*Titleless for Now*

Sorry there's not much to go on with this story! It's very short because I lost my idea! But I have since found it and will be updated within the next few days. I have a good idea in mind and I hope that when I update it, you all will like it as well :)

***Based on unreal events and people***


2. Chapter 1

"Kristin, don't you think she's funny?" Natalie asked, lightly touching my arm.

Coming back to the conversation I turned my head towards the five faces staring expectantly at me. I had completely lost interest in the conversation as it was Beth who was talking, the perky, overexcited blonde who loved to only talk about her thousands of dates with various attractive men. I didn't care about her choice of topic or men but to please my friends, I gave the expected answer. Putting on my best smile, I laughed. "Yes. Quite, in fact."

Beth nodded her head in appreciation to my comment about her and turned back to the triad of giggling women. Natalie gave me a look of worry, still trying to hold her smile. I shrugged and forced a laugh hoping she'd buy into my act but she linked arms with me and stood. My arm was in an awkward position so I had to stand as well. I grabbed my purse off the table as I was lead by the arm headed away from the table towards the back of the cafe. Being my best friend of 6 years, she knew me too well to know that there wasn't something on my mind bothering me. Dang her for knowing me too well.

"Where are you two going?" Beth asked in her high girlish voice, noticing us walking away. Probably was wondering why we weren't paying attention to her.

Looking over her shoulder, Natalie smiled and said, "Little girl's room."

I sighed. Here we go. Natalie's going to give me a good talking to and question me until I break about what's wrong. It's not that I didn't want to tell her, it's that she'd force me to let her help even when I didn't want the help.

I let my feet drag as I was lead to in the direction of the bathrooms, my arm being yanked as we zig-zagged our way through the crowd of chairs and people, a few glanced at us in a confused way while others had looks that hinted at dirty thoughts. Natalie pushed the brown swinging door open with the ladies sign on it and pulled me in.

Natalie walked in a few steps and bent over, checking under the stalls for anyone else who was occupying the bathroom but we were alone. She stood me against the way and folded her arms.

"Alright, spill the beans," she says, using her cliche line she always used when she was serious.

Leaning up against the wall, I sighed. Did she really think that just because we were alone together in the bathroom that I'd tell her what was on my mind? Things had changed slightly since two years ago and she knew I wasn't as open as before. I held her stare, hoping the longer I waited the faster she'd give up and we could both go back to the Beth Show at the table. Natalie furrowed her brows knowing I was playing the waiting game. She was too ADHD to wait more than five minutes of silence before she'd break.

Right on cue she broke. "Augh! Why can't you tell me?"

I smiled, knowing I'd beaten her at her own game. "Because there's nothing to talk about Tallie," I say walking past her to look myself over in the mirror. Setting my purse on the side of the sink, I searched through it for my chapstick, watching her movements out of my peripherals.

"Is this about Roger?"

Hearing that name caused me to loose my grip on my purse, causing it to slip into the sink, my makeup and personal items spilling out. Slipping out a quiet curse, I began to slowly put my items back into my purse.

Natalie hurried to my side and helped replace my things into my purse. The memories came back and I knew any minute the tears would too. I turned my head in case the tears came without my permission so she wouldn't see how soft of a topic it still was. But she could tell I was already hurt by the mention of him.

"I'm sorry... I had no place to say that." Natalie gently puts her hand on my arm but I pulled away.

"No... no you didn't," I whispered.

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