Allies vs. Enemies

[Sequel to 'The Unexpected Ally', final HP book told from a different POV] The journey to defeating Lord Voldemort continues as the group parts ways to find the Horcruxes. A young witch and her companion encounter danger around every corner and staying undetected proves harder than anticipated. The group questions the power of love as relationships are tested. Will the Dark in everyone be reviled or will the Light prevail?
(All plots and ideas are owned by the talent, inspiring J.K. Rowling. Some of the plot is familiar to many where other parts are the work my creative license) Enjoy!


9. Malfoy Manor

Holly stood completely still. She could hear Greyback moving about and cringed when she felt his breath on her neck. Holly braced herself for his touch when suddenly the room was flooded with light. Holly looked up as a figure of a stout balding man moved into the doorframe.

“Ah Wormtail, perfect timing as always” Greyback told the figure.

“T-they would like the other prisoner in the great room Greyback” The man called Wormtail stuttered.

Holly was led across the large room and down a hallway. It was lined with pictures and paintings of people and art. Greyback pushed Holly to the end of the hallway and knocked on the door. It immediately opened and Holly looked up to see a mid-aged blonde woman who looked very familiar. Suddenly Holly remembered; the woman was Draco’s mother. Holly had seen her picture in the Prophet, in an article about her Death Eater husband, Lucius. Holly thought quickly and then acted on her plan.

“Finally!” Holly told Narcissa, “This this ANIMAL thinks I’m a Mudblood! Please tell him to release me at once!”

Narcissa narrowed her eyes a Holly, “And why on earth should I believe you?”

“My grandfather was a pureblood. This man has no right treating me this way! I demand respect” Holly said.

At her words, Narcissa Malfoy hesitated in the act of pulling Holly’s arm through the doorway. “Pureblood? What was his last name?”

Holly thought quickly then said a common last name, “Smith. His last name was Smith.”

Narcissa pondered over her words the called out, “Wormtail! Fetch the pureblood family trees, now!” After a few strained moments, Wormtail arrived carrying a few scrolls of parchment. Narcissa looked at each of them very carefully before addressing Holly again.

“There is a Smith one here but he died quite some time ago with no heirs.” She sneered at Holly.

“He had an illegitimate daughter who in turn married a filthy Mudblood.” Holly retorted, “They had me and my grandfather took me under his wing and raised me away from them.”

“Half-blood then,” Narcissa said, “Still not good enough.”

“You can’t choose your parents!” Holly said, desperately trying on last attempt, “Please ma’am, is there any way to become pure again? I don’t want my children to live like I had to. I hate my parents for giving me their blood!”

Narcissa looked down at Holly coldly. ‘There may be a way’ she muttered under her breath. To Holly she said, “What did you say your name was my dear?”

Holly thought quickly and said, “Glenda, my name is Glenda”

Narcissa nodded in agreement at Holly’s chosen name, “Strong and beautiful, might be a good match.”

Holly’s heart dropped at Narcissa’s words but showed an air of calmness as she followed her through the doorway. The blonde witches walked together into a great room, bigger than the ones Holly had just been in. The purple room, complete with a crystal chandelier and roaring fireplace, was filled with a number of people. Holly just made out the figures of Harry and Ron before they were pushed down a set of stairs by a Snatcher. She saw Bellatrix walking slowly towards Hermione with her wand drawn. Two blonde men were standing by the fireplace watching Bellatrix about to play with her prey.

Narcissa cleared her throat, “Bella, they caught the other one.”

“Put it downstairs with the rest of them Cissy” Bellatrix replied without turning away from Hermione. Holly saw out of the corner of her eye that the men had turned to her and Narcissa. Holly kept her eyes looking straight ahead, willing herself not to look at Narcissa’s family.

“But Bella, look at her. I think we’ve found a perfect match for Draco.” At Narcissa’s words Holly’s heart jumped to her throat. Bellatrix turned to her and stared her down.

“I thought we couldn’t find any other purebloods his age that are suitable for him?” Bellatrix asked, narrowing her eyes at Holly.

“Her grandfather was pureblood, I checked. She’s a Half-blood but pureblood runs in her veins. She wants her children to be pureblood or closest to it.”

Bellatrix still wasn’t convinced, “And what is your outlook on Mudbloods dearie?” she asked Holly.

Holly stared Bellatrix right back in the eye and said, “I think they’re Muggles who stole some of our magic. It’s genetically impossible for them to have magical abilities; they’re mutants, freaks of nature. They should die without reproducing.”

A wicked smile grew on Bellatrix’s face at Holly’s words, “Excellent excellent, come here sweetie and meet your new fiancée.”

Holly braced herself as Bellatrix led her to where Draco and his father were standing. Lucius gave her an awkward hug and looked at his wife in relief. When Lucius moved aside, Draco was standing directly behind him. He stared at Holly in fear. He was very pale, paler than he had ever been before including the night on the Astronomy Tower. There were harsh lines on his face and he looked like he hadn't seen the sun or sleep in weeks. Holly could feel Bellatrix’s eyes on her so she extended her hand to Draco.

“Pleasure to meet you, I’m Glenda” Holly told Draco with a slight smile of reassurance. It took Draco a few seconds but he recovered from his shock and shook her hand. Bellatrix led Holly to stand beside Draco and put his arm around her waist posing them as the adults stood in front of the pair.

“Look how pure they look!” Bellatrix exclaimed.

“Perfect matching, good work Narcissa” Lucius said in agreement. Draco’s mother nodded, smiling at the couple that stood before her.

“And Glenda, are you happy with the arrangement?” Narcissa asked.

Holly nodded, “Yes ma’am, couldn’t be happier. This makes up for what that horrid man called me earlier”

“What happened sweetie?” Bellatrix asked.

Holly scrunched up her face in disgust, “He called me a Mudblood. I’ve never been so offended in my life!”

“A MUDBLOOD!” Bellatrix screeched. She turned to Greyback and stunned him. His body fell against the floor with a loud BANG. Holly cringed internally but showed no emotion to the Malfoy family.

“That reminds me, I have a Mudblood on my floor right now” Bellatrix cackled, turning back to Hermone’s figure on the ground. She drew a knife from her belt and advanced on Hermione. Hermione’s screams echoed through the room and Holly flinched in Draco’s arm. He tightened his grip on her waist, a small reassurance that wouldn’t be noticed by his parent.

“I KNOW YOU STOLE IT” Bellatrix screeched, “FILTHY LITTLE MUDBLOOD” Bellatrix continued to torture Hermione, slitting her skin in different areas. Hermione continuously told Bellatrix that she didn’t steal the sword and that they had found it in a forest.

“LIAR!” Bellatrix drew her wand and started carving the word Mudblood into Hermione’s arm. Holly could hear shouting from below her in response to Hermione’s tortured screams.

It was too much for Holly to take. She walked out of Draco’s grip to where Bellatrix was just finishing the d on Hermione’s skin. “I believe her”

Bellatrix slowly raised herself up from the floor  and turned to meet Holly’s eye, “Oh do you?”

Holly mustered up some courage and replied, “Yes, I do. She’s a weak Mudblood. No one would go through that much torture and not give up the information they have. I don’t think she’s lying.”

“I-it’s a copy” Hermione’s frail voice caused both women to turn around, “It’s not the real one”

“Copy?! Wormtail fetch the goblin” Bellatrix ordered.

Holly felt a pair of hands pull her backwards. She turned to see Lucius Malfoy leading her away from his deranged sister-in-law and back to where he and his family were standing. Holly looked at Draco and saw that he was completely terrified. She stood beside him and he squeezed her hand quickly before his parents saw. Holly felt the coldness of metal and looked down at Draco’s hand. A silver ring engraved with a dragon and the initials DM was on one of his fingers. Holly’s heart beat rapidly at the sight of her Christmas present to Draco. She quietly played with the chain around her neck, hoping he would look over and see. She quickly glanced at Draco and saw that he was looking at a far wall, a smile playing on his lips. Bellatrix’s screeches brought them back to what was unfolding in front of them.

“It is a fake” the goblin in front of Bellatrix was saying

“It is? Then it’s time to call the Dark Lord!” Bellatrix touched her left arm with a finger. Everyone in the room tensed, Lucius and Narcissa held each other close, Draco grabbed Holly’s hand, no longer worrying about his parents.

“NOOOOOO” Holly looked to the far side of the room and saw Ron hurtling towards Bellatrix, no wand in his hands. She saw Harry quickly follow Ron and he stunned Lucius Malfoy in the chest. Holly watched as Draco’s father fell with a harsh THUD on the floor beside her. Holly saw a bundle of wands lying on a chair beside her. She looked at Draco, longing to kiss him and tell him that everything would be alright. She quickly kissed his cheek then grabbed the wands from the chair.

“Here!” Holly said as she flung Ron’s wand to him. She looked desperately for Harry’s wand but couldn’t find it. The twins shared a quick glance then Harry raced past her. Ron and Holly turned to Bellatrix, ready to duel. They stopped in their tracks when they saw her holding Hermione at knifepoint.

“STOP! Stop or she dies!” Holly could see beads of blood appearing on Hermione’s neck and immediately dropped her wand and the rest of the pile to the floor. She heard Ron’s do the same with a loud clunk on the floor.

Bellatrix opened her mouth to say something else but before she could get the words out, there was a loud CRASH as the crystal chandelier fell on top of Bellatrix, Hermione and the goblin. Shards of glass went everywhere, Holly felt her arm sting from the blow; she had shielded her face as the last second. She looked around the room and saw that others had not done the same. Draco and his family were doubled over, clutching their faces with their blood covered hands.

Holly looked around at the others and saw that they were fine. She grabbed her wand from the floor and raced over to the bleeding family. She unstuned Lucius and grabbed Narcissa’s and Draco’s hands. She led them through a door to their right, Lucius right behind them. She ran away from the great room with the Malfoy family and didn’t stop until she they had reached a spare room. Holly waved her wand over Draco and watched as his deepest cuts started to heal themselves.

“Draco, you help your father and I’ll fix your mum.” Holly told Draco.

“I can’t” Holly turned to him at his reply with a questioning look on her face.

“Potter took my wand from me” Draco answered her unasked question.

“It’s ok Draco, take mine” Narcissa said, passing her wand to her son. Holly and Draco healed his parents just in time to hear Bellatrix’s shrieks elevate.


Narcissa turned to Holly, “You’d better get out of here, she’ll blame you. I doubt you’d survive the hour.”

 Draco took Holly’s hand at his mother’s words. Narcissa glanced at it and seemed to understand. “Draco, she needs to leave, for her own safety.”

“I never wanted her to stay! I didn’t even want her to be here!” Draco’s replied. He turned to Holly, “Why did you come here? Didn’t we agree it was too dangerous for us to see each other?”

Holly let out a quick laugh, “You think I came here by choice?! I think you forgot that I was dragged here against my will by that animal”

“Fine, just stay far away from here and anyone associated with You-Know-Who” Draco warned Holly. She moved to kiss him quickly on the cheek but he moved his head at the last second. Their lips touched briefly but in that moment, Holly swore fireworks erupted. Holly turned to Draco’s parents, blushing slightly.

“Thank you for helping us” Narcissa said, “If we get through this, I’d love to have you as a daughter-in-law.” Holly’s blush grew deeper but she paled again at the sound of Bellatrix’s shrieks.

Lucius beckoned Holly to come with him to the balcony, “Quickly now,” He whispered, “The Dark Lord will be here soon.”

Holly stood on the balcony, ready to Apparate. She looked at Draco one last time, and then closed her eyes. She hoped her unsaid words were enough to get him through what was to come. The Dark Lord would be furious when he arrived. Holly took a deep breath and twisted into nothingness, leaving Malfoy Manor behind. 

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