My Best Friend and Boyfriend

I'm in love with him. I know he loves me too but then..... She comes. I'm not too sure how this will work out


8. The Hospital

***20 minutes later***

I wake up and I am in the hospital with my leg up in traction. It didn't hurt as much anymore, but all I can think about is Grace. What if they couldn't find her, what if someone took her. SHE COULD BE DEAD IN A FREAKING DITCH FOR ALL I KNOW!!!!!! I start sweating and then the doctor comes in. "Ok so you have a broken leg and you are going to be in a cast for a while, you are going to ne.." I but in,

" ok, ok, just can you tell me if they found my friend!!"

"Ok calm down, we have not found your friend yet but the police are looking, I insure you she will be fine"

**sorry guys, short paragraph, not too sure if this is a good story, please comment and give ideas :* **

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