Opening Act (16+)

3 Hearts
3 Dreams
1 Goal

This book may contain sexual actions so if you don't read that then don't read this book and please don't report it thank you


3. The Truth

Zayn's ( p.o.v.)

Oh, great there young teenage girls one looks 15 the others look about 16 well the 16 year old seems nice she's pretty fit WHAT STOP ZAYN NO FEELINGS !!!!!!!!!

Louis's ( p.o.v.)

Ugh there teenagers this is going to be a really long trip well the Brittany girl seems cute well of cours- WHAT NO STOP IT BRAIN ILL POCKE YOU WITH A Q-TIP AGIAN !!!!!!!! UGH

Zayn's (p.o.v.)

No I can't have feelings I just found out my girlfriend was cheating on me and I just meet the girl she looks to young there's about 7 year difference ugh why did my heart do this to me .

Jasmin's (p.o.v.)

I sat down next to Liam witch was right next to Zayn Zayn looked upset I asked Liam " what's wrong with Zayn and Louis ?" He said " I'll tell you later " I nodded my head I felt my phone vibrate I looked down and it said JASMIN GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE NOW BEFORE YOU REGRET IT!!!!!!" It was from my abusive boyfriend James I hate him so much I got up and said " guess it was nice meeting you but I um have to go " I was walking down the hall when Liam called " wait " he caught up to me and said " let me put all our numbers in your phone so we all can meet up and talk " I nodded and hand him my phone he said um Jasmin what's going on?" He held up my phone and the message said " SLUT BETTER BE READY CAUSE YOU WILL REGRET IT " there was tears in my eyes I grabbed my phone and ran I ran all the way to his house so I won't get in trouble with him

Liam's (p.o.v.)

I ran back inside the room and blurted out " something's up with Jasmin she got a text from this guy names James and it said " SLUT BETTER BE READY CAUSE YOU WILL REGRET IT !!!!!" Brooke said " he's Jasmin's boyfriend I knew something was up because James forced her to date him and I know what he's going to do to her we better go like now "

Jasmin's (p.o.v.)

I knocked on the door and James pulled me in and slammed me on the door he whispered " oh Jasmin your going to regret this " he stroked my cheek and started kissing my neck he lift me up and threw me on the couch he crawled on top of me and started kissing my neck he slowly unbuttoned my blouse he tried kissing my but I wouldn't let him but I regret doing that he pulled away and punched me in the jaw. He was about to take of my bra when the door busted open and someone pulled James off of me. I curled up in a ball and someone came and picked me up I quietly sobbed in there shirt he set me down and was mumbling " it's ok ssssshhhhh your safe now " it was Harry after he said that police went storming into the house and James came out with hand cuffs and yelled " DONT WORRY JASMIN ILL ALWAYS BE IN YOUR DREAMS YOU LITTLE BITCH !!!!!" I closed my eyes and let those few words sink in ill always be in your dreams , I opened my eyes and everyone started pilling in Brooke turned around and asked " why didn't you tell us " I sighed and said " I didn't want to loose you " Brittany looked at me and said " what do you mean ?" I looked down and said " remember when my dad died when I was 12 " they both nodded " well my mom went crazy and she set me and James up to date James was the perfect boyfriend for 2 years but when I turned 14 everything changed he ra-rapped me and he said if I tell anyone that he will kill me and everyone I love " I looked up and everyone was on the verge of tears well Niall he was already in tears Liam was the first to speak " that's horrible please tell me that was it " I shook my head no and said I asked the girls " you now that summer I went to camp " they nodded " I didn't go to camp James locked me in the basement and men would pay him to have sex with me " I looked down and tears started streaming down my face I was next to Niall he pulled me into a hug I just let the tears fall. I was afraid , afraid of life and love.

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