Forbidden love

Katy Payne went to live with her brother Liam Payne because her parents got a divorce
What happens when she catches one of the boys eye?
What happens when she has the same feeling?
What happens when Liam disproves?
Will they find away or let it slip?


5. Hotel finally

Kat's (p.o.v.)

An hour half later we were at hotel I jumped out of the tour bus and came face to chest with a really buff tall guy I looked up and it was just Paul I said " hello Paul " he looked down and smiled he replied " hello Kat " he gave me a key and said " your with Zayn good luck " I smiled and nodded I saw Liam dragging louis by the ear and Louis arguing with Liam that superman is way better then batman I rolled my eyes then skipped to Zayn I said " me and you are roommates good luck " he smiled I grabbed his large warm hand and dragged him to our room I opened the door and there was a kitchen a balcony that over looked the pool I let go of his hand and walked down the hall there was a bedroom that had a bathroom with a hot tub and a walk in shower then one bed and a couch and tv I looked at the clock and it was 9:00 p.m. Zayn said " I'll take the couch " I shook my head no " no one is sleeping on the couch the bed is a queen size will both fit " there was a smirk on his face and he said " you know your so stubborn " I nodded yes and smiled I went into the bathroom and changed into a tank top and basketball shorts I came out and crawled into bed Zayn came out and he was in sweat pants he crawled in after me I turned to him and said " goodnight Zaynie " he replied " goodnight Katy " he kissed my forehead before I drifted to sleep

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