My Best Friend and Boyfriend

I'm in love with him. I know he loves me too but then..... She comes. I'm not too sure how this will work out


6. Grace

I still have my phone so I call grace.


"Hi grace I am so happy to hear ur voice!"

"Yah yah what do u want?"

"Well I wanted to tell u that I'm sorry and I really need you to help me right now."

"Ya and how could I help you, you have actually been ignoring me lately."

"Well someone trapped me in a box and I'm pretty sure I broke up my leg!"

"OMG ok where are you?"

"I'm pretty sure I am outside of Harry's house"

"Harry who?" Oh ya, there is one more thing that I haven't told u, or actually even told her. Grace doesn't know that me and Harry are dating.

"Ummm Harry styles and Louis, I was trying to meet them but they put me in a box"

"Kk I'm on my way,"

Grace's P.O.V

Ok so Katie just told me that Harry and Louis trapped her in a box and that she thinks she broke her leg. I am in shock.

"Love what is the matter? Who was that?" I hear Harry's southing voice. Kaitlyn doesn't know that me and Harry have been sneaking around for a while, but I still have to be a good friend and go and get her.

"Umm nothing, I have to go" I get on all of my clothes and grab my phone and go outside. I see a big steel box and banging and yelling. Katie is in there.

I open the top and she looks frightened then relieved. I lift her out and sit her on the wet grass, it had just rained. I look at her leg. There is a big bump and whenever she tries to stand up, she falls and cries in pain.

"Lets go I gotta get you to the hospital right away" I put her into her car because Louis picked me up but I don't wanna tell her that. She sits in the passenger seat and I drive. The roads are really slippery and then it starts raining again. I really am not good at driving in rain.

I am swerving all over the road but luckily barely anyone are on the streets. I go up the hill and right when we r almost at the hospital, we go head on with another car, crushing the whole front and whipping us backwards. I don't feel anything for a moment and then pain shoots through my body every single limb and muscle hurts.

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