Lay Down My Life

After 5 long years of being apart, the couple are finally together after fighting for each other. The day was perfect and they were taking the steps forward in their relationship together, but fate would have it they would be apart again possibly forever.

***Based on actual people but unreal events***

NOTE: My boyfriend gave me the great idea of .... ALTERNATIVE ENDINGS!!! So those will be created (possibly about 3-4 to begin with) and I will make sure that you are able to read the first 3 chapters of this story and then go to the alternative ending!! One will be posted soon! :)


2. Chapter 2

How long were they going to leave me here waiting?!

I paced back and forth in the waiting area of the hospital, thinking of all the possibilities that could be happening with my girl. The waiting area was empty except for a few people who seemed to be just as stressed as I was. Another glance at my watch and I knew it wasn't going to be good news if they took any longer to get back to me.

When we'd arrived at the hospital an hour ago, the paramedics were doing all they could to resuscitate her as they hurried the gurney through the hospital. Kimmy wasn't looking too well and they kept screaming they were going to lose her if they didn't hurry and do surgery on her. Internal bleeding was what I heard one of them say. Her hand was still in mine but it was cold like it had lost all it's warmth. Softly I rubbed her hand hoping I could bring warmth back to it. Her clothes were darkened by the blood that soaked her clothing.

A brunette nurse took me by the arm trying to lead me towards the waiting area. Instinct came over me and I pushed her aside exclaiming I wasn't leaving her side and she couldn't make me.

"I need to stay with her. She needs me!" I stated, keeping my grip on Kimmy's hand.

The nurse looked me in the eyes and softly took a hold of my arm. "You can't help her if you won't let us do our job."

Frustration came over me as I knew she was right. Lifting Kimmy's hand I kissed it gently and leaned towards her ear. "I love you, Kimmy. Forever and always."

Letting go of her hand was the hardest thing I'd ever done. I watched as the doctors wheeled her lifeless body away. But it wasn't just a body, it was my girlfriend, my one love who's precious body had been shot and damaged by some heartless person.

I set myself down in a chair, shaking my head to get the images out of my head but they seemed to be engraved in my skull. The car driving by, her scream, holding her body as she bled from her wounds, the look of terror in her eyes. They replayed  in my mind and my blood started pumping faster through my body.


At the sound of my name, I jumped thinking she was asking for me. It was the nurse who told me to let go of her hand and I strangely felt some comfort from her presence. Her arms were folded across her waist and the look in her eye was hard to read. Was she sad? Happy? What news did she have for me?

"Yes? Is she ok? Is she out of surgery? Can I see her?" The questions spewed from my mouth without control. I had to know every detail but she didn't seem to want me to know everything just yet.

"Come with me. The doctor would like to see you." Her eyes looked blank but slightly encouraging as I walked towards her and down the hall. We walked down a few more halls and I silently prepared myself for whatever condition they were to announce she was in while still praying for the best situation.

We entered a door quietly and my eyes immediately went to Kimmy's body lying immobile with tubes and needles in her precious skin. Her normally milk chocolate skin seemed to have been drained of color and was only shades off from matching the cream colored sheets. In a few steps I was at her side, her hand in between mine as I softly stroked it.

The doctor stood stiff with a clipboard in his hand on the opposite side of the bed. He didn't make any comment or really acknowledge my gesture towards his patient. I found my voice and asked what he could tell me about her condition.

He cleared his voice and adjusted the position of his clipboard, sending a sideways glance to the nurse making my heart beat start to race even faster than it already had been. I could tell that it wasn't going to be the best of news so I prepared myself for the worst but nothing could have prepared me for what the doctor said next.

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