Allies vs. Enemies

[Sequel to 'The Unexpected Ally', final HP book told from a different POV] The journey to defeating Lord Voldemort continues as the group parts ways to find the Horcruxes. A young witch and her companion encounter danger around every corner and staying undetected proves harder than anticipated. The group questions the power of love as relationships are tested. Will the Dark in everyone be reviled or will the Light prevail?
(All plots and ideas are owned by the talent, inspiring J.K. Rowling. Some of the plot is familiar to many where other parts are the work my creative license) Enjoy!


4. History Lesson

Holly felt her sides being pressed together and she felt like her ribcage was going to crack. She tried to breathe but there was no air. She began to feel lightheaded and she fell against the arm that held onto her. The last thing Holly could remember was touching down on solid ground, hearing Gryphon bark and a bright orange light flash in her eyes before she fell into darkness once again.

Holly opened her eyes a few moments later to find herself lying on a couch. She gingerly raised herself on one arm and looked at her surroundings. She was in a small living room that branched out into a small kitchen. The living room had two chairs, radio and various boxes for decoration. She herself was laying a small loveseat couch with a wet towel on her forehead. Holly raised a hand to take off the cloth and put it on a side table next to her.

“Ah you awake!” The voice came from behind a wall off to the side of the living room. George Weasley smiled down at Holly and called back to his twin, “Oi! Fred! Fainty here woke up!”

George’s twin entered the room as well, dropping the puppy that he had been holding to the floor. Gryphon hurried over to Holly and jumped on the couch. Fred pointed his wand at Gryphon and said a counterspell to Silenco. Holly looked at him questioningly.

“You’ve got yourself a real guard dog” Fred answered her unspoken question, “Wouldn’t stop barking once you fainted.” Holly looked down at the little puppy and petted him lovingly.

“Well that’s what you get when one person isn’t expecting to Apparate” Holly retorted back. Her smile suddenly left her face when she remembered why they were forced to disappear. “What happened? Have you heard any news? Is everyone ok?”

George held up a hand to silence her, “Dad sent us a message saying that everyone was fine there.” George glanced at his brother quickly before adding, “He also told us that Death Eaters had been watching all of them and that they would probably come here to see us soon.” Holly had a hard time swallowing what he had just told her.

She stood up quickly, “I have to leave.”  Being in their flat meant she was putting the twins in danger. Fred and George quickly held up their hands.

“No you can’t!”

“It’s too dangerous for you to leave”

“It’s also dangerous for both of you if I stay.” Holly replied, “I have a safe location Dumbledore told me about. I won’t tell you where it is, just to be safe” The twins thought about this for a second, the nodded in agreement.

“Ok well, what supplies do you need? You probably should move around from time to time, just in case” George asked Holly. She smiled and raised her black clutch.

“Everything I need is in here”. The boys nodded appreciably at her handiwork. George got some non-perishable food from the kitchen for her to start off with.

“Good luck” George said, hugging her.

“Be safe” Fred added, hugging her after his twin, “Come here if you need anything, just don’t let anyone see you” He added. The twins had cast a Fidelius Charm on their flat above their shop and had told Holly exactly where it was so she could find it again. Holly waved goodbye to the twins as she Disapparated just outside their door, holding Gryphon tightly.

The next few weeks went by faster than Holly wanted them to. When she Apparated in Tutshill Wales she immediately went to the real estate agency Dumbledore had mentioned in his note. She was quickly given the keys and had ventured to her new home. She had discovered that Arthur Abbott had purchased a home for her along the outskirts of town, not too close but not too far away from her neighbours. The quaint bungalow was already fully furnished and Holly could see that an Anti-Dust spell had been placed on the house. Holly’s eyes watered slightly at the kindness of her adoptive father. Although she had said it many times, she never showed him how grateful she was for taking her in before he died.

Holly had immediately went into town – after giving herself brown hair, freckles and brown eyes- and bought various groceries for her and Gryphon. She had been making dinner for herself one night, reflecting on the past events when suddenly she remembered something. The knife she was using to cut carrots –she was keeping a low profile, no magic- slipped and she cut her finger. She cursed at herself and quickly healed her wound. Holly leaned against the counter, deep in thought.

She had been remembering the night that Dumbledore died. Harry and Holly had been standing side by side. Holly almost lost it seeing Draco, the would-be-assassin standing above her. Harry had grabbed her hand and…nothing. No internal force backwards, not push, not even a spark. Holly kicked herself for not thinking about it sooner. The night at The Burrow, the force had been there, pushing her back when she touched Harry. ‘What is this magic?’ Holly thought to herself.

So Holly was currently reading one of her many books, hoping to find some sort of magic that mirrored what Harry and Holly had. She was halfway through her books when Holly stopped herself. Dumbledore had only been concerned about finding and destroying the Horcruxes, he had failed to mention anything about The Push as Holly had taken to calling it.

“Push or Horcruxes? Push or Horcruxes?” Holly muttered to herself. Gryphon looked up at her from his place by the fire. Looking at him, Holly decided where her path should lead. She spoke to Gryphon, “Dumbledore led me to you, he was a wise man and must have known what was more important. I’ll search for the Horcruxes and if I find any information about The Push, then it will be an added bonus”.

Holly grabbed a piece of scrap paper and made a list

Diary X Ring X Necklace Cup Something of Ravenclaw’s? Something of Gryffindor's  

Holly put X’s by the Horcruxes that had already been destroyed. In one of their lessons Dumbledore and Holly had guessed that the necklace and cup were also turned into Horcruxes once Riddle got hold of them. Dumbledore had also mentioned the fact that Riddle was very close with Hogwarts. That’s how she had seen the pattern and guessed that Riddle would have something valuable from each of the founders. The obvious Gryffindor/Slytherin rivalry would make Riddle not seek out something of Gryffindor’s but Holly wasn’t ruling it out.  Now it was just the matter of finding the objects.

One night while flipping through her copy of Hogwarts; A History, Holly realized what the item of Ravenclaw’s could be. In the book it stated:

The Lost Diadem of Ravenclaw: Rowena Ravenclaw’s renowned possession, which was said to give the wearer enhanced wisdom, was stolen by her daughter, Helena Ravenclaw. It is unknown where the diadem is to this present day. Helena took the information with her to her grave.

-source: Anthony Agrippa


The source’s last name stirred something in Holly’s brain. She pulled out the notes she had taken last year about the History of Magic. ‘Aha!’ Holly thought. There in her notes read:

Cornelius Agrippa- 1486-1535

-famous author, wrote about magic and wizards and was imprisoned for this.

‘Anthony must be a descendent’ Holly decided, ‘Maybe it’s time for a visit to Mr. Agrippa’. She used a spell similar to the Four-Point-Spell and her wand let out a beam of light projecting on a nearby map. This would show where A.A was currently living. Holly was shocked to see it was just one town over from Tutshill.

The next morning Holly called for Gryphon and placed him in a carrying purse she had just conjured. The two of them set off for the home of Anthony Agrippa. Holly was optimistic but careful at the same time. Voldemort may have planned for someone to find Cornelius’ descendent and laid a trap. Holly made her way until she found a charming little house at the far edge of town. The spell she had cast indicated that this was the right house. She knocked on the door and took a deep breath. She was met by an elderly man with grey curly hair at the door.

“Uhm hello there, are you Anthony Agrippa?” She asked carefully.

The man looked her up and down before responding, “Yes, who wants to know?”

Surprised by his bluntness Holly replied, “Oh Hi, my name is Olga Pruitt. I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions about what you wrote in Hogwarts; A History?”

At her words, the only man smiled and gestured for her to come in. Holly found herself in a quaint old living room full of books and maps. She took the seat that Anthony had drawn for her and politely took a cup of tea.

“My my it’s been some time since anyone asked me about that writing” Anthony Agrippa said, “All they want to hear is how my sister went crazy and started hexing those Muggles”

Holly nodded politely and hastened to get onto a happier subject, “Yes sir, I was wondering if you could tell me anything you know about The Lost Diadem of Ravenclaw?”

The elderly man clapped his hands, “Ohhh yes, that is a one.” Holly waited patiently as he took a sip of his tea before beginning, “As a youth I sought out the diadem, as much as anyone else my age. Enhanced wisdom, a lost artifact, it was everyone’s dream to be the one who found it. I searched across the country, trying to pick up any loose ends that had become of the long ago story. Cornelius Agrippa had told all of us the stories he had heard of when he was a boy. No one has ever came close to finding it, everyone had the same information!”  At this, the man leaned in closer to Holly, as if he was about to tell her a secret.

“But they didn’t know what I knew” he said smirking slightly, “In my days at Hogwarts, I was on special speaking terms with one particular ghost. In my youth I had a knack for getting lost in the castle halls. The Ravenclaw ghost took pity on me and helped me find my way. In return, I would find her and converse with her. She was very lonely, the Grey Lady was. One day she reviled to me that her real name was Helena Ravenclaw!” Anthony Agrippa smiled as Holly’s face displayed a look of surprise. “Yes, yes Helena! In the Castle all this time. She then preceded to tell me that she had stolen the Diadem, ran to Albania, only to be discovered by the Bloody Baron. He was obsessed with her and when she refused to come with him he stabbed her. He was so overcome with grief at what he had done, he killed himself. So, I suspected that the diadem would be somewhere in Albania. Alas, I couldn’t find it and retreated to becoming an author…”

Holly had ceased to listen to Anthony’s talk about his various books. She was thinking hard. The last whisperings of Voldemort had been in an Albanian forest. Holly’s heard dropped, dismayed; he most likely found the diadem and moved it to a more secure place. Holly thanked Anthony for his time and the tea. When his back was turned, Holly whispered 'Obliviate'. She felt bad for the elderly man but it would be safer for both of them if he forgot the conversation happened.


Holly traveled back to her house, somewhat put off that she didn't discover where the diadem was presently, but satisfied it wasn’t a total waste of time. Later that night, around 11:30, Holly was awoken from sleep by Gryphon’s growling. She got out of bed cautiously with her wand drawn. Gryphon led her out of her bedroom and to the front door. His growling rose in volume as they drew closer to the door. Holly’s arm shook slightly in her pajama top as she reached to open the curtains of the front window to see what was outside. Her hand was about an inch from the fabric when BAM the front door slammed open. Holly held Gryphon back by his collar as they made their way to the open door. She froze in fear as she saw a hooded figure walk over the threshold and turned faced her, his wand raised.

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