Loving Him *COMPLETED*

When Jayda moves to the UK she goes to a new school. She meets Harry Styles and eventually falls in love. But event leads to event and things get good, then bad. It's like a love-coaster. Will their love get through everything? Or will it be just a tad too weak?


4. Friday Night.

I pack up my things to go to Harry's. Tonight was going to be amazing.

Harry's mom and my mom went to the spa and a hotel to spend the night.

I walk over to Harry's.

When I'm inside, we cuddle up on the couch eating s'mores pop-tarts and hot cocoa.

We're watching Sleepless in Seattle.

Harry goes to get marshmallow cream.

He spreads it in his pop-tart and eats it.

"That actually looks really good" I say.

I scoop up the marshmallow cream onto the butter knife. But instead of spreading it onto the pop-tart, I spread it onto Harry's cheek.

"That was a good one!" Harry says smiling.

He grabs the cream and puts it in my hair.


I pull peanut butter out of my bag.

I flick a spoonful into his hair.

"Peanut head." I say and laugh.

"Now, it's on!" Harry says. I run into the nearest room to avoid getting blasted with marshmallow.

This must be Harry's room.

I think to myself.

I look around a and see pictures of Harry and his mates.

Harry bursts through the door "I knew I would find you." He picks my up and puts me over his shoulder.

"Put me down!" I giggle.

"Nope." He says.

I smack his butt.

"Naughty, girl. " he chuckles.

He puts me down. And kisses me. Passionately this time. When the kiss is over, I ask.

"Can I go wash this marshmallow out if my hair now?"

"Yes. You may." He smiles.

I grab my clothes to shower,

Harry gets in after me.

I search around. I hear a knock at the door.

It's Kendall.

"Why are you here?" She asks me.

"Funny, I was just about to ask you the same thing. Didn't Harry tell you to stay away? Can you take a hint?"

"Whatever. Where's Harry?" Kendall says rolling her eyes.

"In the shower. Why?"

"Okay I'll just stay here until he comes out." She says

"Fine. This isn't my house. Can't tell you to leave."

Harry's P.O.V.

I get out of the shower to see Kendall and Jayda on the couch.

"Oh hey Harry! You've got a visitor." She says. Not looking so happy.

"Kendall do you understand what I DONT WANT YOU IN MY LIFE means?"

"I just wanted to see if you were serious." Kendall says.

"Well yeah. I was. Can you leave me and my girlfriend alone now?"

"Girlfriend?" She asks.

"Yeah. You know, Jayda.."

Kendall storms off.

"Sorry I called you my girlfriend. I just wanted her out of here." I tell Jayda.

"It's okay. I completely understand. That girl has more of a train wreck personality than a bull. What were you thinking?" She asks laughing.

"Yeah. She doesn't really take hints too well."

We laugh and shake it off.

"Did you know that peanut butter was actually good for hair?" I ask.

"Ewh! You're so weird." She says laughing.

Her smile is amazing.

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