My Best Friend and Boyfriend

I'm in love with him. I know he loves me too but then..... She comes. I'm not too sure how this will work out


3. Strange...

Kaitlyns P.O.V

So something really strange happend the other day and I am not to sure what it was, like I have an idea but I sure hope it's not what I think. This is what happend.

We were in the park, we kissed a couple times no big deal, we were having our picnic that we try to do every month because he is always preforming or in the studio. We had just gotten into the food and his phone rang. When he looked at who it was his face lit up. I didn't quite see that name but I think it said "Babe" I thought it couldn't be true because I was his babe, maybe I was just imagining it right. He walked away and I watched him talk to the person. He had his little flirty face on, I know it from anywhere, his cute dimples and perfect teeth pop out, at the same time he looks down and plays with his hair. Maybe it was just a fan or something. Then he started walking back so i ran but unfortunately tripped on the park bench and fell on my face. I think he saw me though

"Were you spying on me?" He asked

"Depends, who were u talking to?"

"Umm. No one"

"Tell me!"

"No I'm sorry I gotta go bye!" He kissed me on the cheek and ran away.

He couldn't be cheating on me could he?

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