Thicker Than Water

Life wasn't normal. Everything was changed. And it would never be the same.


3. Box





“I think I am going to head out, Jaxk.” I was unwrapping the hand wraps from my boxing session. We were at Jack’s gym. Being the guardian, and trainer, when I came here, he had barely opened it. Sense he needed a job being here; it ended up being a local gym.

“Just be safe Rachel. Come back when you’re finished, okay?”

“Yeah, no problem. I’ll just leave my bag here then. I got a few stakes stacked in the leather.”

“Whose is that’s anyway?” He only took a small glance up from taking the pads off of his hands.

“David’s.” I said, as I whipped the jacket over my shoulders and slipping my arms through the sleeves. Without saying a word, I waved at Jaxk, and left.

My usual path just kind of drifted through town. Instead, I went through the park, forest areas, but I still went through the cemetery like I always did.

I was deep inside Krakens Forest, the end of town. Finally having something come out and try to fight me. Though, when they showed themselves I wished they didn’t.

Their speed was impeccable, movements almost invisible. There was three of them, vampires. How they looked, they sure didn’t look ordinary. The clothes that they wore looked like as if they were from some vampire gang, or like a cult.

I couldn’t match their speed. They ran up to me, one reaching up to my throat. He lifted me off my feet. My legs kicked at him, hands up to my throat. Oxygen becoming a real issue. My fighting back power was drained, my sight blacking out.

When all I could see was blurriness, I smacked onto tree roots. My head banged back against the tree trunk. I kept conciseness, trying to make sure that whoever saved me was okay, or needed help. Or to make sure that the vamps were gone. Rubbing at my eyes, trying to make my eyesight any better. David. David was the one who was fighting off the vampires. It looked like he killed one, working on the others. I softly scooted forward, kicking one in the back of his legs. He fell forward, running straight into a tree. He didn’t come back, being stuck on a branch that stabbed him in the arm. I quickly reached into David’s coat, shooting a stake to the caught vampire’s chest. He made a slight scream, then turning to dust.

The one fighting David pulled a small sword from his back. He slashed David not once, but twice. The blood was major, making David cripple to his knees. There was blood dripping from his black button up shirt. There was no stakes left in the jacket. My head felt dizzy, and my body was uneasy. Though, I still got up, and ungracefully, threw my leg up in the air, catching him in the head. I got into position, ready to fight. He thrust the sword towards me, catching my arm, ripping through the jacket. He drove the it at me again. This time, I stupidly caught it, and ripped it out of his hands. I forced two blows to him, and finally forcefully kicking him back. In midair, his body dissipated into dust.

“Huh?” Came out of my mouth brilliantly, but quietly.

With his body gone, I saw David hunched over, on his knees. Hands on the ground, he glanced up, and stared at me. He started to get up, but groaned at the pain in his chest. I hurried over to him, helping him up, avoiding the in my arm and hands.

“Your hands, arm.” He whispered, looking me in the eye.

“You are the one you can’t walk.”

“You almost blacked out.”

“Yeah, if it weren’t for you.”

We limped to my house, a few people staring, then a few asking if we needed help. I told them that we were fine, and kept moving. My eyes couldn’t help to keep flickering over to David. He finally caught me, but I quickly looked forward.

“It’s okay. I’m fine , Rachel.”

“You’re covered in blood, David. I’m sorry that I worry about you. Your shirt is soaking, you need my help to walk.”

Before he could say anything, we reached my house. Walking up the steps made a few sounds come from David. He leaned on the wall while I unlocked the door.

“Here, come on.” I wrapped my arm around his waist, helping him inside. I wanted him to go in my room just in case my mom came in. Though, my room was upstairs, and I didn’t know if he could walk up there without hurting himself too much.

“Listen, I really don’t know when my mom will be home, and I honestly don’t want her to see any of this. It might hurt, but do you think you could go upstairs to my room?”

“Yeah, I can get up there myself. You do whatever you need to do, and I will be in your room.”

“Turn right, very last door on the right.”

I walked through the kitchen and into the bathroom. I grabbed gauze, and any cleaning supplies that I thought that I could use. When I walked out of the bathroom, I stopped and listened. There wasn’t a sound in the house. Until I heard a door open upstairs.

My hands burned from carrying everything. My hands were still covered in blood, from my hands, arms, and helping David, his clothes caked with dried blood, by now anyways.

When I stepped through my door, David was staring out of the window. His arms laid at his sides, that had  streaks of dried blood running down them.

“Hi. How are you feeling?”

He turned and walked to me. The cleaning supplies were overflowing in my arms. The peroxide was pressing against the long gash in my arm. David must have noticed my face, grimacing. He took the peroxide, and the gauze and cotton balls that my hands held.

“Thanks.” I glanced down at my hands after putting the rest of the aid kit down. Looking down at them, it made the pain come back. I bit my lip from not crying out. Though I still had tears run down my face. David saw me when he turned around. Hurt was filled in his eyes. When I tried to wipe away the tears, I caught  the slash, burning it.

“You didn’t have to do that. I know it hurts.”

“But look at yours. The cuts through your stomach are amazingly awful. I’m weak for crying over cut hands and an arm.”

“You’re not weak. Your miraculously strong. Those nicks are extremely deep, and might I say, dangerous.”

“Well, Slayer powers come with healing too. I’m sure that they’ll be better by next week. Do you want me to take care of the slashes now?”

“Yeah, sure.” He said, then taking his shirt off.

A sob escaped my mouth looking at the deep gashes inside of his skin. My hand slapped against my mouth. He reached out, his hand laying against my neck. His thumb wiped away the few falling tears. He let go, and instead, extended his arms around me. He was hugging me, but I didn’t get close to him. I knew that it was going to burn, and I wasn’t going hurt him even more. Although, he yanked me closer. I didn’t even feel him flinch.

“Let me clean them, now.”

I pulled away, and walked to my bed, grabbing the cotton balls, putting peroxide onto them. I turned to David, and glanced up at him before starting to clean. His response was only a single nod.

I went over the slight x, then rolling the gauze around his stomach three times. I put a little clip on the end, and looked up at him.

“Done.” And I smiled up at him, looking from his stomach, to his eyes.

“Sit down. I’ll do your hands and arm.”

I sat down, and took off the leather jacket. David crouched down in front of me, cotton balls in hand. He took my hand, palm up, and elegantly wiped at the blood, and deep gash on each hand.

“How do they feel?”  He glimpsed up, and grabbed the gauze.


He wrapped the gauze around both hands a few times. Taking my hands, he kissed the palm, right above the gauze.

“Are you ready for your arm?”


The arm gash went above my shirt. I hesitated, which I knew David noticed. That’s when it hit me, he always has his eyes on me, his attention is always drawn to me.

“It’s okay. It’ll be off for just a second.”

My arms started to take off the long sleeved shirt. I stared down at my chest. It even ran throughout the sports bra, and the string of my regular bra. I took off the sports bra, and the string of the other bra snapped and fell. I caught it, and held it up. My head was turned away while he cleaned it. The gauze felt rough against my arm, and chest.

“Okay. You’re done.” He whispered.

“Thank you. Do you mind if I change?” My voice soft and low.

“Go ahead.” He turned away, facing the window again. His hands folded in front of him.

I rummaged through my dresser, put on a bra, and yanked the closest shirt. Which when I put it on, it had a low scoop neckline.

“Um, sorry. I, uh, can’t find anything.” I laughed a little at myself, and finally tugged on the wife beater that I usually wore for training.

“Okay, you turn around. Sorry about that. I’m not used to having guys in my room.”

I told him that he could look at me, but he just kept looking out the window.

“David, what’s wrong?”

“Rachel, there is something that I have to tell you. Please, don’t freak out or scream.”

“David? What is going on? You are really scaring me. Please just tell me what is the matter.”

He didn’t say anything, but showed me instead.

“Oh Jesus Christ. David. No. This-This isn’t right. What-what is g-going on? Oh god. You’re a vampire?” My voice raising an octave. The last sentence made me seriously choke up.

“Rachel, I wanted to tell you, but I couldn’t.” He took a step towards me.

“Get the hell away from me. Don’t do you dare come any closer. I swear to god, I will kill you.”

“Rachel. I just want you to hear me out. I-I didn’t want it to work out this way.”

“Why? Why were you doing this? Was it all an act? How, I mean I just don’t understand why a vampire would go through so much, to kill me?”

“It isn’t like that. I’m different.”

“Oh, okay. You are different. Explain then.”

“I have a soul.”

All I could do was laugh hysterically. My arm hurt from all the laughing, and movement. I ended up grimacing and bending down, grasping at my arm. David tried to take another step towards me.

“WHAT? DOES THAT EVEN MAKE SENSE?!?” I practically yelled,

“Yes, Rich, it does.”

“Get out. I think you should go.” I whispered.

I looked away for only second, but looking back at the window, he was gone. My first instinct was to call Cyrene, Yeah, tell her what’s going on, maybe she will now what to do. Mostly because what was going through my mind was, did I just make a mistake?

I ran to the door, stopping at the sight of my mom right in front of me, holding two shopping bags. I opened the door wider for her to come in. I knew she would see the gauze, with the lights on. Before she could do so, I hopped out the door, and stopped.

“Mom, do you mind if I could go to Cyrene’s for a while? Me and her kind of need to talk.”

“Um, sure honey. Its late, well to be walking out in such darkness. You should just spend the night. I will pick you up in the morning. Don’t you need clothes?” She asked as I started to shut the door.

“Nah, I am fine. Cyrene and I are mostly the same size. I love you, mom.”

“I love you, too. Be safe.”

Completely shutting the door, I blew out a huge gasp of air of relief. Thank god she didn’t see. I am already gone all the time, and so mysterious behind her back. Then the whole single parent thing. I promised myself that I would spend a whole day hanging out with her. She deserved time off, without worrying.

All lights were out at Cyrene’s place, except for her room. Her house was a two story, so it always made it harder for me to get up to her room. Though, she was lucky enough to have  a balcony. So all I had to do was jump up there and grab one the rails. The only hard part was trying to be quiet.

I counted to three, and bent to my knees. With great force, I jumped up, and not having to grab anything, mostly because my jump was so incredible, I landed on the balcony. My feet hit the pavement with the slightest noise. With the tips of my fingers, I tapped on the glass doors. The curtain pulled back and revealed Cyrene in her usual sleep clothing, much like mine. Tee shirt and shorts.

“Rachel? What’s up? I though if you come, you would call.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t have time. I had to come here right away.”

“Hey, what happened? Bad slayage?”

“Yeah. David was there with me. And actually, that’s what I am here to talk about.”

Cyrene let me in, and I sat in her computer chair. It was hard for me to explain everything, without crying. Though, I still told her from leaving Jack’s, to running over here. She only made small “mmm-hmm’s” and “okay’s” at all the right times.

“So?” I asked, looking at  her, waiting for her to actually speak now.

“Let me say this first. Let me get this straight, you think you love a vampire?”

“Yeah.” I whispered, my head down.

“Its okay. Love is love. I don’t have any shame on you because of it. I just don’t recommend telling Jaxk.”

“Yeah, I planned on waiting for that. You think I will ever be able to tell him?”

“The truth? Well, you are going to have to tell him, you cant just lie to Jaxk. But, just wait a while and figure out the right moment.”

“You have a lot of books, right? Maybe we can figure something out about David, I mean, a vampire with a soul, he must be famous.”

“Um, yeah. Hold on a second.” She walked over to her book case, and opened a small cabinet on the bottom. She grabbed five books that definitely looked historical, in a vampire, forces of darkness way.

“Here, this is mostly basic stuff. Vampires, and your regular day demons.” She said, with a smile.

“Wonderful.” I muttered.

We looked through the books for almost over an hour. That’s about how long it took for us to actually find something.

“Wait! Here, Rachel. Look.”

She pointed  to a page, and  handed me the book. I braced myself for what I was about to read. About someone who, I might actually loved.

It started off with that his actual name was Thorn, or Thanatos. It mostly talked about how much of a killer he was over four hundred years ago. That he mostly killed for sport, the fun of it, instead of feeding like most vamps. The last of it was he disappeared about a fifty years ago, never seen sense, no killings known from him. They also included some gruesome details about his killings, and the people he sired. I think the worse part was that he killed six slayers.

It didn’t matter how many times I read over that page about his technical past life. The words I read, I believed them, but it didn’t effect how I felt about David, or Thorn, or Thanatos. I was in love with that guy.

“Hey, do you mind if I stay the night? I kind of told my mom that I would be staying here, overnight.”

“Not going to try to find David?”

“No, not tonight. I wanna see if this is just bullcrap, or what.”

“Well, yeah. That’s fine. My parents might wonder how you got here, or when, but they like you, I’m sure they’ll be fine.”

“Thanks, Cyrene. I’m not sure if I really want to be in my room for awhile after what happened, and what I discovered. I think I just need some time off, is all.”

As Cyrene set up a bed on the floor, I sat outside on her balcony. The moon was beautiful, and it reminded me a lot of the night I busted my fist. It made me think about David,  even more than I already was. Lots of different outcomes ran throughout my mind. When I first met him, he kind of pissed me off, being gone, never telling me much, so damn mysterious. When I thought about that now, it made sense. His whole mystery game that he played with me for so long. I understood why he would act like that. So it would hid his true identity, so he wouldn’t do anything stupid, when being with me.

“The bed is all done, Rachel.” Cyrene peeked her head through one of the French doors.

“Thanks.” I followed her inside, and shut the door behind me.

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