Allies vs. Enemies

[Sequel to 'The Unexpected Ally', final HP book told from a different POV] The journey to defeating Lord Voldemort continues as the group parts ways to find the Horcruxes. A young witch and her companion encounter danger around every corner and staying undetected proves harder than anticipated. The group questions the power of love as relationships are tested. Will the Dark in everyone be reviled or will the Light prevail?
(All plots and ideas are owned by the talent, inspiring J.K. Rowling. Some of the plot is familiar to many where other parts are the work my creative license) Enjoy!


23. The Final Duel

Holly breathed deeply as she flew towards the castle. After she walked away from Dumbledore and her parents she had woken up to hear the spine chilling sound of a man’s cry. As much as she wanted to hate Draco, she just couldn’t. But as Holly drew closer to the castle, she shook those thoughts out of her head; there was a battle to win.

Holly circled the courtyard the survey the scene. Although both sides had many casualties, a ferocious battle was waging in Hogwarts. A lower number of fighters meant more intense fighting. It seemed like everyone had joined together for Hogwart’s last battle. Thestrals and Hippogriffs, house elves and wizards from near and far were all fighting. Past and present Hogwartians banded together to help drive Voldemort and his army away from the castle.

Holly landed in the midst of the battle. She shot curse after curse at the Death Eaters and protective spells wherever she saw someone might be in trouble. Suddenly Gryphon was at her side, scratching and biting Death Eaters near her.

“Atta boy Gryph!” Holly praised her dog as she searched wildly around her for Harry. Instead she saw the sickening image of Lavender Brown’s body being fed on by the werewolf Fenir Greyback.

“NO!” Holly blasted him off her fallen roommate. Greyback hit a nearby wall and slid to the ground unconscious. Holly turned back to Lavender’s body. The sight of it being mangled by the Death Eater made her blood boil. This young woman had given her life to protect Hogwarts and this was how her body was treated? Suddenly Holly couldn’t think of anything else; not the battle, not Voldemort, not even Harry. Holly levitated Lavender’s body and brought it down to the one place she knew people wouldn’t go. As Holly opened the boathouse door, she stopped dead in her tracks. The body of Severus Snape was sitting in a pool of his own blood on the floor of the boathouse. Marks on his neck that looked suspiciously like snake bites showed Holly what had happened. She lowered Lavender’s body in one of the boats and then Snape’s in another. Holly quickly cleaned up Snape’s blood and cast a few protective enchantments on the boathouse. Nobody would harm these bodies anymore.

“C’mon Gryph, let’s go find some more” Holly said, looking down at her dog. He was facing the castle in the doorway to make sure nobody crept up on them. The pair ran back into the castle to rejoin the fight. Every time Holly saw a body, she would send it straight to the boathouse. The spell that Arthur Abbott had taught her proved most useful. Holly only had to tap the body with her wand and it would vanish, only to reappear in the boathouse only moments later.

Finally in Hogwarts, Holly joined the battle in the Entrance Hall. She saw Ron and Hermione sprint past her, a giant snake following close behind them. Holly raised her want to help but suddenly she was locked in battle with a still masked Death Eater. Their wands clashed like swords. The Death Eater was good, but she was better.

“You’re going to die little girl, too bad you didn’t graduate in time” The Death Eater taunted her. Instead of being scared, Holly laughed. He thought he was dueling an uneducated school girl. Too bad for him that he was stuck battling her of all people. Her smile and Gryphon’s bite on his back leg threw the Death Eater off. Holly quickly waved her wand, her spell catching him on his right shoulder. The jinx made his shoulder and right side of his body turn to rock, growing until his entire body was a boulder.

“Reducto!” Holly shouted. The boulder-Death Eater disintegrated into dust.

“Uneducated eh?” Holly said aloud. She looked around to find Ron and Hermione but instead caught a glimpse of Neville standing above a decapitated snake, the sword of Gryffindor in his hands. Suddenly she was blasted backwards into the Great Hall by the Death Eater, Dolohov. She flew through the air, narrowing missing rebounding curses from the battle below her. She hit the wall and landed behind the ruined teacher’s table. Dolohov started walking towards her, sending curse after curse her way. Holly desperately tried to crawl away but there were too many. One clipped her shoulder, sending a bright pain to her brain. She bit her lip so as not to cry out. Holly propped herself up on one arm to see where Dolohov was. She saw him being taken down by Flitwick with a scream. Holly gave the professor a thumbs up sign and picked herself up. Her shoulder was bleeding badly but there were bigger problems to worry about.

The Great Hall was chaotic. Holly watched as Neville and Ron took down Rookwood. Hundreds of other duels were happening simultaneously around them, pressed up against the walls. McGonagall, Slughorn and Kingsley were all battling Voldemort in the middle of the room. Beside them, Molly Weasley had taken over the duel with Bellatrix. The younger witch cackled when she saw the mother of seven push Hermione, Ginny, and Luna away.

“NOT MY DAUGHTER YOU BITCH” Mrs. Weasley roared. Holly guessed Bellatrix had almost killed Ginny.

Bellatrix looked like a cat that caught the canary, “What will happen to your children when I’ve killed you?” She leered, “When Mummy’s gone the same way Freddie did?” Holly heart dropped to her stomach. Gryphon leaving Fred’s hiding place, the Weasley’s surrounding a body in the Great Hall. Despite her best efforts Fred had died.

“You-will-NEVER-touch-our-children-again!” Mrs. Weasley screamed. Bellatrix continued to cackle and not take her opponent seriously. She her eyes wander to watch Voldemort duel and in that instant, Holly knew what was going to happen. Mrs. Weasley’s spell caught Bellatrix mid-laugh and her body fell in what felt like slow motion to the ground.

Suddenly the room erupted. Voldemort in rage blasted McGonagall, Kingsley, and Slughorn to the ground. Harry appeared just feet from Holly from beneath his invisibility cloak. Voldemort turned his wand on Molly Weasley but Harry quickly cast a shield charm between the two. Voldemort’s beady red eyes narrowed when he saw Harry. The Dark Lord suddenly turned into a black light, similar to what Snape had done mere hours before. The entire room seemed to be frozen on the spot as Voldemort’s shape picked up Harry and swept him out of the room. Holly watched in horror as she saw the figures battle together mid-air and land with a loud crack on the courtyard floor.

Holly sprinted out to the courtyard. Voldemort and Harry had both lost their wands in the fall. Her blood chilled as she realized Voldemort’s was closer. She had to give Harry a chance, but what could she do? An idea formed so fast it was if someone had accio’ed it there. She ran to a massive pile of rubble near one side of the courtyard. She reached it just as Voldemort was laying a finger on his wand. Holly took a deep breath; it was now or never.

”VOLDEMORT!” Holly roared. She jumped on the pile of rubble and waved a hand. Voldemort turned away from Harry and turned to her, his eyes widening in surprise and confusion.

“Yeah, guess killing second generation Potters isn’t your strong suit is it?” Holly taunted putting her hands on her hips. Her wand was in her hand but she knew Harry was the one who had to finish Voldemort off. Out of the corner of her eye Holly saw the entire castle join them in the courtyard, making a circle around the three of them. She also saw Harry was only a few inches away from his wand.

‘C’mon bro, you’ve got this’ Holly thought. Suddenly the world opened up beneath her. Voldemort had levitated the rubble from beneath her and she tumbled to the ground. Then he sent it all crashing down on top of her. Again, she bit her lip to fight screaming out in pain. Her vision swam before her. Nothing compared to the pain she felt now. Most of the rocks had landed on her legs, trapping her right one to the ground. She slowly and silently levitated them off of it and almost fainted at the mere sight of her lower leg and foot. It was completely unrecognizable and blood soaked her pants. Holly quickly makeshift healed the skin to stop the bleeding but didn’t know any complex spells to heal it fully.

Holly crawled across the ground, trying to get around the rubble to see what was happening. She managed to pull herself across the ground by grasping a rock. The last movement had done it; she could see the scene in the courtyard.  

“Love? You really expect me to believe you and Dumbledore that love is the strongest magic?” Voldemort was asking unbelievingly.

“Yes, it is. You failed time and time again because of my mother’s sacrifice that night in Godric’s Hollow. But today, it’s a test of loyalty. I am the true master of the Elder Wand, Tom.” Harry said condescendingly, calling Voldemort by his real name, “I overpowered Draco weeks ago, you’re too late.”

Holly watched anxiously from the ground as the pair circled each other, neither one breaking eye contact. Harry twitched his wand in his hands. Holly knew without looking that she and everyone else in the courtyards’ eyes were on the wand. Voldemort looked murderous; Holly guessed that Harry had told them the whole shpeel about Snape’s love, Dumbledore’s guess and Malfoy’s ownership of the elder wand.

“It all comes down to this doesn’t it?” Harry said at barely a whisper. Holly and the others looked at the pair as they simultaneously shouted their last spells.

Avada Kedavra!”


The spells met in the middle of the two wizards. The entire courtyard watched as red light met green and exploded in golden flames. Holly watched wide-eyed as a wand flew towards Harry in the air, while a green light rebounded backwards to the wizard who cast it. Time seemed to stand still as Harry caught Voldemort’s wand, a look of content and amazement on his face. Then Holly watched in horror as the figure of her twin brother fell to the ground. Nobody moved a muscle. The body of Voldemort lay on the ground forgotten as the circle grew smaller around the twins. Death Eaters sprinted across the bridge, hastily trying to get away from the victors.

Holly didn’t watch everyone look at Harry. She didn’t see Voldemort’s last followers run away from his body. She only had eyes for Harry. Without realizing it, Holly was on her feet limping quickly towards Harry. Holly had reacted before anyone else and was by Harry’s side first. She saw that his eyes were closed and she feared the worst.

“Harry!” Holly collapsed on Harry’s chest, burying her face in his neck, “Oh Harry, wake up!”

“Hey sis” Holly looked at Harry’s face in shock. He grinned down at her and helped her to her feet. Holly immediately wrapped her arms around him in a massive hug. His reaction surprised her; instead of pulling away he hugged her tighter.

“It’s over Harry, you did it!” Holly said faintly in his ear. She was overwhelmed by emotions and could barely speak.

“No, we did it” He replied, “I can’t believe you sacrificed yourself for me for a second time.”

“That’s what people do,” Holly answered, “For the people they love. What kind of a sister would I be if I let my little brother lose?”

Harry laughed, “I love you too Holly.” Holly closed her eyes and smiled to herself. Harry’s slightly worried voice made her pull out of her hug.

“Uhm Hol? What’s happening?”

Holly looked around her in shock. Gone was the courtyard, the ruined Hogwarts, and the survivors. The twins had floated above the castle and saw a brilliant golden pulsing light surrounding the castle and grounds. Harry still held Holly but was looking around completely confused and a little scared.

Holly threw her head back and laughed, “So you defeat Voldemort but you’re scared of a little twin bonding?!”

Harry looked at her bewildered, “What are you talking about?” He stared in her eyes and then realization dawned on him, “Did Dumbledore tell you this might happen?”

Holly shrugged her shoulders, “He may have mentioned it, briefly”

“S-so what is it?” Harry said looking at the golden light. It was radiated from their floating forms.

Holly laughed again, “Well remember those twin brothers I was telling you about, from our family tree? Their hate for each other destroyed them. But out love for each other is magical.”

Harry shook his head, “That Dumbledore, why didn’t he tell me?”

“Well he had a guess,” Holly started to say

“-but all his guesses turn out to be right” The twins finished together.

“Ou! I wonder if we’ll get some magic powers or something with this? Maybe I could turn invisible? Or fly, that could be cool” Holly said excitedly, “Maybe we can read each other’s minds now!”

“Get your head out of the clouds sis” Harry said playfully. He looked at the ground, “Actually, how do we get down from here?”

“Oh hmm” Holly pondered, “Here let’s try… THIS!” Holly let go of one of Harry’s hands. The twins’ bodies immediately began descending to the ground.

As soon as their feet touched the ground they were swallowed up by the crowd of survivors. Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Luna, Neville, everyone rushed towards them. Hundreds of people grouped together, everyone wanted to touch and congratulate the Boy Who Lived and his sister. Cheers and joyous shouts filled the air. A blazing bright sun broke through the clouds and covered everyone in dazzling sunlight. The twins finally let go of their hands and Harry walked through the crowd, talking and celebrating with more and more people. Holly on the other hand stayed put. Her leg was throbbing but the joy that surrounded her made her forget about it. People came up to her and shook her hand, some kissing her forehead and stroking her hair.

“Oh Holly” Mrs. Weasley rushed up to her, tears in her eyes and hugged her. Mr. Weasley patted her on the back and behind him stood Percy, Charlie, Bill and Fleur. Holly looked around hesitantly for the Weasley twins but instead felt something by her thigh. Gryphon looked up at her lovingly and Holly bent down instantly hugging and patting him.

“That’s a good dog right there”

Holly looked up in shock. Either she was seeing double or both twins were alive!

“Fred!” Holly felt tears well up in her eyes.

“Couldn’t get rid of me that easily” Fred said coming up and hugging her. George came up behind Fred.

“Gryphon was absolutely amazing Hol, he barked and barked when he heard my voice and helped me find ol’ Freddie here” Holly and Mrs. Weasley winced at George’s choice nickname for his brother. He ignored it and continued, “Of course, he needed a bit more patching up so we brought him to the Great Hall between battles, but he’s all set.” Holly hugged both twins at once.

“I’m so happy you’re all safe” She exclaimed.

“As am I, never thought I’d owe my life to a Malfoy” Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy had joined the group. Mr. Weasley regarded them politely and continued explaining to Holly, “Lucius here stopped a fellow Death Eater from cursing me behind my back. I’d probably be dead if it weren’t for him”

“Not fellow Death Eater anymore,” Lucius corrected Mr. Weasley. Narcissa smiled weakly beside her husband. Holly looked proudly at the couple; they had proved their worth for sure. Suddenly her eyes widened. Narcissa caught Holly’s eye and directed her gaze to something behind Holly’s back.

Holly silent spun on the spot and her breath caught. A figure was walking towards them followed by a massive dog. The pair was walking in front of the sunlight so all anyone could make out were their outlines. The man could have been disfigured or barely a spirit and Holly still would know who he was.

Draco Malfoy walked cautiously towards the group and Holly. She felt like she was going to faint. It only took one look of reassurance that she wouldn’t yell at him again and he was instantly in her arms. Holly felt on the brink of tears for a second time. The feeling of Draco being here with her, and alive even after all this, was too much to bear. The Boxador dog beside him broke their contact as he jumped up and but his front legs on Holly’s shoulders.

“Gr-Gryphon?!” Holly exclaimed. She looked around bewildered, “But how? What?”

Holly looked at the dog standing by Draco’s side and the one beside her. The Boxadors were the exactly same size and colouring but one was male and the other was one female.

“Guess we both had our own guard dogs this year” Draco said with a smile.

Holly spun around to look at Fred, “So Gryphon was with you the whole time until George came?” A nod of his head gave her the answer. Holly spun back and looked at the dog beside Draco, “So you’re the one who saved me?” The Boxador gave a small yip as if it was agreeing. Holly leaned in to pet her for its bravery while asking Draco, “When did you get her?”

“Right after the whole Tower escapade last year she showed up as a puppy at our door step. My parents let me keep her and I trained her all summer. I named her Phoenix because she’s pretty fiery” Draco explained. So the Boxadors had been delivered to their owners at around the same time, Gryphon had been dropped off at the pet store about a month before Holly had gotten there.

“Oh yes, this girl is definitely a fiery one, aren’t you girl” Holly asked Phoenix. Holly straightened up as Draco wrapped his arms around her again. She nestled herself under his chin as Professor McGonagall and Kingsley Shacklebolt addressed the crowd. Holly smiled across the circle at Harry with Ginny in his arms, standing beside Ron and Hermione who were holding hands. 

“Thank you to each and every one of you for fighting here. Hogwarts and the Wizarding World is free from Voldemort once and for all!” The crowd in the courtyard let out another outburst of cheers and joyful noises as Kingsley’s words.

McGonagall stepped in, “That being said, we have also lost many who were dear to us. Today should be spent healing, rejoicing, and mourning the ones who sacrificed their lives to make ours better.” The crowd nodded their heads grimly and started looking around for bodies of the deceased.

“Where’s Lavendar?” Pavarti asked shrilly. She pointed to the spot where her friend’s body had once laid, “She’s gone, someone moved her!”

“Same with Tonks and Lupin! They aren’t in the Great Hall anymore!” Someone else exclaimed.

The memories rushed back to Holly all at once. The bodies, the boathouse, Lavender’s body being fed on, body after body being trampled by the battle. Holly burst into tears and cried deeply in Draco’s shoulder. Through her tears she managed to get out ‘I moved them’

“What was that sweetie?” Draco said looking down at her.

McGonagall quickly hurried over to the pair, “Holly dear, what did you say? Do you know where they are?”

Holly moved her head away from Draco and nodded. Through fresh tears she explained what she had done and where she put them. With the help of Draco carrying her in his arms he, Holly, McGonagall, Kingsley and a few other adults made their way to the boat house. Holly unlocked the small cabin and immediately started to heave. The smell and sight of the bodies was too much. Holly had last track of how many she sent to the boathouse; they lined the walls and were piled up on each other. There wasn’t a square inch of the house that wasn’t taken; it had turned into a mausoleum.

“Oh my, er Draco, take Ms. Peters to the Great Hall.” McGonagall said quickly after seeing the scene.

“Actually Professor, its Potter now” Holly corrected her Head of House weakly.

McGonagall smiled warmly at Holly, “It’s always been Potter to me dear, I’m glad you feel the same. Now get up there and rest, you’ve done enough for a lifetime”

Draco made his way up the steps leading up to the castle. The broken castle loomed above them, looking more like an abandoned building than a school. Holly caught Draco staring at her and gave him a look.

“What are you thinking?” She asked him.

“Just that I’m so grateful you’re alive and so guilty and ashamed that I killed you”

Holly swatted him, “Draco! If I didn’t want you to kill me, I wouldn’t have let you! It had to happen for it to turn out like this.”

“So you knew you’d be able come back?” Draco asked seriously. He stopped on the stairs and looked her straight in the eyes.

Holly sighed, “Well no, I didn’t. It was all for the greater good”

“So the greater good is leaving me? To move on?” Draco prodded.

“No! I missed you terribly, actually while I was a sprit I had to see you one last time so I kissed your forehead while you were sitting on these very steps” Understanding suddenly dawned on Draco’s face at her words. Holly laughed and kissed him, “But we’ll get to all that later. All I want, is to be with you.”

“You’re so beautiful, I love you” Draco said kissing her cheek.

At this Holly let out a burst of laughter, “So you like the whole broken ribs, torn up shoulder, cut up skin, mangled leg, covered in blood and god knows what else, look?”

Draco’s eyes widened and he hastily started walking to the Great Hall again, “You need to see Madame Pomfrey right away!”

Holly smiled and put a hand on his chin, “I’m fine, really. We’re both alive and safe. The darkness is gone. I couldn’t be happier.” She said kissing him after every sentence.

They slowly made their way up to the castle this way, their Boxadors walking behind them wagging their tales as the great round sun reflected off the lake in the distance. Graves had to be dug, people to be mourned, and a castle to rebuild, but the worst was behind them. The dark colour hate had left was replaced by bright, vibrant, love. All was well. 

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