Forbidden love

Katy Payne went to live with her brother Liam Payne because her parents got a divorce
What happens when she catches one of the boys eye?
What happens when she has the same feeling?
What happens when Liam disproves?
Will they find away or let it slip?



Kat's (p.o.v.)

The boys helped me put my bags in the back of the bus I said my goodbyes to uncle robin aunt Anna and Gemma he headed on the bus. Liam told me too go pick a bunk that he needed to talk to the boys

Zayn's (p.o.v.)

Liam sat down on the opposite side of the room he took a deep breathe and said " boys I know at least one of you likes my sister but she's off limits got that " dammit we nodded are heads then Kat came out.

Kat's (p.o.v.)

I came out and all the boys heads shot towards me I shifted in place and said " um I'm going to sleep " the boys got up and they each hugged me and said goodnight

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