Kissing in the rain

Gia and Joel have been dating for 2 years and when it is Gia's birthday Joel get tickets for her to see her fav band, 1D. Joel's car brakes down and 1D says they will help, but something feels fish to Joel, maybe its cause Niall is flirting with Gia!
may contain weird seance and is not aloud for anyone under the age of 14


1. the birthday

this story is a sequel to my first movellas, this story would make sence if you didnt read the first but please read the first just to give u more of there history!

Gia's POV

its finally here, my 18th birthday and Joel says he has two special gifts for me. we have been dating for 2 years now and me and him already have been to every restrant in town! no lie, btw going to mc Donald's isn't really romantic! but it is with Joel.

its about 10am and Joel is going to be back to our apartment in about 30 mins! i need to get ready and quick!

i run and curl my dark brown hair just the way he likes, and put on my maxi dress, the one with flowers for the top part and black for the skirt. i did my makeup and got on my high heads, the ones he got me that are flowered all around.

the buzzer rang, i answered it with a polite hello knowing it was Joel who forgot his keys.

"hey Gia i forgot my key can u let me in?l"

"i dont know if its for sure you!" i said fooling around " if its really you then tell my what today is and say that you love me one million times!"

"today is your birthday, and no darn way but when i get up there i will kiss you like never before!"

"ok u had me at kiss!"

2 mins later the door swung open with Joel standing there pushing his lips out waiting me to kiss him.

i walk over and said, " u should close the door first, so no one sees you trying to kiss." the i shut the door and with a thud Joel pushed me against the door and put his lips to mine, then as we were getting done kissing he whispered in my ear, "were not done kissing yet!" he started kissing me harder and started licking my lips truing to find an entrance as soon as i let him in it was like our tongues were having a fight!

when we were finally done kissing he said "present time!" he grabbed my arm and sat me down on the couch. "both are raped but this one is first! i have to get the other its in the other room."

he handed me a small light blue (my fav colour!) coloured box that was in the shape of a heart. "thats so sweet and its even my fav shade of blue, wow im so happy about the box and its not even the present! hehehe!"

" go on open it!" Joel nudged me to open it.

as i looked in i couldn't believe it! it was two tickets to go see one direction in concert!" Joel i love it thank you so much! and i cant wait to go with u!"

"now for the second present! ill go get it just a second!" he left to the bed room while i looked at the tickets wow i was going to see 1D with Joel!

"come into the room its to heavy to carry!" wow Joel really went over bored for my birthday this year!

i walked into the room to see Joel raped up with a note on him " ill read the note first..." it said

i know that its your 18th

birthday so now you can do what

ive been dreaming about! open and


hope u like it but now is the weird part!

"ok lets unwrap now!"

i started to unwrap Joel when he finally was out he trough me to the bed and said "I've been waiting since the day i say you to do this!"

he states kissing me rapidly down the neck causing me to moan, when he was done kissing my neck he started talking off my clothing. i do t remember him getting undressed but he was already naked and i was just in my undies.

i took them off as Joel followed them with his eyes

he started trusting in and out making me and him to moan. it hurt at first but maybe cause it was my first time he was so hot with his brown shaggy hair, talking of hair he started to pull mine making me to have a really loud moan.

this was it, i almost hit my climax, then we both hit it at the same time. he fell down right beside me saying, "you were good for your first time!"

hope you liked the first chapter next they are both going to the 1D concert!

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