Allies vs. Enemies

[Sequel to 'The Unexpected Ally', final HP book told from a different POV] The journey to defeating Lord Voldemort continues as the group parts ways to find the Horcruxes. A young witch and her companion encounter danger around every corner and staying undetected proves harder than anticipated. The group questions the power of love as relationships are tested. Will the Dark in everyone be reviled or will the Light prevail?
(All plots and ideas are owned by the talent, inspiring J.K. Rowling. Some of the plot is familiar to many where other parts are the work my creative license) Enjoy!


12. Albania

The group made a quick pit-stop at the twins’ flat in Diagon Alley then continued their journey. Eventually they landed in a forested area near the small town called Zall-Bastar. When they arrived, night was at its peak, the land around them covered in complete darkness. While Holly cast the usual protective enchantments, the twins set up the tent and busied themselves with making dinner.

“So is this how you’ve been living Hol?” George asked Holly as they ate their dinner of leftover pasta and chicken. They had reheated it using a simple heating spell.

“Pretty much,” Holly answered, “After we found that the house had been ransacked, I thought it would be a good idea to move every few nights and put some protective spells around us. They’ve worked so far so I’m sticking with them”

George nodded and went back to his dinner. Fred however, leaned forward in a shock.

“But how did you get food? How did you get through the winter? It was a doozy!” he exclaimed

Holly shrugged nonchalantly, “We ate some mushrooms and berries, and if I got desperate I’d try to find a farm and take some eggs and leave some money. For the winter Gryph and I would cuddle and keep each other warm.”

The twins’ mouths opened in shock.

“Blimey Holly” George whispered

Fred’s face turned angry, “Why didn’t you come back to our flat?! You knew we had food and warm clothing. That was stupid of you Hol” He demanded.

“Hey now,” Holly said, firing up, “I was concerned for both of your safety! Death Eaters were watching you and your whole family, do you think they’d overlook the fact that a random girl kept showing up at your shop for food and clothing? No! They’d interrogate you to try and hunt me down then the whole mission would be over”

“Hang on, what mission?” George asked.

“Yeah, how are we supposed to help you if we don’t know what we’re helping with?” Fred added.

Holly sighed in frustration then caved, “Fine, we’re looking for the Lost Diadem of Ravenclaw.” She left out the importance of it and what she thought it contained. ‘Better they not know’ she thought.

George let out a low whistle, “Oh that’s all is it? Find something that’s been lost for centuries”

“I didn’t say it would be easy, I warned both of you before you agreed” Holly retorted back

“Wait,” Fred said, “You really expected to find it by yourself?”

“Yes I did,” Holly said indignantly, “I have to find it, I can’t just give up”

Fred sighed, “Well we’d better get a good sleep tonight, tomorrow will be interesting” He got up from the table and made himself comfortable on the top bunk of a bunk bed.

George watched him go and swore, “Git” He turned to looked at Holly, “He knows I hate the bottom bunk.” George said goodnight to Holly then followed his brother to the bunk bed, hitting Fred’s arm in the process. Holly watched as the twins bantered back and forth. She knew it was playful and that the loved each other in the end.

‘Wish that’s how it was for Harry and I’ Holly thought to herself. She patted Gryph’s head and retired to her own single-sized bed on the other side of the tent.

The next morning, after the group had breakfast and packed up, they made their way into the forest. Holly had told the twins what Ollivander had told her about the terrain. They suited up in hiking boots, jeans, hats and long sleeve shirts to protect their skin. They each carried a water bottle and were cautious to take too many sips from it. Fred was carrying map of the area and a compass. The group had decided to make their way to the least detailed part of the map, an area they were assuming contained Muggle Repelling charms that wouldn’t let travelers explore that area. George and Holly were keeping an eye out for magical remnants or other figures in the forest.

They stopped after a few hours and made lunch.

“So it looks like the terrain gets much worse once we keep going north-east” Fred said examining the map, “I think that’s where the diadem might be hidden”

“Sounds good to me” Holly said stretching her legs. The foursome quickly set off again, hoping to find it before dark. Six and a half hours later they still hadn’t found any sign of magic anywhere. Tired and defeated they set up camp beside an enormous boulder and settled in for the night. They sat around the table in the makeshift living/dining room and talked about their next moves. The twins were groaning as they rested their weary legs down. Holly and Gryphon were used to the hard work but the twins had been out of practice for many months.

“Blimey, I thought my cardio was great after going up the shop stairs a million times a day.” George remarked.

“Same, we’re no match for Hol and Gryph here” Fred added, “Both of you were climbing those rocks like they were pavement”

Holly laughed appreciably, “Oh Gryph and I have had some fun climbing rocks in our ‘spare time’ haven’t we boy?” Gryphon barked in agreement. The terrain had changed from flat grass and a couple of tree roots to hard rock meeting boulders and a few brave trees clinging on. Holly and Gryphon had bounded over the rocks while the Weasley twins followed huffing and puffing behind them.

George grimaced in pain when he moved his leg. He bent down as massaged it gingerly, “What I would give for a masseuse right now.” He said, “Or a hot tub,” he added as an afterthought.

“Give it here,” Holly said as she moved her chair closer to George’s. She picked up one of his legs and started massaging it in expert fashion.

“Don’t tell me you’re a massage therapist too” Fred said in an exasperated, impressed voice.

Holly smiled at the twins, “Not certified no, I just picked up a few tips when I posed as one in Atlanta. Arthur Abbott and I were trying to gain information on a wizard who had a particular liking for this one massage place.” Holly proceeded to tell the twins the story as she massaged their sore legs, arms, and shoulders. They spent the rest of the evening sharing stories and funny things about themselves to each other. Their laughter turned into yawns and they bid each other goodnight before separating to their beds once again. 

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