Opening Act (16+)

3 Hearts
3 Dreams
1 Goal

This book may contain sexual actions so if you don't read that then don't read this book and please don't report it thank you


8. lazy day

Zayn's (p.o.v.)

I woke up and slowly got out of bed trying not to wake up jazzy I went into the kitchen and made us pancakes but something caught my eye it said

Dear Zayn or Jasmin who ever is reading this we went out we didn't want to wake you guys you looked so adorable oh and check Jasmin's Twitter Louis said to do that

Well after that I decided to finish making the pancakes and ill ask Jasmin to do that just then Jasmin walked in she smiled and she wrapped her tiny arms around my waste from the back she laid her head on my back I turned around was facing her I said " well it's just you and I the rest of the boys and girls went out " she nodded then I said " oh ya Louis wants you to check your twitter" she looked confused but she came back and sat in one of the booths I grabbed mine and her plate I sat next to her and looked at the phone there was pictures of me and her sleeping and everywhere it was #whosthemysterygirl

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