Loving Him *COMPLETED*

When Jayda moves to the UK she goes to a new school. She meets Harry Styles and eventually falls in love. But event leads to event and things get good, then bad. It's like a love-coaster. Will their love get through everything? Or will it be just a tad too weak?


2. Dinner

I stop where Harry tells me.

I say "Harry, I live right next door to you."

He laughs, "No way."

I smile. "Yeah. That's crazy. It's like fate or something. Haha."

He says, "Yeah, fate." He kisses me on the cheek. "See you in an hour?"

I say. "Okay."

I enter park in my driveway and enter the house.

"Hey mom!"

"Hi sweetie! Why home so late?" She asks.

"There were soccer tryouts."

"Oh! Did you make it?" She asks

"YUP!" I say excitedly.

"Uh mom?" I call her name.

"Yes darling?" She says.

"I met a friend in school. It turns out that we live right next door to each other. He invited me to dinner at his place."

"Oh! A date! Who is this he?" She asks

"Harry Styles. He's a great guy."

"Go ahead honey. Have fun!" He says.

"Thanks mom!"

I run upstairs to shower.

Harry's P.O.V.

I entered the house.

"Mum I met a girl today. Do you mind if she comes over for dinner?"

"Sure honey! I'm leaving after dinner. So do you think you'll be okay here by yourselves?" My mum asks.

"Yeah we'll be fine. She lives right next door."

I rush to the bathroom to shower. I get out and grab a gray button-up and black jeans. I text Jayda:

Hey, you ready? x

Jayda's P.O.V.

I get a text from Harry. I read it. I tell my mom goodbye. I choose to have my hair curled with a blue chiffon dress and silver heels. I have a silver clutch as well. I walk to Harry's and ring the doorbell. Harry answers the door

"You look amazing, Jayda." He says.

"So do you."

He invites me in.

"Mum, this is Jayda, Jayda this is my mum, Anne." Harry tells his mom.


"Hi sweetheart! You look amazing!" Anne says to me.

"Thank you! It's very nice to meet you!"

We sat and ate breaded chicken with steamed vegetables.

"This food is amazing!"

"Thank you! It's an old family dish." Anne tells me.

After dinner Anne leaves.

"Where's your bathroom?"

"Upstairs. First door to the right." Harry says.

I run to the bathroom.

Harry's P.O.V.

As soon as Jayda goes to the bathroom I hear a knock at the door.

I open it.

"Kendall, what are you doing here?"

"Why haven't you called me?" Kendall says.

"Kendall, why are you at my house?"

"I wanted to see-" Kendall gets interrupted by Jayda.

"Oh. I'm obviously interrupting. Sorry." Jayda says.

She leaves.

"Kendall don't you think there was a reason I didn't call? I don't want you in my life anymore. Please leave."

She walks out.

I see Jayda siting on a bench.

"She means nothing to me I swear."

"Why was she there?" She asks.

"She wanted to know why I didn't call. Jayda you're the only girl I want."

"I just got so mad seeing you with her. Even though we're not dating. I felt like i was betrayed." She said

"I'm sorry. It won't happen again. I told her I didn't want her in my life anymore. After seeing you hurt like that, my heart shattered. I never wanna see you hurt."

"You're so romantic." She says.

"Only when I care about a girl" she smiles.

We go back in the house.

"Hey, I'm sorry for getting mad. I guess I overreacted." She says to me.

"No you didn't. You had every right to react that way."

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