Compilation of Poems

I'm not very good at writing poems but I tried. This is just a compilation of poems that I've written recently.


2. Queen of Manipulation

Come with me she says

Do not be afraid

We will make you a hero

All you need is your strength

She looks into his eyes

Begging him to follow

And he does without question

She turns around a huge grin on her face

The queen of manipulation just got her new prey

She opens a door that leads into a dark cave

She ushers him in and closes the gate

What’s your name? He asks curiously

My name is Kathryn. She lies smoothly

Where is it you’re taking me? If I am allowed to ask such things.

I will not answer but stick close to me

They walked through the cave

It seemed to be getting hotter

The man was confused as to where they were headed

Completely unaware that he had fallen into the trap

of the devils daughter

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