All Powerful

Skylar finds herself walking down the street when she is dragged into an alleyway, where she meets her best nightmeres.


1. Alleyways And Fangs

Skylar's P.O.V


I can't believe my car broke down! I think to myself. I have been walking around town for about an hour now and there is no sign of anyone anywhere! Well I guess it makes sense, I mean it is almost midnight but still. I keep on walking until I get pulled into an alleyway. I see two figures pushing me against a wall in the alley, with three figures behind them. Suddenly my hands are tied and I'm sitting on the ground. They all come into the light and I see One Direction... eyes red and fangs dipping with what seems to look like blood. WAIT... FANGS! "Hello love" Harry says. I stay quiet. They all come and crouch down next to me. Niall and Liam grab my arms, Harry and Louis are at my neck and Zayn stands in front of me smirking. Harry and Louis put their fangs on my neck and Niall and Liam do the same on my arms. I try to wiggle around to free myself. "The more you struggle the more it will hurt" Zayn says. I try to speak but before I can I feel pain spread throughout my body. I scream as loud as my voice will let me. Then everything goes pitch black but not before I hear an evil laugh.


Sorry for the short part. I will be posting more tomorrow after school if not tonight. I will be updating everyday so stay tuned. Bye


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