. I knew he would be here by now, glancing at the clock, seeing it at ten. I went downstairs, saying groggy hello’s to Cyrene’s family. Her mom made a real buffet. There was plate already made that was sitting next to Cyrene’s.

“Oh, honey. I made a plate for you. Glad you came when you did. Any later, it’d be freezing.”

“Thank you. But, I’m afraid that right after, I have to be heading somewhere.”

“Well, maybe you can stay longer another time. Go ahead and enjoy your food. If your mom comes, where do I tell her to go?”

I actually thought about that for a second. I would want to talk to Jaxk for a while, and I don’t want her to see the gauze. I had nothing to cover it, even my hands.

“Just tell her to go to Jaxk’s. But do you think you could distract her for awhile? Maybe talk  and invite her in. I just need to Jaxk about some stuff that is going on. Do you mind Mrs. Tanner?”

“Oh, of course not dear. Just don’t take too long, your mother will probably want to spend time with you, being a day off for her.”

“Yes, of course.” I started to chew on the crispy bacon, followed by forked in eggs, a few pieces of waffles, and wolfing whole piece of toast.

Cyrene forked some of my leftovers onto her plate. I waved to her family, and walked out the door. Jaxk’s wasn’t that far either, estimating around only five minutes to get there. Inside, I was afraid to go see him, because I knew he worried about me, and how my patrolling goes. He probably thinks that I am dead or something happened to me. Maybe like what happened to my arm, or hands. Thinking that made me go faster, almost jogging down the street.

When the gym was in sight, I practically full on ran. The door was open, but there was very few people inside. A few regulars waved at me, and said hello. I was respectful, and said hello back, but I hurried to the back where Jaxk’s office was. I didn’t even bother knocking, I barged in. He was looking through files, and paperwork.

“Jaxk, I am so sorry. I didn’t mean to come barely right now.”

“Rachel, are you okay? Patrolling accident?” He barely looked up from his work.

He shot up, and placed his hands on my shoulders, inspecting my arm, and hands. His eyes were filled with worry.

“What has happened?”

“Patrolling last night was, well, there were three vampires. David was there to help. One had this small sword, but it caused lots of damaged. Unfortunately, David got pretty sliced up, himself.”

“Is he alright? Did  he need to go to the hospital?”

“No, he was fine. I cleaned him up after the fight. He was having trouble walking, though. So far, I think he is doing better. He left when he was finished wrapping up my gashes.”

“Well, I have one thing. I’m not sure you should be going patrolling tonight. Rest tonight, and if you feel well enough, then we’ll see.”

“Are you sure? I was thinking of maybe going out, just because.”

“Maybe if someone was to go with you, who wouldn’t be great danger of being killed, who can defend themselves. To be honest, we don’t have much people around like that. Do you think David would be fine enough could go with you?”

“I’m not sure. You know, he is that come and go type of guy.”

“Would you like me to go with you? I’m sure I would be fine to be your side.”

“I appreciate it, Jaxk, but I would feel responsible if anything were to happen. I will be fine. We killed those guys, they seemed like, one of a kind. The sword has something on it. Three large blue gem stones on the handle. I knocked it out of the vampire’s hand. It probably is still there. I can go back during the day and bring it back to you. It might mean something, I just didn’t think of it because of David’s injuries.”

“It’s okay. Be safe later tonight. I will see you when you bring the sword?”

“Yeah, my mom is probably at Cyrene’s by now. I wanted to ask you something real fast before she picks me up.”

“Shoot.” Jaxk was back to his paperwork for the gym. There was a whole sort of bills, that he had obviously organized, and already paid.

“What do you think of David?”

“Well, I think the boy is strange. A good guy, but mysterious. He is always in the shadows, waiting, waiting for a fight.”

I didn’t respond, just nod. My arm was starting to have this tingling sensation, my hands too. It made me think about how I was going to cover it up for my mom. I also wanted to see how they looked.

“Jaxk, do you have gauze? I was thinking of how they looked. Either way, I also need something to cover them up, from my mom.”

“Rachel, I think it’s getting to that time where you should maybe tell your mother about you. I know that its extremely dangerous, but your mother deserves to know. She cares so much, and she doesn’t bother you about it. My guess is that she very confused about you.”

“Are you sure? Will the Sentinels get fumed?”

“Only if they find out. They still haven’t found out about Cyrene and Tyler. I’m sure it won’t be a big deal. Here.”

Jaxk stepped away from his desk, and stood in front of me. He carefully unraveled the gauze from my hands. My eyebrow scrunched together at the sight of my hands. The wounds were gone. Completely and utterly vanished. It made me wonder about my arm. David’s stomach. Was it just me?

“Jaxk, a slayer’s healing, it, it doesn’t work this quickly, does it?’

“Uh, no. This-this isn’t, um, that’s not right. I don’t even have any kind of explanation for this type of healing. This can only happen from magic. Which still does not make sense, because, well, there isn’t witches or warlocks. I don’t understand.”

“Hey, while you do your research, can I take a look at my arm?”

“Uh, sure. Go ahead.” He turned, and started to read through some of his books. I quickly took of my shirt, and Unwrapping the gauze, my skin was regular, not  a scar. Putting my shirt back on, seemed like Jaxk found something. I walked up to him, and looked at the book.

“That the sword?”

“Yeah, that’s it.”

“It’s a poison. It cuts deep into your skin, leaves the venom, and seals itself into your body. Jesus, Rachel. This isn’t good, whatsoever. There is no antidote provided. I’m going to search for something okay? I want you to go home and tell your mom about the slayer business, but don’t tell her the deal with the poison. Hopefully we can find something before she even finds out.”

“Does it say when it takes effect?”

“Approx. two days. It takes awhile for the venom to spread throughout your body. It states that the pain doesn’t onset until the venom is filled in your blood stream. Which would be the two days.”

“That’s great. Maybe time to get rid of my mom? Are sure I shouldn’t tell her about the sword, and poison deal? All she will want to is help, Jaxk.”

“But will she be strong enough to not completely break down over the matter?”

“No, she will not weaken because of it. It’ll make her stronger, and ready to help me face it, and eliminate the venom.”

“Do what you must do, Rachel. Hurry and get the sword. Inform your mother of your beings.”

I left him there, and walked outside, sitting on the curb. It barely took around five minutes for my mom to pull up with a smile on her face, with the window down. She pushed open the door, and waved me in.

I hopped in, and absorbed the smell of her perfume, and the sound of our favorite music, electric pop. Reaching for the knob, I turned it down where she could actually hear me.

“Hey mom, can you drive to Krakens Forest? I need to grab something I left, also, I want to talk about something. You know, if that’s okay.”

“Oh, of course, sweetie. Why don’t just you talk to me now?” She said as she pulled out of the parking of Jaxk’s. Her hands slightly pounded on the driving wheel, looking forward. Simultaneously, her head nodded along with the beat of the quiet music.

“I’m not sure, maybe because what I’m getting ties with what I wanted to talk about. So I could explain, while I look for my, uh, stuff.”

“Well, sense we have time, why don’t we talk about your friend.” It made me giggle at her because she was really eager, practically squirming in the car seat. Though, it was going to be difficult telling her about David. Without lying a lot about him.

“Well, I met him at Roxie, a few months ago. He was really cool, you know? There is just one thing about him, that makes me just so frustrated about him. He is so mysterious, all the time around me! It is just so impossible, but actually.” I turned to my mom, and smiled. She glanced over at me, returning the smile, just not as enthusiastic. My gaze went back to the road, the smile still held in place.

“David, his name, he is really sweet towards me. He cares too, I, uh, he knows about dad. Mom.”

“Yeah?” Her face was sympathetic, heart felt, and worried.

“The other night, when you saw the jacket, at Roxie, someone might have brought up the whole not having a dad deal. I slipped, and it wasn’t good, at all. A blow to the face started it. She freaked because her lipstick was messed up. The chick started to the girl fight thing, when she pulled at my hair, so I just did the same. Mom, David was there for me. Who knows what I would have did to her. He pulled me away, out of the place, and calmed me down. I might have had another break down, but just crying. David was still there for  me.”

“Oh honey. I-I’m sorry. I didn’t know it was still that bad. I’m just glad that you had someone. I like the sound of this boy. Maybe I will get to meet him. I think its nice that you are getting really social with people. I know I set kind of a limit of the boyfriend status, but, you are going to be seventeen soon, and…..Well, it’d be nice to not see you alone all the time. Do you understand what I’m saying?”

“Yeah, you’re saying that I can have a boyfriend. That you like it better that I have more friends, and maybe a possible boyfriend. To sum up now, that I can trust, and not revulsion against most people?’

“Yeah. Uh, pretty much.” She paused, and rose a little in her seat, looking at what was up ahead of us.

“That’s it right?” Pointing at the small, and only not hurtful way to gain access into the woods.

“Yep.” I could see in my mind of David, leaning against me, blood was covering us. The slashes in our clothing, with blood dripping from the wounds, that I didn’t have anymore.

While I climbed out of the car, I worried about how bad my mother would take it. I thought if I would just come out and say that I was the slayer, or walk her through it.

“Hey, so like I said, I kind of wanted to talk. There was something that I had to tell you.”

“Of course.” I lifted a branch, allowing her more room to walk under.

“ You know, heck, everybody knows that there has been some weird things happened here, before. I’m one of the few who knows why, or what causes them. I wanted to just straight out and tell you, mom, but its harder than I thought.” I took a deep breath, as we walked across the twig and leave covered land.

“Mom, there is something called a slayer, preferably called a vampire slayer. Have you heard of it?”

“Yeah, like on television shows, movies, maybe books. But what does have to do with you?”

“Don’t you get it? I am trying to tell you that I am the Slayer, or vampire slayer. I kill demons, and vampires. Mystical forces that are around, fighting evil.”

I paused, waited for what she might say.

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

‘Wait, what? What do you mean the slayer? This is impossible, Rachel. Me and you, that is reality, your mind that created this world of you being a slayer, killer. May I say, its creative, but unreal. Rachel, honey, please tell me this is some sort of a joke?”

“Mom, you have to hear me out. I am the Slayer. I kill, its my destiny, a job, more likely. Listen to me, this IS real. A Slayer is real, and I was chosen to be it. How can I prove to you about this? Show you a vampire? Kill a demon in front of you?”


I looked away, away from her gaze. Something caught my eye. It flashed, and danced before me from the sun. My face turned questioning as I hurriedly strode over to it. My mouth curved into a smile as I got close enough to see what it was. Lifting it up, my fingers grazed over the gems. It was only about foot, including the handle. The blade was minor, but the wicked curve to it, just made it more deadly. That, and the throbbing pain along with it.

“This is it.” I looked up from the minor sword.

“This is the sword that poisoned me, and if Jaxk doesn’t find a cure, I’m dead. The venom is spreading itself right now as we speak, and there is no known way possible. Do you believe me, now?’

“Jesus Rachel, you didn’t have to  make all that up just so I would believe you. But I do want proof about this demon and vampire deal.”

“Mom, I ’m not kidding. Last night I was attacked by three vampires, David helping, one cut us both. Jaxk looked it up, and apparently it’s a poison, the venom seals itself into skin, and runs through my blood stream. It doesn’t start taking effect two days afterwards. The venom appears that it takes awhile to take its course. That’s when the pain begins, too.”

Her eyes were filled with tears and that’s when the though hit me. I shouldn’t have told her about the poison. It was going to be too much for her to take. Jaxk was right, it would have been better if I just waited.

“No. My daughter will not die. We are going back to Jaxk’s, and we are going to make sure that the venom is out of you. You are going to live, and we are going to happy together.”

She took my hand, and led me out of the forest, and to the car. The MPH my mom was going was a little too fast, even for her. She rushed to the gym, totally cutting regular time more than half.

“Mom, I know it’s a big, major deal, but you don’t have to get pulled over by the cops, or anything. Listen, I know its because you care, but your speed in the car won’t do or help anything.”

She speed stayed the same, but luckily we approached Jaxk’s. The parking lot had much more people filling the space. She rapidly yanked the car into a spot, and got out, almost hitting the car next to us.

“We are talking to Jaxk. What is he anyway?”

“Human. No superhuman stuff. He is my Guardian. Trains me, teaches me, and takes care of me.”

“It sounds your saying he is a dad to you.”

“No, but I think of it like that sometimes. Guardians aren’t usually like  that to a slayer. Its just how we are, I guess you could say.”

Instead of being in his office, Jaxk was talking to a few guys at the front desk. They looked totally buffed out, apparently goes somewhere to look like that.

“Hey Jaxk. My mom is kind of going berserk because of the poison, venom deal.” I whispered to him, avoiding the men’s stares.

“Um, tell her to go to my office. Let me finish with these gentlemen, and I will be there in a moment. I want to see how your energy goes, do you want to maybe do one of our work outs?” He was bending down, turned away from the guys. Making it almost impossible for them to make out what we were saying or talking about.

“Yeah, sure. Strength training. Try to calm my mom down okay? I think she is having a hard time taking it.”

“Of course. Go ahead. Let me take care of these men, and I will talk to her.” He said a little too loud, making it where the guys could hear.

“Go ahead. We can talk tomorrow, Jaxk.” Came from the guy in the front, the less creepy looking. I mean, with all the veins and crap.. The disturbing bulging of their muscles.

“Mom, go with Jaxk, I , uh, am going to stay out here. Is that okay?”

She didn’t answer, just kept walking towards the back to the office. I ignored it and passed the muscle guys, walking over to where there was weight benches, and punching bags. Rummaging through his little closet, and I got my hand wraps, and to unwind. It took me seconds to fully cover my hand, but the guys started to come at me. They walked in a clustered group, which still made them a big, wide and freaky circle.

“Listen, I really don’t have time for this right now.” I said, not looking up at them, Concentrating on the wraps.

“Hey, we don’t look for no trouble here, little lady. Just interested in how you seem to be working over here.” His Brooklyn accent was strong, and perfectly clear to understand.

“Well, I don’t have time, I said. Cant here through that thick skull of yours?” I glanced up, noticing his wasn’t leading, though, at the side. The one who was talking was by far the biggest, and vein packed. By looking up at him and the pack, I could tell he was getting angry, just by the expression on his face. Worry was the front guy’s face. He must’ve known what happens when this big boy gets furious.

I left it alone, and positioned myself at the bag. Only getting a few rage filled punches in, the guy interrupted.

“Hey listen, I’m talking to you. I’d like it better if you would stop, and look at me when I am talking to you.”

“You know what I’d like? For you to get the hell of my back. I recommend that you leave. Now. Before anyone gets hurt.”

That’s when the little outburst I have been waiting for came. His face was twisted with fury, and his body was jittering, practically shaking. The front man was shaken with fear.

“What’s the matter with him?” I pulled him to me, shirt in my fist.

“Jesus, he  acts bizarre when this happens. The guy goes to the extremes when he gets like this. He is mad I tell you. Last time, he actually killed the man and got it easy, a slap on the wrist. You have no idea what you’ve done.”

“Oh, trust me. He won’t be doing any damage. If anything, he is the one to be damaged if he lays a finger on me, or anyone else.”

The guy pulled back enough to look at me. His expression was dumbfounded. He pensively fumbled away from my loosened grip.

Brooklyn Boy came at me, nice and slow, his footsteps heavy against the ground, fists clenched at his sides. I turned, and my leg crashed into his side. The movement must have been too fast for him, because it knocked his balance. He actually fell to the ground, flying across the floor, and knocking into the wall. Both palms pressed against the floor, pushing himself up. He came charging at me, once back onto his feet. Glancing up, I looked back him. He was getting close, hopping up, I grabbed onto one of the railings in the ceiling. Swinging my feet forward, my feet hit him square in the chest.

“Hey, before anyone gets hurt, why don’t you get your boys, and get out of here? We honestly aren‘t looking for any trouble. ” Jaxk came out of is office, with my mom trailing behind him.

“The only trouble here is this son of a-”

Jaxk didn’t even let him finish the sentence. His legs immediately started to move, coming at the guy who stood finally stood up. His arm went behind his head, forcing full out against Brooklyn’s cheek. It threw him off balance, but not enough to knock him down. His head snapped up, hand raising to his lips. The blood that gradually started to drip from his lower lip smeared onto his fingers.

My body didn’t move an inch closer. The one man that was so frightened, was behind him, a rising glass bottle, coming down on his head, knocking him completely out, smacking onto the ground.

“Get him out of here. Do I never want to see his face again.”

All of them picked him up, and carried him out. My mother was staring after them, even as their car sped away from the parking lot. When the car was entirely gone, she let out a sigh and glared at Jaxk and I.

“How in the hell did you actually do  damage to that man? Rachel, I know you have had muscle and all, but he was incredibly big full of muscles.” She paused and thought about it.

“That would be a slayer thing, would it?”

“Um, yes, it would, Ms. Dominique. You see, like I was saying before. She has the slayer powers that is tremendously abnormal. Would you like to talk? Or rather do something else?”

“We can go home. I think I would rather talk to my daughter, Jaxk. No offense, or anything. Its just, its my girl.”

“Oh, of course. I understand fully. Would you mind if I would stop by tomorrow though? Just to check up, make sure that the pain hasn’t taken it’s course yet?”

She only nodded, her hand placed on my back. Guiding me outside, we walked to the car. The whole drive was silent and extremely uncomfortable. It only took less than ten minutes. Her driving was disturbingly fast, but not like before when I wanted to jump out and puke. Well, not until she yanked into the driveway, did I. Her door pushed opened, and slammed shut. I followed after her, my movements weaker, and calmer. Her actions were hard, and fierce. In a rush and packed with anger.

“Listen mom, it really sounds like you wanna talk or something. You know, I am here. We can talk about anything that you want.”

“You know what I need? I need you to be safe and healthy. Look at yourself, I can already tell you’re getting weak. I want to know about what you’ve been doing, and how you do it. I mean, what are you even doing out there, with these “vampires”?”

“I pretty much just kill them like the movies. A stake, beheading, attack during day. Mostly during the night I go and go around the neighborhood. I slay them, take their undead lives. Every vamp I kill helps out because of what “the forces of darkness” plan to do. The underworld, they try to open, and try to let hell unleash. Destroy the world, and all humanity.”

“At least we got that out of the way.” She flopped onto the couch, and ran her hand through her short blond hair. The absolute straightness of it, making it just fall back to her face.

“But, it isn’t like twilight, and the vampires can be nice and really love someone. I think, there might be an exception, but that’s not the case right now.”

“No, wait. What exactly would that exception be?”

“Cyrene and I, we were looking through some books, and came across something.” In my head, I felt terrible because I was totally lying, but instead of what I was feeling. Of course we didn’t come across a soul thing. Using common sense, I was thinking it would be some Wicca stuff.

“There was some things about this vampire about how someone did some kind of spell on him. Gave him his soul back, and he felt everything, like  his emotions. Love, he loved someone, a human. He could feel everything a human could experience. Just the same traits of a vampire. The only slight difference was that he had a heart, wasn’t evil, and didn’t have the passion for destruction. It might be considered a exception, for some people, anyways.”

“Did he die?”

“Did- I don’t - No, I think he is still alive. I’m not sure. That was a long time ago, over fifty years ago.”

“Would you kill him? If you were ever to encounter him or something.”

“To be honest, I don’t know. I guess I wouldn’t decide until I actually come across him.”  I was fine, looked like it, anyways. On the inside, I wasn’t as great. My head was starting to spin, my stomach clenching into a knot, muscles tightening under my skin. My body was trying to not be obvious, from where my mother could see. I leaned against the wall, crossing my legs, and arms. My usual stance when someone talking to me, when standing. My mom was familiar with it, and wouldn’t see it as what I was trying to do. Bunching my limbs together helped with my muscles, making it unnoticeable to me. Stomach tightened, and pressed to my arms pushing the knot away.

“I think I am going to head upstairs, and lay down, maybe.”

“Yeah, of course. Try to get some sleep.”

I made my way up, tripping on the very last step because of the rigid knot, that was tightening by the second. Hands forcing myself up, before entirely falling onto my face. It made me worried that she might think it was the poison’s work.

“Just tripped over my own shoe, is all.” I tried assuring her.

“Accident prone, I tell you.” She yelled from the exact spot on the couch. Her hands folded in her lap, legs crossed under the small glass coffee table. Her face certainly read worry and fear.

I leaned my stomach against the black railing of the staircase. It helped the knot while I stood there, and looked down on her. To keep myself from falling down stairs, when I finally told her what she needed to hear.

“Hey mom. I will be fine, and Jaxk will find a cure. There shouldn’t be anything you have the purpose to worry about anything at all. Really.”

“Thank you, Rachel.“ She said, actually looking up at me this time.

Giving her a tight nod, my hands gripped the railing as I left, and went down the hall to my room. What was surprising was that all the cleaning supplies from last night was gone. It still boggled my mind that she didn’t have any suspicion or confusion. I guess if she did, she didn’t tell me anything about what she was feeling.

Fist clenched, pressed against furniture that supported me up. Making my way to my bed, that seemed so far away from where I stood/slouched. Leaping onto the bed seemed to be the right way to go, until I hit the mattress. It felt like I was shot in the stomach, which, I was allowed to say because of past experience.

Going out tonight for an easy patrolling ran through my mind as a very bad idea. The pain felt like it was holding me down, which made ma want to go even more. I shouldn’t be enslaved by the pain. And I wouldn’t let that be happening, having the pain restrict me from things I do almost everyday. That was what pissed me off the most. The fact that a simple, retarded thing was holding me back from my regular life.

Twisting around, onto my bad, and facing the ceiling just made everything worse. The way my torso distorted made my mid section flame. My legs stretched, fists clasped onto the one of the poles of my bed post. The foolish way of the stretching of my legs made the blazing fire even worse. Production of my legs shooting back towards my stomach. The pain moving through my body just made everything worse. I regretted my movements, and lay still.

Flipping onto my stomach made me calmer. It stopped my rapid actions and lessened the throbbing pain. It angered me that I felt so hurt, and weak. I felt like banging my fists on the ground.

All I wanted was for it to be night, so I could run, and beat up on some vampires. Thinking about it made feel like it was going to help with these terrible feelings. Another thing that ran through my mind was that I wanted to see David.

First, to see how he was doing and if this effected vamps. Second, I think I actually missed him, even what dark forces were to be involved with such unusual activity upon a vampire and slayer. That was just ridiculous and totally against the whole system of the slayer. Jesus, sometimes I wish it was like Twilight. Except for the whole sparkling thing, because that is just too girly, and not vampire like. I couldn’t believe that deal with the sunlight thing. They make the situation with vampires and werewolves friendly and wishing they could be those creatures. Well, reality isn’t like that with the animal blood. Ha! That is extremely laughable, I mean, have you seen a real vampire drink animal blood? Even if David was telling the truth with the soul, I doubt he turned to like, decaf.

The time was still in my room. Glancing at the clock, reading a few after three o’clock. I turned, laying on my other side, towards the window. My arms were killing me, like when they would grow when a little kid, but five times worse. Rising them up, my arms ran across my face, shutting the light of the sun shining into my room.

I was getting up from my bed, and walking down the stairs. It sounded like no one had been inside, when I walked out the door. The sun was no longer in the sky, complete darkness of the night, and moon. Carried around the street, not really feeling my feet move across the sidewalk. On the side, was a bench for the bus. Flopping down, I leaned back against the steel metal of the rail. I started to slide to the right, to fully lay on the bench. Though, my head bumped into a shoulder. I lazily glanced up.

“David? Is that you?”

“David’s gone. Too bad you missed him. Only Thorn, baby doll.”

“What do you mean? David isn’t gone, you’re him. I don’t understand, you are confusing.”

“Baby, welcome to reality. David was just a dumb, faze, if I might say. Don’t you get it, babe? I had a sorry excuse for being a dead end as a vampire. I had a soul, that I would kill to get away from. Ha, that doesn’t work because either way, I kill. I have no soul, Rach, I am free.” He opened his arms wide, then laying on the edge of the bench. An arm curling around my shoulders.

The feeling of his skin was cold, and not life like. My body shivered under him. Pulling my knees up to my chin, leaning forward. He turned his head and glanced over to me. I tried to avoid his eyes, but it was almost impossible. The way he was gazing at me made myself think. I didn’t move away from gazing eyes. My legs lowered from my chest back to the ground.

I also didn’t move when he started to lean forward. I didn’t try to get away when his perfectly shaped lips were pressing against mine. I sat still and let him kiss me, kissing him back. I stayed the same when he started to kiss me lower, to my neck. He gave me a last kiss by my pulse. His lips were gone, his face still close. It took seconds for his lips to be back on my neck, his mouth open. Then, his teeth were starting to pierce my flesh. Eyes pinching, world spinning beneath  my feet. Blood trickled down the back of my neck, sliding under my shirt, down my back.

My body was tender from his touch. It was starting to get woozy from the blood loss. Thorn, David, whatever, he pulled away, breathing heavily. His lips were coated with blood, and it looked like he was having trouble breathing. I knew that wasn’t I, he didn’t need to breath. It was probably because that he almost killed me, and drank so much, like it was forever sense he had a feeding.

His eyes were glued to mine, when reaching into his back pocket. He pulled a blade, and popped it opened. I knew what he was going to do. Not kill, because that’d be retarded for him. He was going to cut himself, and make me drink the blood, so I could become like him.

What mostly I didn’t understand was that why didn’t he just kill me? I know he was different, a horrid killer, which was what made me actually think about that. Thorn, if what I read was true, he mostly only killed, even for sport. So why would he turn me, and not just take my life?

As he slit right below his neck, I felt the changes inside of me. The hit of the smell and sight of the blood was phenomenal. Although, I still tried to wrench away from him. My whole body was drawn to him, and the blood, making it impossible. Inching closer to his body, and leaning forward towards the cut. His hand was placed on the back of my head, pushing me closer. My eyes squeezed shut, when I opened them, the dark, blood filled scene disappeared. I was back in my room, laying down on my bed.

I shot up, shooting pains in my shoulder and arm. My hands shaking, I brought one up, wiping away sweat from my brow and forehead. My hands stung from the sweat, confusing me. Glancing down at my hands, there was what looked like black vein going throughout my palms and fingers. Twinges and jerking under my skin, appearing to have movement underneath. As if something was beating up on it, a lost cause boxing match.

It was painful, but I changed my clothes. Hands scratching at everything they held or grabbed at. Everything made the black smoke veins shudder at a touch of an object. Though, I was going too fast to barely even notice much of the pain.

When I glanced outside, it had became dark during my scarring dream. I knew that if I went out for vampires, he would most likely show. It would be a risk, going out there with the pain coming on. If I encountered something strong, and he isn’t there to help out, I could be burnt.

Sneaking out of a window was never easy, but I was hurting by scrunching together. It bothered the remaining knot in my stomach. Stretching  when falling down, was the best I felt.

My feet landed onto the grass, my hand dashing behind me, supporting me from completely falling. I used as much strength I could to push myself up. I bolted once entirely up. I didn’t stop once out of the neighborhood, and out in the city part of town.

My hands were buried into the pockets of David’s leather jacket. Still wearing it, even though with its large slits going throughout it. Even though I shouldn’t have been wearing something that was his. Besides, there was dried blood on the inside that was uncomfortable, and reminding of different kind of pain.

My arms instantly raised when I was pulled into a alley. He knocked me back into the fence, his fist making my lip bleed. I shook my head, and looked up. My palms pressed against the concrete, my legs extending, and kicking into his knees. Luckily, he was in front of the brick wall. What sucked was that he instantly got back up, while I took a second.

I felt like I was in boxing match. Except, usually I was the one throwing most successful punches. It was hit after hit. He threw, I got hit, maybe duck, then I came back with a blow. He had a combination, that threw me down. Spiting blood from my battered lips. A stream of blood came running down my cheek. This made me feel like I was seriously in a boxing match. Wiping away the blood and sweat with the back of my hand, I popped back up. My hands were up at a boxing position. My arms felt like they were on fire, but I kept going.

Uppercut, left hook, and a kick to the chest, even making me off balance. He bounced back from the wall, his kick made great contact with my face. That totally hurled me off my feet. My back was what hit the fence first. His kick was so fierce, the fence actually bent from the shape of my back. My arms lay on  the ground next to me, head tilted to the side. My vision was starting to blur, eyelids starting to drop.

The vampire slowly walked towards me. His fangs were showing, and I knew that I wouldn’t be able to do anything anymore. He crouched down, hand raising to my face. He had a slight grin, upon his lips.

Then, he was gone. Someone lunged at him, rolling around the concrete. There was a growling that I could understand, being around it so much.

“Don’t. You. Touch. Her.”

There was a cracking sound that I was way too familiar with. He stood, and turned around.

“Jesus, Rachel.” He swooped down, to his knees.

I turned my head, and spit more blood. I tried sitting up, but there was fiery pain, making a small groaning sound.

“No, you should stay down.” He placed his hand on my stomach. He must have noticed me staring because he jerked it away. All I could do is shake my head in a response with the minimal pain included. He took well, though, reaching for my hand. It hurt, but I still jerked it away, not wanting him to see.

 He looked at me puzzled. Staring at me, he took my hand, and looked it over. His eyes widened at the sight of my smoky veins.

My lip bleeding, knowing my teeth had been covered with blood, too. I still spoke, anyways.

“Looks like if you’d just stop pretending to a puny mortal, and actually fought, I wouldn’t be poisoned, filled with venom. You seem very well, gashes heal good and fast?”

David rocked back onto his heels. His hands buried his head. If I wasn’t seeing things, I think I actually say a tear sneak out from under his palm. Both hands left his face, and ran through his hair.

I really wasn’t a crier, but I sucked it up, and reached out to him. My bloodied hands landed on his legs, missing his hands. A tear filled with sweat and blood streaked down my face. He lifted my hands and laced his fingers through mine.

“I’m sorry, Rachel. I thought I was protecting you, but I guess not. Please, I’m not sure if I cant stand not seeing you. I try so hard not to, but I just can’t.”

I wanted to be there with him, but I was almost going in and out. Blooding was still slowly flowing from my head, and mouth. Making me constantly spit out blood. I slightly smiled, not showing my teeth, and blood.

My eyelids were fluttering closed, wanting to just go to sleep. My head fell back, my eyes closing.

“Rachel, don’t got to sleep, stay with me, alright?

“I just want to go to sleep.” I muttered.

“No, no, no. Don’t do that. Come on, lets go.”

He leaned forward, putting his arms under me. He lifted me up, the pain numbing, being half asleep. My head rolled to lay on David’s chest.

“Rachel, no. You can’t fall asleep on me? Okay? Talk to me. Just stay with me.”

I looked up at him, tears in my eyes. I turned my head, spiting another wad of blood.

“It’s all my fault, I shouldn’t have came out here with this. I knew I was too weak. And you know why the only reason I actually risked coming out here? You. All I wanted was to see you.”

As he slightly jogged across the street, something dropped onto my face. It was a tear from David. This was the first time I have ever seen him cry. It was just persona that really didn’t say much of a crier.

There was a building ahead of us, that must have been apartments. He went around the side, and pushed through the door. Only down hall, the very last door he opened. H carried me to the back, and laying me on a bed. Turning back the way we came, back out there in the living room.

I tried wiping sweat and blood away from my eyes. Everything was mostly dark, except the shining of a dim, tall lamp in the corner. His room was quite small, and didn’t have much in it. His bed was what took most of the space. There was a small desk, that didn’t have much on it.

I laid back down, David coming back in. He sat beside me, on the edge of the bed. He dabbed at the blood my forehead, and the rest of my face. The dampness made me fringe at first, but once he kept clearing the blood, it felt normal, and didn’t make grimace.

“I’m going to have to call Jaxk, Rachel. There isn’t much I can do. I can’t take you to the hospital because they’ll see your hands.”

“David, you can’t. I cant- I hate it when he is angry with me.”

“He won’t. Maybe when your better. But while you are like this, I promise, he will just try to make sure you are well.”

“But I told him about you getting cut like me, and I know he will be wondering why you are perfectly fine. We can’t tell him about you. I will never get to see you again.”

“Rachel, he is the only one who can help you. Remember that Wire inside of your skin, and blood?”

“Wire, what are you talking about David?”

Getting up from the bed, he stood, and started to pace in front of the bed. He ran his hand through his hair, and crossed is arms across his chest. I guess that was just a way to embrace the worst. He came around the bed, and sat alongside of me.

“A poison, that I am way too familiar with. I know about the pain, not exactly how it feels, though. There is, although, something much worse than the pain. I haven’t heard of a cure. The smoky substance was what I recognized.” he paused, looking down at his hands that were enfolded on his lap. “Rachel, Jesus, I-I don’t know what to do. You know, in my whole existence, I ha ve never cared about someone so much that I would die for them.”

My eyes widened, not sure if he was actually talking about me. It actually worried me if it wasn’t me, in the first place. Again, he must have saw, my confusion, and worry.

“I am talking about you, Rachel.” His hand stroked down the side of my face, followed by a tear dropping. When by my chin, I took his hand in both of mine.

“I don’t want to leave you.”

“You aren’t. I am going to go call Jaxk.” He stood, and kissed my forehead. Laying my hands back on top of my stomach, and leaving the room.

When he left, all I could think about was going to sleep. I was going out. It was just too much with the fight, blood, venom poison. Then I remembered what David was saying to stay with him. It also occurred to me that, could I get a concussion? I never really paid attention in health.

“JAXK! Wake up, and listen to me. Rachel is here, and she needs you. NOW.”

There was a slam, and David let out a loud puff of air.

“I’m sorry. She needs for you to come here. Its serious, and- I just cant let her go, okay?             Please try to get here as soon as possible.” I could hear the sound of the phone being place back on the hook.

His head down when back inside the room. He was starting to pace again, but not stopping this time. He didn’t come over to me. Not talking to me, not saying a word to me.

Simply, I just wanted him to lay next to me. Maybe if he sat next to me, I wouldn’t want to go to sleep so much. Or if he’d stop freaking out, that would help me not worry so much .


He looked over at me, hand half covering his face. His pose made it looked like he was thinking. It was probably what he was doing. It was different. I mean, he never acted like this. Well, whenever I used to be around him. All that ran through my mind was that he knew that I would die from the venom. Or was pretty positive that it would happen.

“Please, stop.” I had to take breaths between. It felt like I couldn’t even breathe, that my throat closed up. My eyes were squinting, like I couldn’t see. When I thought about it, when I said that, I sounded like that one kid in the wheelchair in Malcolm In The Middle. Jeez, I watch way too much T.V.

Walking over to me, he dropped his hands. Instead, he cupped my cheeks. A tear rolled down his cheek. Leaning in, his lips softly pressed against mine. I could taste the tears that slowly, one by one, left his closed eyes.

“Rachel, David.” Coming from the half closed door.

David instantly rose, walking over to Jaxk. He gave him a nod, and left the room, to me and Jaxk. His feet started towards the bed, and sitting next to me. My eyes shut, a warm hand was placed on my cheek. Bending forward, his kissed my forehead.

            “Jesus, Rachel. Look at yourself. Why? How?”

“I don’t know, Jaxk. Please, can we talk about this later? When I’m not beat, battered, and poisoned?”

He blew out a sigh, and stroked my hair.

“Yes, because we will get you there. I want to make sure that you know, and understand that. You aren’t going anywhere, and nobody is ready to say goodbye. Do you hear my words?”

“Yes.” Saying no more, tears swelling in my eyes. I didn’t let them go, blinking them back.

“Alright, I brought some books, that I really want to look over. Find some specifics. I will just be in the next room, okay? If you need me, I’m here.”

“Of course. Do you think you can send David in here?”

He nodded, an got up, starting to sulk to the door. Remembering something important.

“Oh, Jaxk. Tell my mom?”

“Of course.” And left.

Even though it was only a few seconds, I felt so alone. It felt like everyone disappeared into a black hole, and vanished. That they left me, to never come back again. It wasn’t until David came into the room, my heart stilled, and stopped the thundering. He sat in the chair by the desk.

“Lay with me?”

“Are you sure? I mean-I don’t want to be in your way, and take up all the spa        ce.”

“You’re fine.” I scooted my body over, more room visible for him. Getting up, he slowly walked to me, as if this was a bad idea.

For a second, did that come to mind. The pressure of the bed moving, as his weight dented into it. It aggrieved my limbs, toe to fingertip. My face didn’t show it, hiding the true feelings I was having.

David curled onto his side, facing me. Still on my back, I nudged closer. My body completely sheltered by his. Head turned, face happily snuggled into his chest. There was something off, though. His touch was soothing, and calming. Don’t get me wrong, he always was. This was different. The touch, and presence of David was comforting the pain itself. With his body touching mine, weirdly enough, the pain was there, but numbed and bearable.

When my arm reached out to him, it stung. Although, once my hand was latched onto his arm, there was that feeling of relief. Pulling his arm, I draped it across my side, and onto my back. It was warming, like hot tea down a sore throat. My arm wrapped around his neck, and my hand running through his hair.

“Doesn’t it hurt?” He whispered.

“No.” My voice was quiet and raspy, actually surprising that a word, as clear as it was came from between my lips.

There was footsteps, and Jaxk was now leaning against the shut door. His eyebrows scrunched together, fingers squeezing the bridge of  his nose. He let out a exhale of breath. Walking to us, hands in pockets, silent bedsides the sound of his Nike’s scratching against the carpet.

“I haven’t found much of this type of poison. I mean, it’s only effective on humans. That was already prior knowledge. That’s the thing, Rachel. David, you, I, uh, you look fine. The poison hasn’t entered your blood stream? Do you know what is happening. It’s making me crazy wondering how come nothing has occurred to you. Or you aren’t having the side effects as Rachel.” He paused, his eyes filled with curiosity. The way his puzzled gaze moved from me to David was a shock behind my eyes. It was frightening the way he looked at David as if he was an interesting science experiment, though, knowing something isn’t right. The pieces didn’t fight correctly. David should be looking, and feeling like how I am.

“The only explanation would be that you are not, in fact, human.” His voice barely at a whisper.

He moved closer, on David’s side of the bed. Jaxk’s movement surprised  both me, and David. Jaxk’s hands were hooked into David’s shirt, their height matching, making everything visually worse. Unless, you knew what lay beneath David’s calm, emotionless face.

Jaxk looked him up and down, coming back to his face. His eyes squinting into David’s. The way his lip curled scared me for what would happen to him. David’s fist slightly clenching and unclenching made me want to cry. Everything was practically ruined at this point. All of it was my fault. I told Jaxk that David had been attacked by the vampire too, and got slashed by the sword.

“So what are you?” Jaxk hissed through clenched teeth.

David kept quiet, his jaw clenching, then unclenching. I didn’t know what he was doing, or what he was going to do. My mind was clueless of what I would even do if I was to be in is position.

“Jaxk.” Voice weak, I felt like Rose from the Titanic.

David’s head furiously turned to me, his eyes softened when looking in my direction. I could faintly feel the tears fall from my eyes. There wasn’t anything we could do. It was obvious that he wasn’t human. Either way, not being human wouldn’t be a good thing according to Jaxk.

David’s head dropped, avoiding my eyes, and face altogether. I could see how his eyes stayed on the ground. Head tilted to the side.

“Vampire.” He said, after completely straightening, staring Jaxk right in the eyes. His voice was flat and said no emotions were running through him, but I knew there was. David’s lips were tight and straight.

When I swallowed, my throat felt like there was something blocking the passage, then gulped down. There was heat, and a burning feel going throughout my throat.

“Jaxk, don’t-” My voice was now strong and clear, until I was rudely interrupted.

“Rachel, shut up.” Jaxk didn’t even take the effort to look over at me when he spoke. The fists that closed on David’s clothes, the knuckles turned white. Nails were digging into his own palms, from curling around. On Jaxk’s forehead and neck, each had a vein popping from under his skin.

His teeth clenched when speaking, lips curling, showing teeth clearly, “How dare you touch her with tainted blood, a fouled soulless fiend.”

I was going to protest, explain the whole vampire with a soul thing, but the wet feeling coming down my cheeks and chin, then down my lips. Gingerly touching my face, on my fingers was blood. My mouth let a gasp escape. I would understand a bloody nose, but it was coming from my ears, too.


David yanked himself away from Jaxk and swiftly placed a knee on the bed, hovering over me. His hand smoothed over my hair, his eyes darting as he took in the blood and what was happening. The movement showing through his neck had a violent gulping showing. It was worrying me, but didn’t scared me. Apparently, Jaxk felt different about that, than me.

He furiously tugged at David’s shoulder. Trying to get him up and off.

“Are you insane?” David growled at Jaxk.

He didn’t respond, but with just a confused look on his face.

“Her blood is rejecting the venom poison! When you are outraged by me, while you should be paying attention to her. She obviously needs help, and all you are doing worrying about me.” His eyes stared hard into Jaxk’s.

Jaxk stood in the place, but at least let go of David. His eyes were wide, with not fear, but more appeared to an anger. It seemed like he couldn’t even look at me. His head was turned, and facing the floor.

My hand reached up, and was placed on David’s cheek. He over lapped my hand with his. The blood on my fingers smearing onto his face. Though, he didn’t seem to notice it one bit. He was being in control, and focusing on my eyes only.

Jaxk ran out of the room, then hearing shuffling and banging in the other kitchen/living room. Only after a few seconds, the sound of running water turned on for a minute. Then Jaxk running back in the bedroom with a damp washcloth. He looked at David, then to me, and back. Finally giving it up to David.

He gingerly dabbed at my head, the streams of blood being replaced with the coolness of water. The frosty touch made me more calmer, and less jumpy. A few trickles of water ran down my neck, making me shiver. David’s jacket, similar to his old long trench coat, just shorter, slid from his shoulder’s and he covered me with it.

“You’re going to be alright.” He whispered to me. His hand was stroking my hair, a tear slipping from his cheeks, straight onto my lips. It soaked into my lips, the taste of salt sinking onto my tongue.

My lips rose into a smile, even though I was filled with worry. Eyes shut, my eyelids felt so heavy that I couldn’t raise them. It only made me think about when this first started. David telling me not to just rest my eyes, like I had kept wanting and saying.

“Rachel-” David had started.

“Let her.” The sound of Jaxk’s voice was distant.

I could feel David getting up from the bed, and hear his footsteps towards the door. The sound of the door shut, and it was completely quiet.



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