Lay Down My Life

After 5 long years of being apart, the couple are finally together after fighting for each other. The day was perfect and they were taking the steps forward in their relationship together, but fate would have it they would be apart again possibly forever.

***Based on actual people but unreal events***

NOTE: My boyfriend gave me the great idea of .... ALTERNATIVE ENDINGS!!! So those will be created (possibly about 3-4 to begin with) and I will make sure that you are able to read the first 3 chapters of this story and then go to the alternative ending!! One will be posted soon! :)


4. Chapter 4

They had been gone for some time now. And I'd been by her side quietly watching, praying that if there was a God, that'd he spare her life. The beeping of her monitor echoed around the room, the only sound that could be heard besides the ragged heartbeat from within my chest. So much had happened within the last six hours that my mind was starting to rewrite it.

From a romantic movie date to a mere inches from death's door. How had this happened?! I scratched my neck and stretched my arms, trying to find some kind of release for the anger building up inside me. Gazing at her she seemed so peaceful. Besides the tube in her mouth to help her breathing and the bandaged head, she was the same beautiful girl I'd known and loved for years. She was like an angel that had lost her wings. Laying in that hospital bed she seemed to be...

I turned my head away and burned the thought so it'd never come back. The very thought was insulting to her and I quietly asked for her forgiveness. She was a strong girl, the strongest I had ever known. In the last five years my girl had been through so much that I was surprised that I had broken down more times than she had. And yet she kept moving forward, hoping for the best the next day and forgetting that yesterday had happened.

In the beginning of our relationship, she'd put me first before the people she had known her whole life: her family. She believed in me when she had no reason to and loved me when I barely loved myself. Many backs had been turned against her because of her love for me, almost tore her family apart and yet she still didn't give up on me. She loved me and wanted to be with me and she wasn't going to let her family's opinion get between us.

Kimmy's voice echoed in my head of the quote she used to remind me of. "I promised forever and always, and it's going to be forever and always. I don't care what they say about us. It's going to happen."

A chuckle escaped my throat as I reminisced on how hardheaded my girl could be when she wanted to be. A softy she really was, but when she meant business, she could be so stubborn. Forever and always. Seemed like such a long time compared to the five years we'd spent together and I was anxiously awaiting the many years we had planned to have and the many adventures we wanted to go on.

But right now there might not be a tomorrow for her, maybe not even a future. Her heart might not hold out very long and worst of all even if her heart did last, her brain could stay asleep forever. "She's comatose now and we aren't sure she'll actually wake up."

Rage climbed through my body and my blood was like lava. I couldn't just sit here and do nothing! I was of no help to here if I was sitting her letting a murderer run around telling his buddies how he shot up a girl on the side of the road. Standing from the chair, I leaned over her and kissed the bandage on her head gently. Stroking her cheek, I wished that I'd be able to fix this for her in some way. Somebody had violated my world and tried to take the one thing I loved most in a cruel and heinous way. If it had been towards me, that's nothing but to hurt my angel was a different story and it became my problem.

"Kimmy," I whispered then paused, hoping she'd answer but after a few seconds I knew it was a pointless action. "Baby, I'm sorry. I'm sorry I couldn't protect you, I'm sorry I can't make you better, and..."

I paused. My heartbeat was rapid and I felt like it was going to burst. I grit my teeth and closed my eyes to control the spiral of emotions inside me enough to say what I needed to tell her.

"I'm sorry I'm about to break my promise."

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