Loving Him *COMPLETED*

When Jayda moves to the UK she goes to a new school. She meets Harry Styles and eventually falls in love. But event leads to event and things get good, then bad. It's like a love-coaster. Will their love get through everything? Or will it be just a tad too weak?


6. In His Arms

Jayda's P.O.V.

Harry and I went into his room to watch another movie before bed.

I must have tapped out after the endless chocolate and candy. Sugar shock.

I woke up in Harry's arms.

"Morning Beautiful" he says to me.

"Morning" I smile at him.

"Woah! Nice bed head!" I say laughing.

"Don't make fun of it." He sticks his bottom lip out.

"I think it's cute. I like your curls." I giggle.

I feel my stomach growl.

"Looks like I'm a little hungry." I say.

"Okay, let's go make breakfast." He says pulling me out of bed.

We make pancakes, bacon, and hash-browns.

"Gees, Harry! I said I was hungry, not that I wanted to gain 5 pounds." I say laughing.

He laughs with me.

"I promise it will be good." He says. "After you eat, would you mind getting dressed? I have a surprise for you. Hint bring a bathing suit." He says smiling.

I get dressed in crop top and jean shorts with my bikini underneath.

Harry drives us to the beach.

He pulls out a picnic basket.

"What's romance without a picnic?" Harry says in a French accent.

I laugh.

"Oh my. You're the weirdest guy I've ever met. But the sweetest."

We sit down and look at the waters.

"This is so beautiful." I say.

"Not as beautiful as you." He says. We kiss quickly. I take off my over clothes, as well as Harry and we jump into the water.

I dunk him underneath the water. I run away laughing. He catches me from behind, picking me up and spinning me around.

We eventually get on our way home. "That was fun! I had a blast!" I exclaim.

"Me too! I love spending time with you!" He says

"I do too!" I say.

We get home.

"I have a meeting tomorrow with the boys. I'll probably be gone before you wake up."

"Okay. Glad you told me." I say to him.

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