Allies vs. Enemies

[Sequel to 'The Unexpected Ally', final HP book told from a different POV] The journey to defeating Lord Voldemort continues as the group parts ways to find the Horcruxes. A young witch and her companion encounter danger around every corner and staying undetected proves harder than anticipated. The group questions the power of love as relationships are tested. Will the Dark in everyone be reviled or will the Light prevail?
(All plots and ideas are owned by the talent, inspiring J.K. Rowling. Some of the plot is familiar to many where other parts are the work my creative license) Enjoy!


17. The Battle of Hogwarts

Holly quickly ran to find a good vantage point to fight. As she ran through the castle she watched as the spells hitting the shield increased drastically in number. Holly found a balcony that had a good view of both the courtyard and the wooden bridge that the Snatchers were huddled around. Holly was feeling confident; the shield seemed to be holding. She smiled when she saw that the Death Eaters had stopped trying to attack it. Suddenly one intense spell hit the shield. Holly watched in horror as the shield started cracking and then fell around them. She knew that Voldemort had hit it, using the power of his stolen Elder Wand to break it.

The Death Eaters and Snatchers rushed into the Hogwarts grounds. Many were attacked by Professor Sprout’s plants and were momentarily stalled. The smart Death Eaters however, took flight; changing the same way Snape had in the Great Hall. They flew into Hogwarts, smashing through windows and attacking the people within. Holly’s blood ran cold as she heard screams echo through the halls.

Holly aimed at the black figures as they soared towards the castle and managed to Stun two or three. She smiled to herself at her handy work but ducked under the wall of the balcony as Death Eaters started aiming their curses her way. Holly ran back into the castle, Stunning a Death Eater who had just flown in. She waved her wand and suddenly her broom appeared. Mounting it, she flew out of the castle and around the grounds. Holly soared through the air, dodging various spells and curses that flew towards her. She saw that the front courtyard was getting the most heat; Voldemort’s giants were destroying her and Flitwick’s small army. As she stunned one of the giants in the eyes, it fell onto another. Disoriented, both giants fell into the abyss beneath the front bridge.


A great explosion turned Holly’s attention to the other bridge. She watched as Neville, Seamus and some other DA members celebrated. They had successfully blown up the wooden bridge, blocking the way for the Snatcher army and sending many of them down the abyss as well.


Holly flew straight into a giant on the bridge. She had been watching the celebration and not where she was going. As she hovered in place, trying to catch her breath, the giant raised his massive hand and sent her flying off of her broom. Holly desperately tried to land safely but couldn’t tell where she was. Her body hit the wall of the courtyard, and then bounced off hitting the ground hard. Holly’s head was spinning and couldn’t get adjusted. Suddenly she felt an icy cold draft swirling around her. She looked up in horror as the Dementor army started flying to the castle. Before Holly could react, she saw multiple Patronuses fly past her, sending the Dementors away. Holly jumped to her feet and turned around the see Aberforth and many DA members watch the progress of their Patronuses.

“Thanks!” Holly yelled so they could hear her over the battle. She ran up to Luna, “Have you seen Harry, Ron or Hermione?”

“They were on the seventh floor!” Luna called as she ran to help Pavarti take down a Death Eater.

Holly raced inside the castle, sending curses at the Death Eaters and protective charms around various students and staff. She ran up the stairs as jets of light narrowly missed her. When she came to the third floor landing she saw Tonks in ferocious battle with an unmasked Death Eater. She recognized him as Augustus Rookwood, the Ministry spy. Holly jumped behind Tonks as she saw other Death Eaters sneaking behind the duel. The two witches battled back to back, both waving their wands like swords. 

“Glisseo!” Holly cried. The stairs the Death Eaters were standing on suddenly turned smooth, sending them flying down into the battle below. Holly turned around and watched as Tonks silenced Rookwood and blasted him through an open window. Suddenly Ginny was with them, backing up while trying to take down an enormous spider. It seemed like Hagrid’s spider’s descendants had joined the fight. The three witches took down the spider quickly, aiming for one of its many eyes.

“Have you seen Remus?” Tonks shouted

“Last I saw him, he was dueling Dolohov” Ginny replied. Tonks sprinted down the stairs in search of her husband.

“Tonks! I’m sure he’s ok!” Ginny called after her.

Holly heard pounding feet and turned to see Harry, Ron and Hermione sprinting down the stairs.

“Harry!” Holly and Ginny ran over to the trio.

“Harry do you need me to help wit-“ Holly’s questions was cut off by screams and the sound of dueling above them.

“Stay here and fight.” Harry told Holly, “You’re one of the fest fighters we’ve got” Holly nodded and raced up the stairs with Ginny by her side. Harry’s words gave her a massive confidence boost and she ran into the fray with determination. The girls joined Dean, Percy Weasley and Seamus in their battle against a Death Eater, spider and a Giant. The Giant had put its arm through one of the castle’s broke windows as was swiping at the people within. As Holly sent a nicely directed spell at the Giant’s eye, causing him to withdraw his hand and run back into the Forest, she heard the unmistakably sound of hoofs on the stairs. Holly turned to see the Centaurs of the Forest join the battle. She turned back to watch Dean and Percy take down the spider while Seamus and Ginny stunned the Death Eater. Holly joined in their celebration but it was short lived.

Holly heard a rumbling sound that grew louder and louder until suddenly, her world was upside down. Holly and the others flew through the air as a Giant smashed through the wall. Holly tumbled and tumbled in the air, not knowing which was up or down. A piece of the castle hit her in mid-air and she felt an intense pain in her chest. She landed on the ground and narrowly avoided another piece of rubble as it hit the floor where she had been seconds before. Holly picked herself up gingerly and looked around. The others seemed to be unharmed; they slowly got up and rejoined the battle. As Holly ran after them, the pain in her chest grew; she knew she had broken a rib or two.

As she ran up the stairs, a frightened voice drew her attention to a small stairwell.

“Please don’t hurt me, I’m on your side!”

Holly watched in anger as Draco Malfoy pleaded with a Death Eater. Holly ran towards the pair, blasting the Death Eater against a wall, knocking him unconscious.

“Holly!” Draco cried, about to run towards her. He stopped when he saw the look of fury on her face.

“How dare you! Begging that monster to save you? You’re pathetic” Holly spat at Malfoy.

“I don’t have a wand though, I lost it in the Ro-“

“Does it look like I care where your mother’s wand is?! Take his for goodness sake” Holly said gesturing to the fallen Death Eater.  Holly turned at the sounds of screaming and when she turned back Malfoy had taken the Death Eater’s wand. She quickly ran up to him and aimed her wand at his throat.

“Be a man and pick a damn side. If you can’t, leave.” Holly said threateningly. She withdrew her wand and started to walk away. She was a few feet away when suddenly she turned back and kissed him hard on his lips. “Stay safe” She whispered and ran away to the battle.

“Holly wait!” She heard Draco cry behind her. She refused his request and kept running.

As Holly ran through an empty corridor she saw three girls huddled in the corner obviously terrified. They were just outside of a balcony that had a perfect view of the courtyard. Holly could tell they were placed her strategically but were too terrified to fight.

“Hey you lot, where’s your fighting spirit?” Holly asked them.

“W-we keep getting shot at” One of them stuttered, “we’re trying to help but a-after Linda got hit we lost our motivation” Holly looked down the hall to where the girl was pointing and saw a body of a girl lying in a corner. She took a deep breath and addressed the girls again.

“I know it’s hard but we have to keep fighting. We have to avenge Linda’s and everyone else’s death. If you send a spell then immediately hide again, they won’t know where you are. Here, watch me” Holly walked out to the balcony, bent over so the wall would hide her. She quickly straightened up, sent a Stunning spell at a spider and then ducked down and walked back out to the hallway.

“See? Sneak attack” Holly said smiling at the girls. They looked at each other and then at their friend’s body. Before Holly could say anything else, the girls ran to the balcony and shouted, “CONFRINGO!” A spider on the courtyard burst into flames and disintegrated into dust at the force of the three witches.

“Great job!” Holly called to the girls. She left them feeling confident that they got their fight back in them. Holly looked ahead of her and saw Percy, Fred, and Ginny race past her into another hallway.

As Holly ran to catch up with them, she heard an intense explosion hit the castle again. Her heart in her throat, Holly sprinted to the corridor. She saw Ginny fly through the air, only to be caught by an unsuspecting Hagrid. The pair disappeared from sight as they ran down the stairs to the Entrance Hall.

“ROOKWOOD!” Percy’s bull-like roar echoed off the halls as he ran towards the fleeing Death Eater. Holly looked desperately for Fred but failed to see him anywhere. She closed her eyes briefly to avoid thinking the worst when a loud BARK caused her to look around for her Boxador. Holly ran towards the pile of rubble that had been a castle wall. The cold air from outside blew in, swirling the dust. As Gryphon’s barks grew quieter, Holly’s attempt to reach him intensified.

“Diffindo! Diminuendo! Evanesce!” She cried. Eventually Holly made a path and found Gryphon. Her blood ran ice cold when she saw where Gryphon was. Fred…or Fred’s body –Holly was praying it wasn’t the latter- was lying under a piece of the castle, unmoving. Gryphon was desperately trying to revive him, licking his face, nibbling on his ears and fingers. Holly rushed over and tried to find a pulse on Fred. She found a faint on his neck but it was fading fast.

“Vulnera Sanentur, Vulnera Sanentur, Vulnera Sanentur” Holly whispered as she waved her wand over Fred’s body. His pulse didn’t change.

“Fred! No! You can’t die, you can’t!” Holly cried, “Ditaneous! Vulentur!” Holly’s healing spells seemed to make no effect on Fred. Overcome with grief Holly fell onto his body. Gryphon came to lie beside her. She felt his tail hit her multiple times until she realized he was wagging it.

“No Gryph, this isn’t a happy moment” She told him and she got up again, “C’mon we have to go now.” Gryphon refused to leave Fred’s body. He growled at her as she walked away.

“What? He’s dead. He’s not coming back” Holly said sternly. Gryphon barked at her, causing Holly to be taken aback.  As she walked back to Gryphon she saw something move. Deciding it was the trick of the lights, Holly ignored what she thought she saw. As Holly reached Gryphon she heard a faint noise.

“ugh, put me back in coach, don’t count me out”

Holly’s mouth opened in pure shock as Fred moved his head and opened his eyes.

“Fred! You’re alive!”

“All thanks to you Hol, thought I was a goner until I felt Gryph’s tounge and heard your voice” Fred said weakly. He tried to get up but Holly stopped him.

“Oh no, you aren’t going anywhere.” Holly levitated Fred and put him in a secret passageway, a door pretending to be a wall, “You’re going to stay right here and rest, Gryphon will stay with you and protect you”

Fred nodded and patted Gryphons head as he laid beside him. As Holly walked out to the corridor, she looked back where the two figures were concealed.

‘They’ll be ok’ She reassured herself. Holly took a deep breath and rejoined the battle.

Author’s Note: Yes, I know. I strayed from the original plotline. Fred's death was the most shocking for me after Dobby’s so I made him live in my variation. I’m a sucker for happy endings. 

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