All Powerful

Skylar finds herself walking down the street when she is dragged into an alleyway, where she meets her best nightmeres.


2. Vampire Powers

Skylar's P.O.V

I wake up in a black room, laying on a black bed with red blankets. Where am I? Then it hit me. The One Direction, vampire encounter. I get up and walk down stairs. They are all sitting on the couches in front of the TV. The last step creaks and they all look at me. I run upstairs as fast as light but run into the wall. That was too freaky. They all come up behind me and laugh as I rub my forehead as I lay on the floor. I stand up and they lead me into the room I woke up in. "Sit down love" Harry says. I sit on the bed and they all sit around me. "So I see you have gotten your powers." Louis said. "What! What powers?" I say back. "Your vampire powers. Your a vampire now." Liam states. I look at them with confusion on my face. Their all smirking. Especially Harry. "Your a vampire love. Remember the alleyway?" Harry says with that same stupid smirk. "I'm a vampire! Why did you think you had the right to do that!?" I scream at them. "Well the plan was to drink from you and let you die, but Harry wanted to let you live." Niall says. Harry punches him in the arm at the last part. "Well thank you, but I have to go home." I say sarcastically. "Sorry. You can't love. Your family thinks your dead." Zayn replies. "Well! Where am I supposed to go!?"I yell. "You will stay here and live with us." Harry said. "No way in hell am I staying here." I say. "Well then. Have fun living on the streets!" Louis said happily heading toward the door. "Fine!" I say. "I will stay here!"

Hey!!!! I am truly sorry for not posting in like a week! I will post everyday this week. I hope you enjoyed this chapter and I will be getting up another chapter late tonight! Byeeeee!


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