Forbidden love

Katy Payne went to live with her brother Liam Payne because her parents got a divorce
What happens when she catches one of the boys eye?
What happens when she has the same feeling?
What happens when Liam disproves?
Will they find away or let it slip?


7. Birthday Wish or Kiss

Kat's (p.o.v.)

I woke up to a whole bunch of men jumping up and down on my bed I squealed and fell off the bed I asked " is this your way of saying happy birthday " Liam replied " yes your officially a women my little girl is growing up " he tackled me into a hug and it wasn't long until everyone was on top of me I managed to squeak out " I.cant.breathe. " soon everyone scrambled off me Zayn helped me stand up then it hit me Liam said that me and Zayn will never be able to date because the age difference a wave of sadness washed over me I felt my heart getting ripped out of my chest Zayn saw that I was sad the boys left the room and he patted the bed were he was sitting he asked " what's wrong " I sighed then he said " did you hear everything last night " I looked up and nodded he sighed and asked " well he doesn't need to to now it will be like forbidden love " I looked up and nodded he lend in and gently pressed his soft lips against mine it was a passionate kiss I felt fireworks and butterfly's doing flips in my stomach it felt. Right like it was meant to be.

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