Forbidden love

Katy Payne went to live with her brother Liam Payne because her parents got a divorce
What happens when she catches one of the boys eye?
What happens when she has the same feeling?
What happens when Liam disproves?
Will they find away or let it slip?


8. Interview

Kat's (p.o.v.)

Well me and the boys are going to the interview Rachel didn't want to go so she stayed at the hotel we all hopped out of the car and made our way inside when we entered the building there was a lady she looked about 21 I took a seat next to Zayn and he smiled the lady asked rudely " who is she " I rolled my eyes and Liam said " her names Katy and she's my sister " she rolled her eyes and took a seat next to Zayn she put her arm on Zayn's arm and Zayn looked uncomfortable she asked me " so Katy why are you on tour with your brother " she started running her arm up and down Zayn's arm I replied " well it's a little personal but one reason is because I wanted to spend time with my big brother " she nodded and whispered something in Zayn's ear then she asked the boys " so who's dating someone " Liam and Louis raised there hands and I could tell Zayn really wanted to raise his hand I chuckled and Zayn looked over at me and smiled then the girl asked " so Katy witch boy are you the closes to " I smiled and replied " I'm the closes to greenie " she looked confused and asked " who's greenie " I pointed to Zayn she rolled her eyes and I was starting to get really pissed of at her. After that long annoying interview we left I was sitting in the very back with Zayn because the front was Liam driving Louis in passenger and Niall and Harry in the middle and me and Zayn in very back Zayn grabbed my tiny cold hand and wrapped his large warm fingers threw mine I smiled and he smiled it's only been the first day and it's already hard keeping our relationship a secret o_0

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