Loving Him *COMPLETED*

When Jayda moves to the UK she goes to a new school. She meets Harry Styles and eventually falls in love. But event leads to event and things get good, then bad. It's like a love-coaster. Will their love get through everything? Or will it be just a tad too weak?


16. Rumor Has It

The next day Harry and I went to look at home decor and paint.

I picked up a shade of blue.

"I like this for the bathroom." I say.

"I do too. I like the beach themed houses with the beach on the walls." Harry says.

"I do too! Maybe we can do that for the bathroom!" I say.


I loved having Harry around. He wasn't one of those boyfriends who constantly said 'I don't know' or 'whatever makes you happy.' I liked getting his opinion on things because I felt that that was what mattered.

"I have a doctors appointment tomorrow. Do you think you can be there with me?" I ask.

"Of course." He says. Holding my hand.

I then see the magazine on the rack next to me.

"Is Harry's Girlfriend Seeing Other Guys?" The magazine reads.

"What the hell?" I say.

"What?" Harry asks.

"Read this." I hand him the magazine.

"Recent sources stated that Jayda has been seen walking around with other guys at the mall." Harry reads.

"WHAT SOURCES?" I shout.

"This is absolute rubbish. Can you believe this." I feel tears starting to form.

"You don't believe this right, Harry?" I ask.

"No. Of course not." He says. He pulls me into a hug. I realize that I'm crying on his shoulder.

"Calm down, babe." He says rubbing my back.

Just when I'm happy, I get knocked out by sadness. Can't people ever stop?

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