Lay Down My Life

After 5 long years of being apart, the couple are finally together after fighting for each other. The day was perfect and they were taking the steps forward in their relationship together, but fate would have it they would be apart again possibly forever.

***Based on actual people but unreal events***

NOTE: My boyfriend gave me the great idea of .... ALTERNATIVE ENDINGS!!! So those will be created (possibly about 3-4 to begin with) and I will make sure that you are able to read the first 3 chapters of this story and then go to the alternative ending!! One will be posted soon! :)


1. Chapter 1

"Dang, I think it snowed a few more inches since we went in!"

Cuddling against my arm as we exited the movie theatre, she scrunched up her nose in annoyance at the fall of snow. The few flakes that had been slowly falling a few hours earlier must have become a snow storm since there was now almost a good foot of snow on the ground. The streets were empty besides the other few late night movie goers who had followed us out of the theatre. The other couples didn't seem to be bothered by the sudden increase of snow on the ground but my girl was different. If there's anything she hated most it was snow.

"Come on baby girl, the snow isn't that bad," I said catching snowflakes in the palm of my hand.

She gave me a look of disgust. "Coming from the boy who hadn't ever seen snow when I first met him." I laughed knowing she was right. I'd lived in Houston, Texas for most of my life and it was a new mysterious thing for me when I came to visit her. "You were so enamored by the snow when you arrived, I thought you'd choose it over me!"

I tickled her side with my free arm and she squealed, trying to keep away from me while still holding my arm. I pulled my arm from hers and wrapped them around her waist, pulling her close to me.

"I'd never choose it over you. I wouldn't choose anything over you, baby."

She smiled and gazed into  my eyes with that look that gave me goosebumps. "I love you," she quietly said.

I lifted her chin slightly, my eyes locked on her luscious lips, then kissed her lips softly. Her lips were so soft and warm despite the weather and I almost didn't pull away. She pulled away and smiled at me. Kissing her forehead, I took her hand in mine and said,"Let's go home."

We started down the street towards the hotel going on about the movie we'd seen. We'd been waiting to watch the movie since it'd come out the previous summer. She talked about her favorite parts of the movie where she laughed and I became lost in her. Her eyes, her lips, the feeling of her hand in mine against the cold air, the idea of being within feet of the girl I loved was almost overbearing. We'd been in a long distance relationship for 5 years, never having met, and despite the problems that came between us we still survived.

I knew I loved her from the moment we started getting to know each other. When we met I had had a girlfriend so we started out as friends. But when I started calling my girlfriend by her name, I knew my feelings were more than just as really good friends. I wanted her. To be with her and love her. And now after 5 long years of waiting to be together, that's exactly where we ended up. The love of my life was finally by my side and I wasn't going to let her go ever. The years had been long and desperation was a common feeling between us. It didn't help that her parents were against our relationship and had tried many times to break us apart. I knew it wasn't easy on her to try to be with me with all the consequences from her parents, but still she stayed with me and did everything she could to make it work. We loved each other and would do anything to be together.


Coming out of my reminiscent state, I realized we'd stopped walking and she was looking at me with a worried face. Gosh how I loved her eyes.

"What's wrong?" The concern in her voice melted my heart and I felt bad for making her worry about me.

Gently squeezing her hand, I replied, "Nothing baby girl, I was just thinking about us."

The return of her smile warmed my heart. "We are amazing, aren't we?" she laughed.

In the blink of an eye, she scooped up snow and threw it at me. Giggling like a child, she ran away for protection. I quickly made a snowball and threw it the 20 feet to her back. Bull's eye! She gave a shout but kept on running as fast as she could on the snow. Slowly I began to jog after her knowing she was a sprinter and would need to stop for a break soon in a few seconds.

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a car drive by. The light from the street lamp glinted off something from the open window. Gun shots rang out in the night and a screamed pierced my ears. How many shots had that been? It had to be more than seven. Everything seemed to be in slow motion as realization hit me. Her body falling to the ground, the car speeding off, me running closer to her. I fought to run faster towards her, knowing it wasn't going to be good. Was she alright? Oh God please don't let her be dead!

"Kimmy! Baby girl, speak to me!" I yelled, hoping she'd reply as I came to her side.

She was face down in the snow, blood splattered in the snow around her and a small puddle from beneath her. I slowly turned her over and she was gasping for air. The panic in her eyes terrified me because I couldn't help her.

"Kimmy! Oh god baby hang in there! Don't leave me!"

With fumbling fingers I unzipped her coat trying to get a better look at how bad the damage was. Five holes was all I could see on her midsection and they were bleeding profusely. The bleeding, I needed to stop the bleeding! I pressed my hand against her wounds hoping it would be enough to slow the bleeding. She twitched and cried out. She tried to push my hands away but I held them in place.

"Baby I have to stop the bleeding!" I knew she was in excruciating pain but I was doing what I had to do. Still she tried to fight me. I grabbed her hand to comfort her and dialed 911.

The operator answered. "911. What is your emergency?"

"Help us please! My girlfriend was shot by a car driving by and she's bleeding heavily."

The dispatcher asked me more questions and I answered them as quickly as I could keeping an eye on Kimmy. Despite the many shots she'd taken she was still semiconcious and that gave me hope that she was going to make it. Her eyes stayed locked on me as I spoke with the dispatcher.

"It's ok, I'm staying right here. I'm not going to leave you." I whispered, stroking her hand. "I'm not going to lose you now."

"An ambulance has been dispatched to your location. I'm going to stay on the line with you, ok? Just don't hang up and tell me how she's doing."

I said ok to the dispatcher and turned my attention back to Kimmy. The love of my life was laying in a puddle of blood before me. How could this have happened?

"I'm sorry Kimmy," I whispered. "I'd promised to always keep you safe, that nobody would ever hurt you and I let you down."

She kept gasping for air but the look in her eyes spoke for her.

"I know you don't think I should blame myself but... I love you and I will do whatever it takes to be with you."

The tears were welling up and I turned my head so she wouldn't see me cry. "I'd lay down my life for you."

The faint sound of an ambulance in the distance made my heart race faster. They were getting closer and soon Kimmy would be in good care and it'd be like this never happened. But fate wasn't on my side. Kimmy gave a loud gasp then started convulsing. I held her in my arms as it was the only thing I knew I could do.

"Kimmy no don't leave me!" I screamed.

The sound of the ambulance was in my ear combined with my heartbeat.

"Kimmy! Kimmy!" I screamed her name over and over again. I couldn't control myself. I couldn't lose her. She meant too much to me.

The paramedics put her on a stretcher and loaded her into the ambulance. I got in with them, still clutching her cold hand.

"We're losing her!" a paramedic yelled.

I looked at my love, wondering how fate had let this happen. Had our first night together become our last? Would I ever be able to be with her again? Was this as far as our relationship was meant to go?

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