Opening Act (16+)

3 Hearts
3 Dreams
1 Goal

This book may contain sexual actions so if you don't read that then don't read this book and please don't report it thank you


13. Busted

Zayn's (p.o.v.)

I woke up to flash's in my eyes I threw a pillow and it was Louis I threw on some pants and started chasing him I yelled " LOUIS IM GOING TO KILL YOU " then he yelled " ZAYN YOUR BUSTED " I walked out into the kitchen and Louis yelled " JASMIN AND ZAYN HAD A WILD NIGHT LAST NIGHT " then Harry yelled " OH MY GOD JASMIN OH YEES YOUR SOO GOOOOD " and Niall yelled " OH MY GOD ZAYN " then Liam yelled " ON THE COUNT OF THREE ONE TWO THREE " Jasmin came out then she blushed I walked over towards her and Harry whispered in my ear " hey man was she that good " I smiled and said " hell ya but she's all mine " she heard and smacked me in the back of the head I laughed and kissed her forehead this is the girl I'll be spending the rest of my life with. :)

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