Louis Tomlinson meets a girl with a mysterious past, theres something about her that peeks his curiousity causing him to fall deep into a place that he has never been before. Bella just wants to fit in more than anything, and when Louis comes along making that possible she doesnt know what to make of it. Not ever having let anyone in Bella works at tearing down her own walls to let this famous popstar in, but when tradgedy strikes and Bella breaks, will Louis be able to pick up the pieces? Or break under the pressure?


3. Home Sweet Home

           Louis POV

      I have been home for a week now, unfortunately for me it hasn't really helped with my nightmares. Waking up to an empty house doesn't help much either. When I walk down the stairs I can hear my footsteps echo throughout the house, making me think it is someone else in the house. I miss my band mates, I wish they were here, specifically Harry, my best friend, but he was back home in Cheshire with his family. Wen I told him about my dreams, he just told me I was anxious to get home. I wish he was right because ever since I got here nothing seems different.

     I had pulled my car over to the side of the street in front of Starbucks, but instead of actually going in I have just been sitting here trying to decipher my dreams. I little girl screech snaps me out of my thoughts, I've been spotted by some fans, and the crowd was growing by the second, as much as I loved the fans, I just didn't think I could deal with them right now. I give them a quick smile and put my car in reverse back up and take off. This didn't stop them though, they started running down the street following me, I wasn't good at this, trying to get away, I didn't know how security managed to do it, because I sure as hell can't. The traffic didn't help and at every stop light they would just bang on my window begging me to come out. Oh yea, like I'm about to get out of my car leave  it at the stop light just to take selfies with them. Jesus, what has gotten into me. Why am I so grumpy? This lack of sleep has me resenting the fans, and I did not like it.

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