Allies vs. Enemies

[Sequel to 'The Unexpected Ally', final HP book told from a different POV] The journey to defeating Lord Voldemort continues as the group parts ways to find the Horcruxes. A young witch and her companion encounter danger around every corner and staying undetected proves harder than anticipated. The group questions the power of love as relationships are tested. Will the Dark in everyone be reviled or will the Light prevail?
(All plots and ideas are owned by the talent, inspiring J.K. Rowling. Some of the plot is familiar to many where other parts are the work my creative license) Enjoy!


5. Family Tree

Holly braced herself for attack as the figure started to move. She was somewhat confused when the figure closed the door and turned back to her.


Suddenly the living room was filled with the light that came from the figure’s wand. He dropped his hood back and Holly saw it was Remus Lupin. Despite the familiar faces, neither person lowered their wand.

“What is something only the real Lupin would know about me?” Holly asked the Lupin look-a-like.

“You were raised by Arthur Abbott, a friend of Dumbledore’s. The only people who know this are in the Order of the Phoenix, an organization that convened recently at the home of the Weasleys” Lupin lowered his wand and smiled slightly at Holly, “You also had a Quaffle shaped cake at your birthday celebration”

At this Holly lowered her wand as well and let go of Gryphon’s collar. The dog rushed towards Lupin, earning himself a good pat. Holly turned on the light switch and invited Lupin to sit with her in the living room.

“How did you find me?” She asked. The house was protected by the Fidelius Charm, Anti-Muggle Charm and other various enchantments that should make it impossible to find.

“Dumbledore told me the address of the house before his death.” Lupin replied. His rubbed his heavily lined, pale face, wearily.

“What’s been happening?” Holly didn’t want to prod but she had been without contact with anyone for many weeks. She offered Lupin a cup of coffee which he greatly accepted.

“Harry, Ron and Hermione at Sirius’ house in London. The Ministry has sent out a warrant for Harry’s arrest for the murder of Albus Dumbledore. I know I know, he didn’t do it!” He said at the look of aghast on Holly’s face, “They’re trying all the tricks to get Harry out in the open, even the not so brilliant ones”

Lupin continued, “No one at the wedding were harmed, Death Eaters entered the houses of everyone in the Order. Destroyed Tonks’ parents’ house. Used the Cruciatus Curse on Fred and George Weasley when the Death Eaters went to their shop. All unharmed, little shaken, but alright. It seems like they were only looking for Harry, no mention of you.” Lupin reassured her.

Holly’s stomach tied in knots when he spoke of the torture the twins endured for her and Harry. Lupin then told her about the Muggleborn registry the Ministry had set up, the mandatory attendance to Hogwarts which Snape was now Headmaster of and the radio station that had been set up to inform people what was actually happening called Potterwatch. He also told her that Tonks and he were expecting a baby.

At the last piece of information Holly raised an eyebrow, “So, while she’s sitting at home pregnant, you’ve been off being dangerous and finding us?”

Lupin held up a hand, “Harry has already knocked some sense into me. I had tried to find them to help them with whatever Dumbledore had given them to do.” Holly squirmed slightly at his words, it seemed as though Dumbledore had only entrusted four people with his information on defeating Voldemort.

Lupin continued, not seeing Holly’s discomfort, “Anyways, before he passed away Dumbledore had asked me to keep an eye on you and help you with anything you needed. What are your plans?”

Holly thought for a moment before answering. “Well actually, I was wondering if you had any idea about the magic behind Harry and mine’s weird repulsion towards each other? Or do you know where I could find information about it?”

“Well, I’ve never heard of it before. But you could come with me and ask Tonks’ mother, Andromeda. She studied magical lineage back in the day. If anyone would know about it, she would”

Holly agreed. She had longed to rejoin the wizarding world and this was her chance. She knew Dumbledore would be looking down on her, disappointed, but she promised herself after this one detour, she would continue her hunt for the Horcruxes. Holly quickly gathered her belongings and followed Lupin out of the house, Gryphon in tow. They Apparated to Tonks and Lupin’s home that was serving as Ted and Andromeda’s temporary home while theirs was being rebuilt. When Lupin and Holly entered the home, Tonks hurried over and hugged Lupin the Holly fiercely.

“Oh thank goodness you’re safe!”  Tonks told Holly, “I was so worried when Remus told us you weren’t with the others!”

“Oh please don’t worry about me!” Holly exclaimed, “You’ll make the baby upset. You’re looking wonderful Tonks” Indeed, despite the terrible events that had taken place, Tonks was positively glowing. She placed one loving hand on her stomach and one around her husband. Lupin led them to an open living room. Despite the late hour, two older people were sitting, having a cup of tea. The man had fair hair and his wife looked like scarily like Bellatrix. But where Bellatrix had harsh lines, her sister was soft. There was no evil smile or glint in her eye, just warmth. Holly shook their hands politely and took their offered cup of tea. 

“So dear, what have you come to ask me?” Andromeda asked Holly.

“I’m not sure if you’ve heard but I’m Harry’s twin sister. Whenever we touch it feels like an internal force is pushing me away from him. The first time, I was flung against a far wall. The second time I was flat on my back a few feet from him. About a month ago, I was pushed back against a chair, Lupin saw it.”

Andromeda thought hard for a few minutes then snapped her fingers. Ted, Tonks, Lupin and Holly all watched as she hurried out of the room, returning a few moments later with a long piece of parchment. She unrolled it on the kitchen table and beckoned for them to come over. Holly read at the top of the paper: Peverell Family

“Who is from the Peverell family?” Holly asked.

“Why, you are my dear” Andromeda said, smiling at her, “The Peverell family is one of the first families to become extinct in the male line, meaning their last name is gone. However, I spent a good portion of my career trying to map their decedents. I’ve discovered that the Gaunt, Riddle, possibly Slytherin, and Potter family are loosely related to the Peverells.”

“Ok so that’s neat. But what’s the big deal about the Peverells and how does this relate to The Push?” Holly asked.

“The Peverell brothers were believed to be the owners of the Deathly Hallows” Ted Tonks replied.

“Uhm sorry, the Deathly Hallows? I’ve never heard of them before.” Tonks walked to her bookshelf and pulled out her copy of The Tales of Beedle the Bard and flipped to a specific page. She handed it to Holly who saw the title of the particular story was The Tale of the Three Brothers.

Holly sat in an armchair and read about the Peverell brothers. They had cheated Death by using magic. Death was angry but acted like the brothers were very cunning. Death gave the three brothers each a gift; the Elder Wand, Resurrection Stone and a Cloak of Invisibility. The first two brothers used their gifts unwisely and Death took them for his own. The third brother, one with the invisibility clock, greeted death as a friend when his time on the earth was over. Holly closed the book and walked back to the kitchen table.

“Ok so you’re saying I’m related to one of the Peverell brothers?” Holly asked

“I believe you’re descended from the Ignotus family line. James Potter gave his cloak of Invisibility to Harry, be believe it’s the same one in the story. Few people know this, Dumbledore told me his hunch about it fifteen years ago and it helped connect many dots in my research.” Andromeda said.

“Alright so that’s pretty cool but how does this explain The Push?”

Andromeda peered over the map for a few seconds then pointed to one line, “Knowing that you are of Peverell descent is actually the key to your ‘Push’. Look here, there was only one other set of twins in this family tree, Lorenzo and Louis Smith. Interesting story surrounding those two, I-”

“Mother, don’t tell her that story!” Tonks said cutting Andromeda off, “It’s horrid!”

“I believe she can handle it Nymphadora, she needs to know the truth” Andromeda replied. Holly nodded in agreement and Andromeda continued her tale.

“Lorenzo and Louis Smith were fraternal twins, just like yourself and Harry. They too were separated at birth after their parents died in a fire. After being raised in separate homes, the brothers finally met in their early twenties. When attempting to shake hands with each other, one was blasted backwards. At first they blamed it on unforeseen forces and tried again. This time the other was pushed backwards. The two brothers blamed this sorcery on each other as they were both learned in the magical arts. The hate between these twins was so great, all the towns around them knew about it. The two dueled many times on different occasions until they ended up killing each other. And so, their line went extinct, both never having children and being the last branch in a particular place on their family tree.”

Holly processed her information slowly then said, “The first time I touched Harry, I was blasted backwards. But the times after that, it wasn’t as intense. When we were watching the events on the Astronomy Tower, he took my hand and there was no Push. But at The Burrow there was… any idea why?”

Andromeda thought long and hard about this information. Finally she spoke, “As I said, Lorenzo and Louis were the only twins that showed The Push. From what I gather, you and Harry don’t hate each other as much as they did. That could explain why the level of intensity has decreased.”

Holly nodded and thanked Andromeda for her information. After joining the family for dinner, Holly and Gryphon started the journey back to Tutshill. When the appeared on the front steps to the house Holly stopped dead in her tracks. The front door had been smashed open and Holly could see bits of couch, kitchen plates, and bed sheets scattered among the floor in ruin. ‘It’s not safe to go inside’ Holly determined, Apparating back into the night.

Holly and Gryphon appeared on the side of a forest, secluded from any villages.  She cast protective charms Salvio Hexia, Repello Inimicum, and other spells that would hide Holly and Gryphon from sight. Holly cast her Patronus to tell Lupin not to return to the house and then set up camp for the night. She was very grateful she had packed camping supplies in her purse, just in case. After a stressful few hours, Holly was ready for a deep sleep. Tomorrow she would decide what her next move would be.

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