Opening Act (16+)

3 Hearts
3 Dreams
1 Goal

This book may contain sexual actions so if you don't read that then don't read this book and please don't report it thank you


6. beach anybody

Jasmin's (p.o.v.)

I woke up and I wasn't in my room I looked around and tried sitting up and someone was holding me like there life dependent on it I looked up and it was Zayn his eyes fluttered open and once he saw me he smiled he said " good morning Jaz " " morning Zayn " he realized he had his arms wrapped around me , he let go and was blushing a deep shade of red I sat up and so did he just then Louis entered the room saying " ya you two love birds been asleep for ages we are all going to the beach get dressed like NOW !!!!!!" Me and Zayn looked at each other and blushed I got up and and you couldn't even notice I was pregnant Zayn came up to me and looked at my belly she put his hand on it and said " the little child is in a better place " he bent down and kissed my belly he left and I changed into a baby blue bikini and I put on short shorts and tank top I slipped on flip flops and headed down stairs we put everything in the car and headed to the beach about 15 minutes later of Louis complaining and Niall flirting with Brooke we were here I took off my shirt and shorts and shoes Zayn came up behind me and slung me over his shoulder I yelled " ZAYN PUT ME DOWN RIGHT NOW " he said " ok you asked for it " he dropped me into the water he laughed so hard he slipped on the sand and plopped right next to me. He pulled me on to his lap and wrapped his arms around me he turned me around and grabbed my face and smashed his lips onto mine it felt perfect our lips moved in sync he pulled away and our foreheads were together he grabbed my hands and asked " Jasmin Alyssa Aleman will you do me the honor of being my girlfriend?" I smiled and crashed our lips back together I pulled away and asked " does that answer your question. He nodded and we started talking and he are know sitting on the shore watching the sunset fade into the horizon the beautiful multi colors blending into one I laid my head on Zayn's chest and he wrapped a arm around my waist it felt perfect.

Sorry this is a really short chapter I have to go to sleep I'll update either tomorrow our Tuesday well love you all bye

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