Loving Him *COMPLETED*

When Jayda moves to the UK she goes to a new school. She meets Harry Styles and eventually falls in love. But event leads to event and things get good, then bad. It's like a love-coaster. Will their love get through everything? Or will it be just a tad too weak?


3. People Talk

The rest of the evening him and I played soccer/football and watched "Love Actually"

"This is my favorite movie." I tell her matter of factly.

"Mine too." She tells me.

"Hey do you want to have dinner at my house? Your mom could come too!" She asks.

"I'd love that." I smile at her.

There was something special about her. I just didn't know what it was.

Jayda's P.O.V.

When I went home my mom asked, "How'd it go?"

"It was good. I really like him. Can they have dinner here tomorrow?"

"Of course honey." She says.

The next day, Harry comes up to me.

"Hey Gorgeous!" He calls out.

"Hi. Did you hair get curlier?"

"Probably." He says

We both laugh.

"So we have football practice today." He says.

"Okay, I'll be there." I smile at him.

"You're the only girl on the team. But the guys love you." He proclaims.

"I'm usually the only girl. Every girl I've met hated soccer. So I'm used to it."

"Okay. Good. I really like spending extra time with you."

I smile at him.

I then hear girls whispering, "He can do so much better. She's such a slut." Says some girl.

"She's not a slut. And no I can't do better, no girl is better than her." Harry shouts at the girls.

I feel a little awkward. Maybe he can do better?

Harry and I get through the day laughing.

I get dressed for soccer. We're outside and I hear guys whispering. "She's hot."

I feel myself blush.


I blush and laugh.

"Hi. Everyone" I say embarrassed.

Harry drives me home today.

"That was so embarrassing! Why'd you do that?" I ask laughing.

"I wanted then to know that you're mine." Harry says.

I smile at him.

"Hey. Since tomorrow is Friday. I was thinking, do you wanna maybe come over? The guys are bringing girls."

"Sure. If my mom likes you. You have to impress her today. See you at five." I say.

I get out if the car.

I go and get showered. I see that my mom is preparing dinner.

"Whatcha making mom?"

"Steak and baked potatoes." She says.

"Yum! Harry will be over in a few."

"You really like this boy." My mom says.

"Yeah" I smile.

I hear a knock at the door.

"I'll get it!"

I open the door.

"Hi Harry!" I exclaim.

"Hello! You look gorgeous. As usual, love." He says.

"Thank you." I feel myself blush.

Whenever I'm with Harry I just feel so comfortable.

"Hi Mrs. Styles! It's nice to see you again!"

"Hello, Sweetheart!" She says to me

"Come on in!"

"Thank you." They say.

"Have a seat. Dinner will be done in five."

My mom comes to the living room.

"Hello darling. I'm Rose. Jayda's mom." My mom says to him. "You must be Harry, I've heard a lot about you."

"Hello." Harry says shaking my moms hand. "It's nice to meet you."

"And you must be Anne! Hi!" My mom says.

"Hello! Nice to meet you!" Anne says.

Our moms become bestfriends.

Harry wins my mom over. Him and I go up to my room.

"This is my room. I finished decorating yesterday."

"Wow these paintings are amazing! Did you paint them yourself?" Harry asks.

"Yeah." I smile. "I don't think their any good though. Just a couple quick-paints."

"Are you kidding? They're amazing.!" Harry protests. "Just like you. "

He leans in for kiss. His lips so soft. Kissing me ever so gently.

I pull away.

To make it less awkward, I say. "Wanna play a board game?"

"Twister." Harry says.

I laugh.

After a while, my right arm is underneath him and my leg is over him.

"Right foot in blue."

Next it's his turn.

"Left hand on red."

He collapses.

"I WIN!" I say.

"I knew I was going to. After all, I am a gymnast."

"No fair!" Harry says laughing.

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