Loving Him *COMPLETED*

When Jayda moves to the UK she goes to a new school. She meets Harry Styles and eventually falls in love. But event leads to event and things get good, then bad. It's like a love-coaster. Will their love get through everything? Or will it be just a tad too weak?


17. Date Night.

I woke up to Harry gone. He said he'd be gone pretty much the whole day. I opened my laptop to see if I could get any homework done. I went to some college websites and applied. I eventually checked my twitter. Hurtful things were said. They all linked back to the "cheating" rumor. How could someone even bare making up complete lies! We were moving in a week or so.

I went to my fridge. Got breakfast, showered, then walked over to Harry's place to see what his mom was up to.

"Morning Anne!" I shout.

"Jayda? Is that you?" She asks.

"Yeah!" I say.

"Come on in!" She says

I make my way inside of the house.

She says, "Your mum and I are going to this food convention."

"I know. I came over to ask when you were leaving. My mom is unsure."

"In about two hours." She says.

I run to tell my mom the news.

After the moms leave, I'm pretty much all alone.

I go to the mall to see if I can find anything to wear for my date tonight with Harry.

I find a black mini dress with the top cut low. It has gold detailing. I also buy some gold heels as well.

I go home to get dressed when I get a phone call.

"Hi is this Jayda?"

"Yes." I say uncertain of who it is

"I'm a college scout. I was wondering if you'd like to come out for a tour of the campus." He says.

"I'd love that." I say excited.

"How's tomorrow at 1:00 PM?" He says.

"That's great!" I say.

We hang up the phone.

I was super happy.

Louis texts.

Louis: Hey. Harry's really busy. So the dates cancelled. Do you wanna go to a movie with the rest of the boys and I ?"

Me: Sure!

I get in Louis car. We pass the movie theater.

"Umm Louis. You missed the turn." I say.

"Did I say movie theater? I meant the umm arcade." Louis says nervously.

"You okay Lou?" I ask.


We pull up to a sushi restaurant.

"I Love You, Princess." The sign reads.

That's weird. Princess is what Harry calls me.

"Lou, I thought you said the arcade?" I asked puzzled

"I changed my mind." He said.

We walk into the restaurant. There's flowers and lights everywhere. The waiters sing.

"The rumors don't matter. Your heart can't shatter. Harry loves you and that's real and true. No matter what they say, just shake it off and go about your day. Because Harry loves you and that's real and true."

I see Harry standing on the far right holding his arms open.

"Come give your boyfriend a hug." He says smiling.

I run into his arms. "No guy has ever did something like this for me." I say crying.

"Because they're stupid." Harry says.

Him and I eat and then head to the arcade. I beat him twice at skii-ball.


"You cheated." Harry says laughing.

"Did not!" I say.

I push him down.

I reach to help him up but he pulls me down with him.

"You're evil." I say.

"Would someone evil do this?" He asks and kisses me.

When the kiss is over I say.

"Fair enough."

From behind me all I hear is claps.

"BRAVO!" Louis shouts.

"And you! I thought you were driving me to my grave!" I say and push him.

"Oh no you didn't!" Louis says.

I laugh. This was the best.

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