Lay Down My Life

After 5 long years of being apart, the couple are finally together after fighting for each other. The day was perfect and they were taking the steps forward in their relationship together, but fate would have it they would be apart again possibly forever.

***Based on actual people but unreal events***

NOTE: My boyfriend gave me the great idea of .... ALTERNATIVE ENDINGS!!! So those will be created (possibly about 3-4 to begin with) and I will make sure that you are able to read the first 3 chapters of this story and then go to the alternative ending!! One will be posted soon! :)


3. Chapter 3

The doctor stepped closer to Kimmy's bedside and took a deep breath. He had a thick build with broad shoulders and with his unshaven face, he seemed to be much older than he probably was.

"Hello Mr. Garrett, I'm Doctor Richens." His voice was deep, maybe deeper than mine. Kimmy would have asked us to compete in a deep voice contest if she was awake.

He gave a look towards the nurse and she left the room. I wondered how she could have understood just a simple look and what she left for but dismissed the thought as the doctor continued.

"Mr. Garrett, your girlfriend has been through quite an ordeal," the doctor said. His eyes flashed towards the nurse as she reentered the room then continued. "There were many gunshots to her body as you know but luckily we were able to remove them all. She lost a lot of blood during the surgery and had internal bleeding from the gunshots."

 I waited for him to continue as he seemed to love to pause at such an intense moment.

"We were able to sew up where the bullets had pierced." Again he paused.

Why was he dancing around the truth? He's a doctor! He's supposed to tell it how it is.

Frustrated I filled the space. "Just tell me what's wrong with her." The hint of anger and impatience in my voice I'm sure was enough to push the doctor to say what  he was trying so hard to avoid.

Dr. Richens hung his head for a moment then continued. "A bullet hit her heart."

My breathing stopped and I felt like I was choking. I slumped into a chair and tried to calm myself. Hit her heart?!

"Luckily it was only a nick to the muscle and we did the best we could to fix it. It's stable now but we don't know how long her heart can handle the damage."

Time seemed to stop as I turned my gaze back to her peaceful body on the pale hospital bed. Did she know? Could she hear us saying how she might not live very long because of her injured heart? I prayed she couldn't, as I knew it would be too devastating for her to bear. We had just started our time together and this is what we are given?? Kimmy... she couldn't leave me now. Not after all we've been through and the struggles we had to endure to be able to be together.

"How long..." I asked quietly, my eyes not leaving her face.

Dr. Richens hesitated.

"How long does she have to live?" I asked loudly.

I heard a shuffling of papers and then an answer. "If her heart isn't any better by tomorrow night... possibly she could go any time within the next 3 days."

Four days. If her heart didn't do any better she had four days?!

"But also we removed a bullet from her head," the doctor continued.

What? More news to only confirm what I already knew?!

"What doctor, what is it!" I yelled. I closed my eyes and concentrated on her hand in mine, realizing I was losing my temper too quickly.

"The damage was significant but we did all we could."

His pauses were starting to irritate and worry me further. Then the thought came to me. Was he saying she's brain dead?

"She's comatose currently and we aren't sure she'll actually wake up. The was bleeding on her brain and we have done what we can to remove it but her brain and heart have healing to do." He paused to clear his throat. "The odds are quite low in fact that she'll wake up or that her heart will be strong enough to keep her alive long."

My voice was caught in my throat and I couldn't bring myself to speak for fear it'd turn straight to crying. Slowly I nodded my head in understanding. A movement behind me and a soft click let me know the nurse had moved to the door and opened it, probably motioning towards the doctor to follow.

"We did our best and now we can only hope her heart does what it can." A heavy hand gently placed itself on my shoulder. "I'm sorry Mr. Garrett."

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