Forbidden love

Katy Payne went to live with her brother Liam Payne because her parents got a divorce
What happens when she catches one of the boys eye?
What happens when she has the same feeling?
What happens when Liam disproves?
Will they find away or let it slip?


9. can I tell you something Rachel

Kat's (p.o.v.)

We got into the hotel and I dragged Rachel out side towards the pool I asked her " Rachel can I tell you something?" She nodded " um what if I tell you um I'm dating someone who's 4 years older then me " her eyes got wide she looked in shock then she asked " Kat who is this guy? How did you meet him? How can you fall in love with someone that is 21? How did he fall in love with you?" I sighed and said " I met him through my brother I fell in love with him since the beginning he fell in love with since the beginning and his name is Zayn, Zayn Malik " I looked up and she looked um well in shock she said " um well that explains a lot but does Liam know " I sighed and said " no he yelled at Zayn when Zayn was trying to get this permission to date me and Liam said that he was toooo old to date me and that what in the hell was he thinking so ya " she sighed and said " well I'm guessing I can't tell Liam either " I nodded and replied " do you want me to live to see tomorrow and if he new the head news would be one less direction Zayn Malik gone missing " she chuckled and said " well I guess it's forbidden love " I nodded and we headed inside oh how this was going to be a really big lie two people can't handle

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