Kissing in the rain

Gia and Joel have been dating for 2 years and when it is Gia's birthday Joel get tickets for her to see her fav band, 1D. Joel's car brakes down and 1D says they will help, but something feels fish to Joel, maybe its cause Niall is flirting with Gia!
may contain weird seance and is not aloud for anyone under the age of 14


3. Fight For Love

Gia's POV

it was the middle of the night and the five boys from one direction were taping on the window next to Joel.

Joel opens the window and says "hey were stuck can you guys give us a life to a garage?"

"its to late for a garage to be open plus its the weekend, non are open today. how about you guys rest in our tour bus till the morning?" Niall said feeling sad for us.

"thank you!" Joel replied and i just smiled as to say thank you for everything!

we got out of the car and went into the tour bus, it was like a normal bus, but more like a home. so like a trailer. the was were coloured white but you could tell that once they were a dark black, the sofas were brown black and tan, the tables were wood and the kitchen looked like a small kitchen, it has a dish washer, sink, fridge, stove, and mikerwave. in the far end of the bus there were beds and a tv, with a washroom near by. there was only six beds so Joel said he would sleep on the sofa.

Joel made me have the extra bunk even though i said i would sleep on the sofa, Joel is so kind.

"night babe ill wake you up tomorrow if i need you to come ok?" Joel exclaimed while i was getting into bed, he came over and kissed me on the lips and stared at me with his big brown puppy dog eyes and stroked me hair. when he does this it makes me feel like I've fallen in love with him all over again, i love Joel.

the last think i can remember before going to sleep is Joel left the room and Niall came in, i closed my eyes as he did and i felt a my face get kissed on the cheek and then a kiss on the lips them i went to sleep...

while i was sleeping i was cold, but just as i was about to go to get a blanket someone came into my bed and hugged me tight and kissed me, i though it was Joel but i could hear him snoring on the sofa.

maybe i was dreaming but it felt real.


when i woke i seen it was only 5 am and that Niall was in my bunk, so i went into Niall's bunk to sleep so i didn't wake him.

as i got into his bunk it was so worm it was like the summer, as i turned on my phone to see if i got any text i seen that there were pictures of some girl on Niall's walls, that girl was, no way it was me!

he put hearts all over the pics and i got freaked out so i left and slept on the sofa with Joel.


when the morning came Joel and everyone left to go get the car fixed, but Niall stayed back as well.

"Gia want something to eat? i made egg mc muffins and bacon! im sorry about last night also and the boys left about 1 min ago they didn't want to wake u..."

"thanks for the food Niall and by the way the pics are kind of creepy!"

"U SEEN THEM! agh i feel like an idiot now! i hope u don't hate me its just, i love you and i know that we just meet and ur with Joel and all but i love you!"

Niall came toward me and kissed me on the lips, my brain went in shut down mode for a min, "the guys wont be back for at lest 3 hours so lets have some fun!l"


without even thinking i started undressing Niall as he undressed me, i forgot about Joel for this hole time!

Niall started kissing me rapidly while trying to pull of my undies, when he did he trough me onto the sofa and started trusting himself inside of me and out making me and him moan, as he did so he also kissed my neck leaving hickeys all the way down my neck and onto my boob.

then we hit our climax at the same time and Niall fell onto of me kissing me again, we must have had sex another 10 times cause after you new it 1 hour and 30 mins have past.

i took a shower and Niall cleaned the sofa off Joel wouldn't be happy if he found out... JOEL! i just cheated on him! i started to cry, i wanted to get out of her as soon as posable!


the boys came back and i was i. the washroom fixing my hair before i went out again. i was about to leave when i heard a nock at the door, "Gia its Joel open up!"

i open and i see Niall in the door way not Joel "sorry i just needed to talk to you..." he shut the door and played on his phone for a minuet then set in down on the floor and it was pointed strait at Niall and i. i never gave it a second thought though

" i am so sorry for making you have, you know with me. i just couldn't help my self! you looked so hot and i couldn't wait any longer so i went for it." Niall said guiltily. " i wanna say sorry by this..." Niall drove his head towards mine and kissed me then he hit something and the roof above us opened up and it was raining out side so it got you wet too.

"the boys have left again so..." he started taking my clothing off again this time i never had a problem with it. i was naked when i heard Joel scream noooo!!!

he ran to the bath room and said "how could you!"

in shock i just stood there in Niall's arms with my mouth wide open wishing that never happened.

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