Loving Him *COMPLETED*

When Jayda moves to the UK she goes to a new school. She meets Harry Styles and eventually falls in love. But event leads to event and things get good, then bad. It's like a love-coaster. Will their love get through everything? Or will it be just a tad too weak?


31. "I Told You I Would Kill You"

Today was the day of the dinner. I woke up in fear. I went to shower quickly and headed downstairs, grabbing some orange juice. "What time is he coming?" I asked Harry. "Four." He said. I was really scared. I nodded. "Look, no matter what happens, I love you. Okay?" Harry said. "I love you too." I said. I hugged him.

Four o'clock came by fast. Faster than I wanted it to. The doorbell rang. Harry answered it and I was behind him. "Hi." My ... Father said. His name was Trent. "Don't daddy get a hug, pumpkin?" He asked. "I'd rather not." I said. "Just because your little boyfriend is here don't mean shits changed." He said angrily. "Hey, cut it out, man." Harry said. He nodded and walked into the house. "I see you're living on your own. Pathetic. You won't be anything in life anyway." Trent said. "Fuck you." I said. I walked to the dinner table. And sat down. Harry was next to me and Trent was on the other side of the table. Harry was tense and angry the whole time. My father was bi-polar, so most of the time his mood changed from enormously angry to pretty nice. No in between what-so-ever. "So how've you been?" He asked me. "Good." I said. "I came back for what I wanted, didn't I?" He asked. I ignored him. "Didn't I?" He yelled. I slammed my fork down and left the dining room. "I'm going to call the other guys." Harry said. He went to the next room. After Harry left, Trent pushed me up against the wall and put a knife to my neck. "I told you I would kill you." He said. "I hate you!" I yelled at him. He started beating me. Harry came in and pulled him off me. Harry started punching him. I went out cold.

Harry's P.O.V.

I walked in on him hitting her. I started beating him. I couldn't stop. I had also called the police. They were here after that. I rode in the ambulance with Jayda. "Don't die on me sweetheart." I said to her. I was now crying. "I need you."

She was pulled away from me to get operated on. I was in the waiting room. "Is she okay?" Liam asked me. "I-I don't know." I said. Eleanor sat down and started to comfort me. "If I wouldn't have left the room." I said. "Don't blame yourself." Eleanor said. I started crying. "What if she's gone?" I asked her. "Jayda's a fighter. She's not leaving this easily." Sophia said. I waited and hour after that. The doctor came out.

"She's alive. But she's in a coma. We're pretty sure She can hear you." He said.

I walked to her room. She lay there, lifeless, but still managed to be beautiful. She'll always be beautiful, even in the dark. "Hey Babe, it's me Harry. Please wake up. I need you with me, by my side. I love you. Please, please wake up." I told her. Nothing. Nothing happened. I sat down and held her hand. Niall sat next to me, Zayn and Liam on the bench. Louis and El on the other side. Sophia on Liam's lap.

Jayda's P.O.V.

I was dark. I tried to run to escape but there was no way out. "Hey Babe, it's me Harry. Please wake up. I need you with me, by my side. I love you. Please, please wake up." Was all I heard. Who's Harry? I turned to see if anyone was with me. No one. I saw a door. I opened it. It was six year old me. "Hi." I said to her. "Daddy hits me." She said crying. "It's okay though." She said. "No. Honey it's not. What he's doing is wrong. Tell mommy tell anyone. Be strong. If he hits you again, run to mommy as soon as you see her. Show her your marks. Daddy's bad. What he doing is wrong." I told her. "Okay but only if you do something for me." She said. "What is it sweetheart?" I asked her. "Wake up. Take this key and unlock that door. Walk through it with your eyes closed. Then open them. Be strong and love Harry." She said I nodded and took the key. I went through the door.

Harry's P.O.V.

"She's Moving!" I shouted. The doctors rushed us out as they came in and kicked us out. About an half an hour later. The doctor came out. "Good news and bad news." He said. "Good news: she's awake." We all cheered and shouted. "Bad news, she lost her memory. The last thing she remembers was the end of therapy." He said. "I've been with her a year and a half. She- she doesn't remember me?" I asked. "I'm sorry. No. She will remember eventually, try to find something that's special. Don't overwhelm her though. That can result in brain damage or permanent memory loss." He said we all nodded. My baby doesn't remember me. She doesn't remember the kisses, the late night talks. She doesn't even remember moving to England. "It'll be okay mate." Louis says to me. Her mum went to see her. I go in. "Hello?" Jayda says to me. "Hi." I say. "Who are you?" She asks. "I'm uh. I'm Harry. Your boyfriend." I tell her. She nods. "I'll leave you two alone." Rose says. "How long have we been together?" I ask her. "A year and a half." I say smiling. "Are we in love?" She asks. "Definitely." I say smiling. "This must be hard on you." She's says to me. "Very." I sigh. Just then Liam comes in. "Why is there a stranger in here?" She asks. "He's not." I laugh. "Okay."

Jayda's P.O.V.

"So then who are you?" I asks.

"Liam." He says.

"Hi Liam." I say.

"Hi." He laughs.

"Were we close?" I ask him.

"Yes. In fact we all were." He says.

"All as in there's more people?" I ask. "Yeah." He laughs. Just then five boys come in. "I'm Louis." One boy says. "Louis, did you help me with something?" I asked. "Yeah." He said. "I can't put my finger on it." I say apologetically. "It's okay." He said. "I'm Niall." A blond boy with an Irish accent says. "Niall do you like some kind of restaurant?" I ask. "Yes!" He says. "I remember bits when I hear your voices." I say. "I'm Zayn." The black haired one said. "You're engaged to..." I asked. "Perrie. Her and the others are your bestfriends." He said. I nodded. Harry put his hand on mine. I started to remember. "NIALL YOU LIKE NANDOS!" I almost shouted. "Yes! You remembered!" He said. "Louis! You helped me on that first of school!" I shouted. "Zayn OMG zayn" I shouted. "LEEYAM." I shouted. They all laughed. I pulled Harry's shirt and kissed him. I pulled away. "She remembers." He said. I giggled. "She told me to love you." I said. "Huh?" He asked. "When I was out, I saw younger me. She told me to love you for her." I smiled. The doctor came into the room. "Your back!" He said. "I am." I laughed. It was good to be back.


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