Allies vs. Enemies

[Sequel to 'The Unexpected Ally', final HP book told from a different POV] The journey to defeating Lord Voldemort continues as the group parts ways to find the Horcruxes. A young witch and her companion encounter danger around every corner and staying undetected proves harder than anticipated. The group questions the power of love as relationships are tested. Will the Dark in everyone be reviled or will the Light prevail?
(All plots and ideas are owned by the talent, inspiring J.K. Rowling. Some of the plot is familiar to many where other parts are the work my creative license) Enjoy!


8. Snatchers

After the failed attempt at finding Harry, Holly had been hesitant to try and find him with the radio. She went back to her regular method of finding a Muggle paper and trying to find information that could point back to wizards. After a few weeks of this, to no avail, Holly caved. She pulled out her own radio, not the small one, from her clutch.

‘It’s time to try that Potterwatch program Lupin was talking about’ Holly thought.  

After trying a few key words like Lupin had taught her –Hogwarts, Phoenix- finally she caught it at the key word Albus. Holly started at the radio expectantly and it didn’t disappoint.

“-not  being Rodent, no way, I told you I wanted to be Rapier!” A familiar voice filled the tent as Holly came in mid-program.

“Gryph! It’s Fred!” Holly exclaimed. Gryphon hurried over from where he was sleeping, he too was familiar with Fred’s voice.

They both listened closely to what Fred was saying. He told the listeners that even though Voldemort had been possibly seen abroad, they should still be worried; he could be at any place at any time. Fred then softened the serious conversation with a few jokes. Holly laughed at Fred’s joke about Snape’s greasy hair. She missed the twin’s joking around but was very grateful they were still alive and unharmed. Hearing a familiar voice made Holly long to find Harry once and for all. She pulled out her small radio and clicked it on. Before she could speak into it however, a voice emerged from the speaker.

“so determined not to admit it? Vol-“ Holly hastily turned the radio off.

She had heard Harry’s voice and he had just about said the Tabooed name; he and whoever he was with would be in danger very soon. Holly rushed to take down the tent and pack up her belongings. She spoke into the radio and the light moved to her head again. Without a moment to loose, Holly knew where Harry was.

“C’mon Gryph, time to go!” Holly told her dog.

The pair Apparated to a forested hillside. Holly scanned the expanse of land desperately, trying to find Harry or the others. Suddenly she saw a group of large men in a valley. She and Gryphon snuck down closer to see what was going on. As they hid behind a large boulder Holly could see that the group of Snatchers had cornered two figures and had captured one. Instantly Holly knew it was Harry, Ron, and Hermione. The flaming red, bushy brown and jet-black hair stood out even from where Holly was crouching.

Holly formed a plan quickly in her mind. She turned her body to Apparate when she heard a few voices shouting. Already in motion, she disappeared from the forest with a loud CRACK. The shouting voices just made her urgency double. She appeared just outside of Fred and George’s flat in Diagon Alley. Holly opened the door and brought Gryph inside. She hastily scribbled a note of explanation for the twins and told Gryphon to stay and that she’d be back soon. Holly needed to be able to move on her own and didn’t want Gryphon getting hurt in battle if there was one. She petted the dog’s head, stepped out of the flat, and disappeared within seconds.

When she returned back to the forest where the trio was being cornered, she was surprised and dismayed. She couldn't see a single soul in sight. Holly put a hand to her head in defeat; she had failed Harry, she couldn’t protect him.


Holly was hit by something hard on her back. She was flung to the ground, unable to move.

“Ahh, I thought I heard something back here. Looks like you crashed our party missy.” A voice from behind Holly said.

She felt rough hands pick her up and bind her hands together and her fallen wand picked up. She was turned around and saw a pair of Snatchers had come from behind her on the hillside. Holly internally cursed herself for not Apparating further away.

“What do we do with her? Ministry?” the smaller Snatcher asked the larger one.

“Nah, we’ll take her with the rest of the lot, she could have been with them.”, the large one replied, “Greyback thinks we may have caught Potter and his friends”

Holly’s heart fell to the pit of her stomach at the Snatcher’s words. Now they were all in danger, all because Holly had acted quickly and without thinking. The Snatchers pushed Holly forward, laughing when she fell. She scraped her face by falling on a broken tree branch; she felt the blood fall onto her scarf. The Snatchers made her walk a few hundred feet before they finally Disapparated into the air.

When they landed, Holly immediately fell forward as the Snatchers relinquished their hold on her. She fell onto a wrought-iron gate, feeling the cold touch of metal on her skin. The Snatchers pushed open the gate and prodded Holly forward. She blinked through blood, tears, and sweat to see that they were walking through high cedar hedges and before them was a massive mansion. Holly could faintly see that some rooms were alit, figures walking by that cast shadows on her and the Snatchers.

They reached the front doors and another Snatcher met them on the steps.

“Greyback, we caught her, just like you said” The smaller Snatcher said to the figure before him.

“Very good Scabior,” the Snatcher called Greyback said. He leaned in close to Holly, sniffing her hair, “My my, you are a pretty one aren’t you girlie? Be a good girl and maybe they’ll go easy on you. Maybe even give you to me as a reward”

Chills ran down Holly’s spine at his words.  Before she could say anything, she was thrust inside and the doors slammed behind her, locking her in complete darkness with the savage werewolf Death Eater.

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